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  1. My first experience of Tom Pritchard is my current watch of Smokey Mountain, but was he alway doing an obvious Roddy Piper imitation in promos?
  2. Dusek looking like wrestling Peter Dinklage, having dope robes, and being whiny is one of my favorite things from my WCCW watching.
  3. This happened with me, too. I wanted to do a watch of ECW, but the music on the Network kills it. The one that finally broke me is that on GAC2001, they replaced 'Renegades of Funk' in the opening with some slow ass shit that sounds like it's from a bad attitude era match hype video. It sounds like it belongs in a promo for an Undertaker/Mankind match, totally changes the vibe. I honestly didn't even know that wasn't his music. There's an project going on to redub all of the ECW stuff with the original music. They've got most of the TV and a bunch of other stuff already done. It's great. It was enough to make me side with Ole and Hansen when they smashed it! Although Jimmy '80s New Jack' Valiant is a gimmick I can get behind.
  4. Going through WCCW in March (or May) 1982, so really early into the stuff on The Network. I'm glad Kevin von Erich is the main von Erich on TV, because just watching Kerry try and stay focused during promos is something. Sometimes he can barely put a thought together. Also, I'm like 90% convinced Bray Wyatt is a Bugsy McGraw tribute.
  5. It's just a TEW 'diary' based on ECW surviving with a HBO show, over on EWB. I seem to remember DVDVR not being too big on that stuff in the past, and 'defunct pro wrestling fan-fic' is probably the lamest possible sort of fan-fic, so I don't really talk about it, but hobbies is hobbies.
  6. Since I've given up the Network ECW stuff for the redubs (the music is just too integral to the ECW experience for me), and kinda got mixed up in my attempts to watch WCW chronologically starting with the Crockett stuff (which really makes my thoughts of watching all the WWF/E stuff I can, in order, from the beginning somehow even more daunting), I've decided to jump into WCCW. Going in mostly cold, although I've seen a few TV shows and some docs. I really wish they'd bring back the Legends Roundtable stuff. That was always my favorite when I first got the Network.
  7. I've known who you were here for a while, not sure quite how I figured it out. I'm like square in the demo, I guess, 37, but even with the Network I can't be fucked to watch current stuff. I'm moving through the ECW redubs, just bouncing around, watching the Hardcore TV from 2000 for a fantasy booking project (I'm that kind of lame), and I just started to dig into the WCCW on the Network. Current stuff just doesn't catch my interest. I do with I knew of an easy way to watch like, early 2000s indy stuff in context, I'm not too up on streaming services, but one where I could watch early PWG or ROH would be dope.
  8. Bruh. I just rarely post here, and when I do it's usually about sports and not wrestling.
  9. They weren't booing the Raiders, but that bullshit call on Carr's first down. I guess we wouldn't be the Oakland Raiders if the league didn't try and find a way to fuck us.
  10. Dwight's coming off that list this year, tho. And I'll say this for the rings argument, you might not need them to be the greatest Rocket of all time (I don't agree, btw, Harden would need to lead the team to at least one to top Hakeem), but you could score a million points in LA or Boston and it wouldn't matter for shit if you didn't win titles.
  11. Definitely need Kuzma to come around, and for Dwight to keep playing like he has, but there's not a team in the West really ready to deal with the Lakers size.
  12. I just read through this entire thread and there is a suspicious lack of talk about the best team in the league. Like, y'all know the Lakers are back, right? Wasting my time making me read about the Houston Rockets.
  13. The key element is anger. Anger at how they'd been used, anger at how the business works. Anger at the faux-meritocracy. That very real anger and frustration is what created the energy to fuel their drive and growth. They found outlets that let them channel that anger back into their careers.
  14. Seeing them both for the first time, I bought ZSJ as an opponent for Ishii, despite the size difference. Honestly, the only issue is I didn't really but into him being able to submit Ishii, but that's not a knock on him, and more a credit to Ishii. Also really loved GoD, but I don't necessarily agree that Tama was dancing and singing like the Usos. He was gangster as fuck. Those two have a great look and should go far. Honestly, the biggest thing I noticed about New Japan is that everyone either looks like a serious wrestler, or looks cool as fuck, which is important to me. Cool as fuck is what I want from my wrestling. They almost lost me with that, but I think it ended up working due to the excellent work by RPG Vice. I thought Tanahashi/Gunn was perfectly acceptable wrestling (I admittedly have low standards, though). A little disappointed I didn't get to see Tanahashi against a better opponent because of his hype, but they had a fine match and Gunn was fun playing with the crowd.
  15. Tonight was my first exposure to New Japan, and I was definitely impressed. I never knew I needed Ishii in my life, but I'll fix that shortly. Bucks/RPG was amazing in that it got me to buy into a Bucks match. I enjoy their schtick, but, overkill is not my cup of tea. Having it explained as them killing off RPG made it make sense, though. Probably enjoyed the 8-Man most, that was just tons of fun. Tags forever. Saw Liger live, so I've got that going for me. Great show, I'll have to check out more.
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