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  1. But I don't remember the time period between the two - what was Tazz doing when the Radicalz came in? He had pretty much just debuted IIRC, and was still four months away from taking the ECW title from Awesome after he showed up on Nitro. I always thought that, in terms of blown opportunities, Rhino and Taz (and later, Awesome himself) could have been huge for the WWF if booked properly. Of course, I was a big late-period ECW fan, so my opinion on that is probably colored a little bit. But the fact that they went from world champions to mid-level spots in the Alliance in under a year blows my mind. I liked Booker's little allusion to the "Hulk Hogan, we comin' for you, nigga" line: "BOOKER: It’s one of those great blooper moments that will be immortalized due to YouTube, such as one of my moments. It’ll be here forever."
  2. I don't know if it's because I've been watching those new Monday Night War shows all week or what, but Bisch looks like he aged a lot since the last time he was on TNA TV. What a drag it is gettin' old.
  3. Agreed. I think they should have taken a cue from the Sting chase in '97 or Austin's chase on WWF TV and had Goldberg "start from the bottom" before finally getting his shot. I think they later ran some kind of streak-redux where that was the general idea, but it was way after WCW mattered anymore. Nash was getting huge reactions at that time, and though he was booking, I can't imagine the fingerpoke was his call. I often wonder how much of Nash's popularity was the perception that he was a WWF guy
  4. What a novel concept! I meant the actual locker room celebration being aired, more so than the reactions of those involved-- it felt like something you'd see after a guy pitches a no hitter or something rather than something that screams pro wrestling That makes more sense. I hear urethra and immediately think of the dick hole itself
  5. How the hell did he manage to tear his urethra? Did he crush his dong between the chair and his own leg?? That must have hurt like hell They didn't even show the Luger stretcher thing in that episode, so anyone not knowing any better would say that it was a tag match between just Sting & Savage and the Outsiders. Fuck, I bet they won't acknowledge the feel-good moment of Luger beating Hogan for the WCW World title...which, by the way, felt more like a payoff than the Hogan-Sting match at Starrcade (Hogan and Bischoff, get fucked by a retarded donkey, seriously!) I hope the Luger victory gets covered as well. Sure, his reign only lasted a week, but the whole thing with the cameras going into the two locker rooms after the finish was really, really well done. WCW's locker room has the Giant cleaning the spray paint off the belt while they're spraying champagne on Luger, while in the NWO locker room Hogan is flipping tables while Macho Man is yelling "IT WAS A FLUKE, BROTHER!" It really added some legitimacy to the proceedings
  6. Look, I don't usually get involved in this kind of crap, but I'm just gonna ask: which one of you is Jeremy Borash?
  7. I agree 150% with your condemnation of TNA for failing to get their core audience to spend money on TNA. I admit that I have not spent a dime on a TNA PPV in years-- which makes me a shitty fan, I guess-- but the fact of the matter is, the reason they don't get my money is because they have completely failed to deliver on every level for over a decade now. I want to see them succeed, I want guys to have another major place to work, I want everyone to make money... but I'm literally FORCED to goof on them every chance I get, because the ineptitude simply reached critical mass. We need bigger stars, we need TV, we need a better channel, we need a better timeslot, we need a different night, we need two hours, we need Hogan... I mean, good Lord. Bottom line is this: I dare even the biggest TNA fan to read this Wikipedia page, and not resent the ever-loving-hell out of that company for their absolute failure to make anything happen on a large scale.
  8. WWE should put their version of Night Court on the Network-- Kane as Bull, Bryan as Harry Anderson, Lana as Markie Post, Big E as Roz (not because he's black, but because of his busom), Flair as John Larroquette
  9. I'm in the same boat. I always have the perception that, like Big Show, he doesn't turn face or heel, he just exists while turning in a full 360 at all times. I feel badly saying this because I've always liked Kane (with the exception of when I was around 11-12 years old because Jerry Lynn-RVD had just happened and I got a high speed internet connection, and thus only appreciated movez) but man... every time he comes out as Corporate Kane it just sucks the life out of the show. Like I said in reference to Evolution-era HHH the other day, maybe "get this guy off my TV"-heat is the 21st century version of heel heat, but I'm just simply disinterested in anything he has going on. Was this latest turn even really necessary? I mean, is Kane really doing anything right now that couldn't be done by Brad Maddox, or even a Paul Heyman killing time until the hype train for Brock's next match? He should have been kept off TV for awhile after the Wyatt beatdown until they had a better plan. Shit, I would take Kane as a babyface against The Authority as Bryan's proxy right now over any of this abysmal Bellas/Steph stuff.
