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  1. Anybody that makes me look good is okay in my book Cliff. The survival missions are a lot of fun/A LOT OF HATE once you get from wave four onwards. You need three other guys who really know what they're doing. Haven't got past wave seven yet. And if you guys wonder why I keep finishing last in races that you join me in, I keep doing really well and then missing a check point and not realising for 30 seconds. Shit hits the fan quickly after that.
  2. I dont have one but I was thinking about getting this, its quite cheap: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gioteck-EX-01-Bluetooth-Headset-PS3/dp/B00111SFEU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1381102036&sr=8-2&keywords=ps3+headset
  3. Well its still technically the first weekend since Online started (and be fair it only really started on Friday) Rockstar will get their shit sorted, especially if they want to make some of their GTA Dollar online money. As i'm in England too, I got to play from about 10am til 3pm completely uninterupted, but that was about the time the west coast woke up (I think?) and it all went wrong from there.
  4. I would be but it just says cloud is down at the moment and when I do get on, it fails to download any missions.
  5. The show started off as more important than SmackDown! in my opinion. Every week they'd really build up a rivalry, for example they dedicated a show to Sheamus vs Wade Barrett that made them both seem like big stars and made the match seem huge. They'd have little clips featuring both guys and then present it as a legit PPV main event between two stars that were on the cusp but not quite there yet (Although of course Sheamus was there). Kofi took the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz on an episode of Main Event too. I think the downfall started when Michael Cole stopped calling it (Thats an odd thing to say) just like NXT Main Events used to be bigger with JR calling them. And let us not forget, it gave us Brad Maddox hopping the rail to commentate while Cole was bemused at him. Edit: They'd also announce at the end of the show what the following weeks main event would be, that was a good touch.
  6. The whole situation was just weird. You had Arn Anderson as a commentator, which was quite unusual at the time, you had Buff Bagwell, someone who wasn't realy pushed as a main event talent (No matter what Ric Flair would want you to believe..) against Booker T, the Champion who had just recently attacked main WWE talent and pro WWE guy Stone Cold Steve Austin, and they had it as the first match which would make you think was WCWs best two guys. And a non-finish to boot. Just the entire segment was a bomb. If they had bought in someone, SOMEONE, Schiavone, Tenay to call it with Hudson, even for one night only, changed the match to Booker T vs Lance Storm or Mike Awesome maybe, let Booker go over clean THEN get attacked by the WWE guys.. Well, people might convince you that WWE never wanted it to succeed. They probably knew the segment would bomb. PS was the ring announcer Stacy Keibler, am I remembering that right? Bringing in Buffer for that one night would have been mega and that alone might have given WCW a shot in the arm.
  7. I thought that was the reason WWE existed.
  8. I'm so glad it was this. This was the best dialogue in the game, my friend and I now have a running joke where if we're arguing about something, one of us finishes with ..NIGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Awesome. Online's offline again, so I restarted the story. Gotta get my fix in..
  9. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/death_valley_driver/gtav My position at the top has gone! And I cant get it back because I cant get online and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Man, that was beautiful for a while.
  10. Good to team up anyway, I'll be around for a few hours today if you wanna do any more. I'm trying to find some missions that I can repeat to get some real money so I can buy a house.
  11. Can I just apologise to ExcallQ above there, i'm not very good at death matches. Give me races and i'll do you proud, but run and gun isn't my speciality. But I think we did well 3 vs 4 and 3 vs 5.
  12. I'm 2nd in the member ranking, but I don't know how. Do you not have to do things as part of the crew to go up the ladder? Cause i've done nearly everything by myself so far. Still having trouble finding anyone from the crew.
  13. Onlines down for me again, I get a 'Cloud servers aren't working right now'. Anyone else?
  14. Will someome come help a PS3 brother out with missions~?
  15. GUYS THIS IS GREAT. I havent seen any crew people about though, Still wearing my DVDVR top with pride! my PS3 tag is teamfranchise
  16. Hardcore Hak obviously never turned on him..
  17. Are the majority of people getting on and playing now? I still can't get on til this evening.
  18. I don't know if this interests anybody, but SkyBet are taking bets on what seems to be every PPV now. http://www.skybet.com/wrestling They have Orton at 2/5 favourite for tonight, which surprises me, as I had Bryan down to win, followed by HHH trying and failing to take the title back tomorrow when Vince intervenes. That aside, if you think you can make a penny, go for it.
  19. Then for the last 3 years of WCW, whos nightmares were we watching?
  20. I apologise to you all if I'm whining over and over, but heres an update from R* http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/51512/grand-theft-auto-online-launch-updates.html Possibly fixed tomorrow?
  21. Shall we all reconvene on Saturday? This checking every half hour is really eating into my holiday.
  22. Still not getting past the tutorial, soo I'm gonna just start the game again from the start, and use the stock tips a lot more wisely so I can afford that country club
  23. I'm still stuck on Launch Session for the tutorial race. In the main game, I am kicking myself about the mission. Which I do admit sits in my garage.
  24. And what if he doesn't? There's no out and that's bad for business.
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