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  1. Fuck, Sami might be out too! This place is cursed.
  2. If you watched the footage where WWE is claiming he was hurt (they posted it on their Facebook), I don't know how you blame Seth for it.
  3. What's this bit about Brock telling Jericho to kiss him? Wrestling is weird.
  4. Oh, well reality tv is faker than pro wrestling.
  5. I don't think I can watch another match where Seth Rollins is the heel. It's so antithetical to his skillset and I'm baffled why they keep trying to force the square peg into the round hole.
  6. Note to Orton: If you try jumping a bit on the German Suplexes, maybe you won't piss off Lesnar so bad.
  7. Jolly Rancher's slogan is "Keep On Sucking".
  8. Sayyyyyy Jack Gallagher & Zack Sabre Jr.?
  9. Aries & Roode for the Dusty Rhodes Classic! Unless they bring back James Storm.... I also hope to see TM-61 go far in it.
  10. Will they be starting the Dusty Rhodes Classic after Takeover?
  11. I knew Cedric was athletic as hell, but until this match I didn't realize how great his facial expressions are. Guy has a money-making face.
  12. Here comes the outrage her husband claimed will come from the fans...... Still waiting....
  13. Christian is a good idea if he's in Tampa. Both for commentary and to train some kids.
  14. "For my two little girls at home! ....and my other kids..."
  15. I love Finn Bálor, but if I gotta hear heels and Michael Cole scream "Demon King" 30 times a night, they will make me hate him.
  16. Fuck the Summerslam card, I just wanna see Heath Slater get another chance at Brock Lesnar.
  17. One thing no one has mentioned yet: no Raw recaps.
  18. Dolph is fantastic and this is great!
  19. Was Nia Jax already standing on stage when her music hit? I hate that.
  20. You're gonna see a lot of pleather, that's for sure.
  21. In retrospect, Seth's reaction should have given away the ending:
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