  10. You know the second they do a massive five month taping for Velocity, half the roster will quit and whoever they've put the belt on will get hurt. If Chasing Classic Cars somehow gets their budget cut or something because of this alleged potential TNA deal, I'm going to be super pissed. I'll fire off a nasty Tweet and everything.
  11. I agree entirely that it wasn't the best move to put Bryan with Kane immediately after 30. That being said, if they were dead set on doing that, it could have been done so much better if they had used a little more of the Team Hell No history. It seemed as though they really didn't touch on that other than a few throwaway comments, but for as fantastic as they were as a team in 2012/2013, they both deserved much better in that feud-- not just Bryan, but Kane too. Just my two cents on it. Depends. Jericho going from Undisputed Champion in the main event of WrestleMania to missing Backlash to losing to a rookie at Vengeance and tapping to an elderly Ric Flair at SummerSlam seems pretty glaring. Booker coming in strong with a SummerSlam main event against Rock and then falling off the face of the earth after the Alliance is also worth consideration. Do we consider people who never passed the "test?" Surely DDP's sharp fall after his angle with Taker enters into the discussion. Jericho is definitely a candidate, but really, the whole X8 story with HHH and Steph was dogshit (no pun) to begin with. Also, I get that Cena was a rookie, but he had pretty competitive matches with Angle and Brock and others after that, and he went on to be a massive star, so hindsight kinda helps there. Flair might have been elderly, but it's still Ric Fucking Flair, so I gotta give that one a pass too. Jericho might have cooled a bit in recent years, but he'll always get the part-timer pop, and he'll always be a guy who was a mainstay during the hottest period ever. Booker I'm iffy on, since he got the WHC match with HHH pretty shortly after that, but if you put a gun to my head and asked what he did in between the Alliance and that... I couldn't begin to tell you. When was the Goldust team again? That was certainly a demotion, but it was fun as all get out. Page CERTAINLY fits the bill, but hey, he got a European title run and a Mania match out of it, so it could've been worse. WCW dropped the ball with him way before the WWF did, though, in my estimation. He went from super over People's Champ, tearing it up with Savage and Goldberg, to the Jersey Triad. Now, I think the world of Bigelow's and Kanyon's work, but dying WCW was such a strange landscape that by the time DDP made it back to the top of the card, he was headlining with Jeff Jarrett and David Arquette instead of Sting, Hogan, Goldberg, Bret, Nash and other legitimate main event guys who initially helped WCW get hot to begin with. It depends what you mean by "de-push." The Rock and Kurt Angle spent quite a bit of time slumming it the midcard after significant title wins, but they won most of their midcard feuds which probably helped them when they were quickly shoved back up the card. If you're talking about guys doing a lot of jobs, it's probably the bigger names of the Alliance. Booker T really stands out since he was pushed as WCW's top guy by virtue of having the belt. He quickly and deciscively lost that to The Rock and spent rest of the invasion jobbing, as many non-defector Alliance-originals did. I honestly can't remember the first feud Booker won in WWE. Did he slip something in February of 02? I'm drawing a blank between getting beat up in the supermarket and losing to Edge in the shampoo feud. I remember he did end up winning a program with Show by the summer of 02 at the latest. Edit: It was almost certainly the Big Show feud. I just remembered post-Mania he joined up with NWO 02, and got kicked out by Michaels which is what turned him face. Unrelated, but was that NWO 02 stable weird or what? Didn't it go from Hogan/Hall/Nash to Michaels/Flair/Waltman/Booker/Show or something like that? What was up with that? Maybe I'm alone in this, but I was actually intrigued by nWo 02 when Michaels joined. They started an angle where he was trying to recruit HHH to join them but then Vince came out and killed the whole damn thing. Rock and Angle were already Rock and Angle though. No one on the planet Earth thought Mr. Ass was going to go over the Rock and become the next big star. And also thank you for solving the mystery of what the fuck Booker did for a year and a half-- I honestly forgot about so much of that. I was also intrigued by NWO 2002. I was actually kind of weirdly hoping it would lead to the Kliq being an on-screen thing under the NWO banner, but I get why it had to be killed. Without Hogan, Hall or Nash it was kind of strange. X-Pac and Giant were original 1996 guys, though, and a case could be made for Booker being kayfabe grandfathered in through Stevie Ray's membership... Also I saw Shawn in an Outsiders shirt in PWI once when I was a kid so there's that
  12. Scenarios is hysterical but "pay the dollars" is fucking awesome. I've used it sparingly, as to not beat it into the ground, but it is one of the few things that genuinely makes me laugh out loud every. single. time.
