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  1. He's supposed to be the guy from Ghost right, I think I get it now
  2. Why is Hulk not rocking the Billy Graham look already?
  3. My guess is Hangman goes over for the title, gets mauled by Moxley or Danielson in his first defense, and starts to have a crisis around the fact that the world is unjust. "It was my time, I did everything right and it didn't even matter, this wasn't supposed to happen" that kind of thing. This way, the story changes to him chasing the title for a second time to prove it wasn't a fluke, and since he's already had the big feel good moment, the title doesn't have to be tied up in his journey like it was in round one. You can have Mox/Danielson/Omega trade it for a year until Hangman makes it back to the top.
  4. That's actually awesome. I have found that what we call "long johns" in the US can get too hot, so I switched to using my girlfriend's workout pants under jeans. Pretty great so far, and I had no idea I was showing solidarity with my Finnish friends
  5. Always nice to surpass a million, but it seems pretty damn good up against a world series game with two teams from big southern markets, and having been moved to a completely different date/time for two weeks
  6. I think it's probably/definitely just a coincidence, but I've been thinking about this tweet every day for years and never get to talk about it: https://twitter.com/trentylocks/status/776672982429077504?t=Se3YxDPHxW9AJm9SFvfCHA&s=19
  7. I will watch these two in any kind of match. I Quit match, ladder match, cage match, Iron woman match, Kennel from Hell, I do not care, just give me more
  8. I can't remember who said it, maybe Excalibur, but that joke was 100% made! I'm sure that changes your opinion on the main entirely
  9. I respectfully disagree. It's one thing to do a "I won't turn... My back" but c'mon.
  10. I thought it had it's moments, but outright saying "I won't turn" was Russo shit. I guess that's sort of ironic given how he prefaced it, but I think I'm still a little young for yelling at clouds.
  11. Shida/Deeb was absolute fire. You just do not see limb work on the level of Deeb's by anyone not named Danielson, I thought it was great. Plus the figure 4 on the post, real Bret Hart shit. Shida was excellent here as well, she had one really devestating looking knee shot off the ropes. I want more of these two together badly. I also like that you've got the built in knee injury for Shida to overcome against Nyla or as an excuse to lose to her.
  12. Completely understand why you feel that way, because I have no time for those types as well, but from what I've been able to gather, it seems like he may just be a guy who legit wanted to help end human trafficking. If something else comes out then that's a different deal
  13. If this has been discussed already, forgive me, but I saw a report of Bryan Alvarez mentioning that when Moxley was on his way out of WWE, they attempted to leak false information about him to make him look bad on the way out, and that it might be a similar situation here. Not that I'm a Charlotte super-fan or anything, but I'm a little disappointed to have seen not a single grain of salt these last couple pages.
  14. How long do you give it before "Saturday's always been our night, they aren't competition" Edit: this is assuming there is any counter-scheduling occurring in the future, which seems like an inevitability, even if it isn't this year.
  15. That's subjective, I'd say. If the intrigue is more in what the finish is from a booking aspect ("Is Cody really gonna go over here?") vs. an outright story aspect ("I am excited to see what happens next") I don't know that it's necessarily successful. I don't begrudge your enjoyment, but I just think it's ineffective. We know what Cody's strengths are, and he's very begrudgingly not playing to them Edit: Let me clarify: by "successful" I mean for Cody, and what he's trying to do here. No argument on your Malekai point
  16. Cody is nowhere near peak Jarrett or HHH. I just want his actions aligned with whatever story they are trying to tell. Tweeners should be organically created by the crowd, not manufactured by the bookers. It's not a meta, nuanced characterization as he's intending - it's an active hinderance into investing in his stories.
  17. Very true, but those guys are so great in wrestling they didn't get the label. I'm talking about the specific idea of people referring to guys derisively as failed football players. Sorry if I worded that poorly in my original post.
  18. Branching off this conversation (which has been really great btw you guys) I'd like someone whose been around longer than me (I'm in my 30s) to comment on this perception: where did the idea (you could call it a meme even) of "failed football player" come from? My kneejerk reaction is that it probably started with Lex, but I really don't recall seeing it said pejoratively online until maybe the last 10-15 years or so. Goldberg? Johnny Ace's first Talent Relations stint?
  19. Same here. I always liked the WCW approach of hitting the music halfway down the aisle, or after the save itself. Seemed a little more organic (though I completely understand the more WWF pavlovian thing of popping for the song, it has its merits, it's just not my preference)
  20. Fuck, here's hoping I actually get a Christmas bonus this year, because I read your post and immediately spent it in my head.
  21. That's fucking terrible (if not unexpected, having seen the photo from yesterday). Poor guy must be hurting quite a bit, and I'm sure it affects him out there at least on some level. I actually feel quite guilty about some of my more overly harsh critiques on his AEW stuff now, knowing he's got a huge ass tumor hanging off his leg. Best wishes to J.R. for a speedy recovery.
  22. Alrighty, then, I guess that puts that theory to bed. It's still fuckin dumb, though.
  23. I enjoy Cody quite a bit, but the cynic in me is beginning to think this whole "never seen before" thing is just an attempt to paint the more mixed reactions as an intentional thing.
  24. I wonder how the byes will be determined. Four highest ranked women? Maybe the three former World champs plus Deeb as a former NWA champ?
  25. 16 and under is prime backyard glory years. Do kids even do that anymore?
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