  13. One thing I wonder about often, and I think 2002 is about the starting point, what exactly caused this shift in WWE's philosophy? If you put a gun to my head and made me take some guesses, I would say: WCW and ECW going under, Austin's walk out, Rock leaving, and Brock leaving. I also think that a jumping off point would be Triple H and Evolution's big run on top of Raw. That was one of the first times where I felt like something was being truly force-fed to me regardless of what did or didn't make sense or what the overall audience reactions were. But, to play Devil's Advocate, maybe that's just what a heel looks like in the 21st century, and we're just catching up to it now. I really can't say for sure. I'm struggling to come up with names as far as who were amongst the first to be "tested" with a de-push. RVD in 2002/2003? Christian 2005? Sure, Mark Henry and Big Show had gone down to OVW in 2000 or so, but I think a lot of that was conditioning issues. What do you guys think?
  14. Y'know, I'm not a huge freak for it, but Cena/Lesnar is an example of a match that could've probably used a little blood. Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic without any, too, but it would've been a little something extra that visually drove the point home.
  15. I bet you lunch that he presents Pete Carroll with one of those ugly ass Network-billboard WWE replica title belts.
  16. Like a lot of us, I more or less subscribe to the Network for the library, but there's really no argument to be made for streaming PPVs for free when you can get them for 1/6th of the price that the cable company charges and support WWE as content creators at the same time. Regardless of how I feel about the current WWE scene, the advent of the Network is exciting as hell to me just as a content delivery method.
  17. Wasn't there going to be a set up for him and Foley to fued with the reason being guys like Foley made it necessary for guys like Ambrose to be death matchy to get attention? Or something? I remember seeing a clip somewhere of Ambrose confronting Foley in a hotel lobby (Wrestlemania weekend a few years back). Foley said it got dropped because he said for Ambrose to not mention his kids and he did, but later Foley made it seem like everything was a work and it just got dropped by creative. The story I read was Ambrose was in Europe and was having issues receiving text messages from the States, so he was late in getting the message from Foley to not talk about his kids. I'm so bummed about his health problems, man. It was really scary to hear him talk about throwing up after matches in TNA. I wish he could do it forever, but he really should have hung it up after that fantastic Orton match back in 2004. The ECW and Edge stuff in 2006 was great, too, but I can't imagine it helped his situation any. Yet another reason I wish Sting had come to WWE earlier: a Cactus Jack re-match where both guys were still just a little bit closer to their primes. The TNA cage match was fun as hell from a certain perspective, but it would have been that much sweeter if they had been able to TRULY tear the house down.
  18. ...it wasn't? I was a late '90s fat kid and I rocked the SHIT out of that look. And FWIW, I thought Val Venis was great at the time too. I thought that the gimmick had excellent "modern day Rick Rude" type potential. Of course, I was 11 so... I love RVD, man. I think it's because he was such a focal point of ECW TV when I discovered it. I was so young at the time, so it actually felt super rebellious to be up at 1 AM watching ECW on MSG, and the show was so much gritter than WCW and the WWF (though the WWF would ramp it up shortly thereafter). Plus, I always harbored this feeling like he would pop up as an NWO guy after this PWI article I read talking about his free agency/Mr. Monday Night thing, and I was a huge NWO fan. He was also awesome during the Invasion, and I absolutely felt he should have had the WWF title either in 2001 or 2002.
  19. Speaking of dads: when Nitro was red hot in 97/98 there was NO ONE more over with my dad than Wrath (with the exception of Hogan/the NWO as a whole, because of the time they got escorted to the ring by the Hells Angels). One of the fondest memories of my youth is watching him mark out for that damn pumphandle slam.
  20. That is a fucking afro if I've ever seen one. Goddamn. That's not cool On the next Orange County Choppers
  21. I don't disagree, but two points must be made: 1) Heyman has already given interviews stating the position that it would make both Brock and the title more an attraction if it was only occasionally defended 2) There is no better opportunity than this to make the US and IC titles seem important again
  22. I get where you're coming from, but it really would not surprise me in the least
  23. Dude, fuck that. Maybe they should try not having eight hours of TV a week. They cried "slow build" so many damn times with the Bryan chase, but WWE has lost any and all ability to just let a motherfucker simmer. Everything from the Punk thing in 2011, to Ryback getting the title shot at HIAC that year, to Nexus, hell, go back as far as NWO version 2002 with the X8 double turn. Didn't we just have a discussion about Vince and HHH allegedly butting heads about whether it was going to be Roman or Rock going up against Brock at 31 for the belt?? What happened?? The in-ring product is the best it's been in forever but things like this are disheartening to read-- really fills me with impotent nerd rage.
  24. So what does everyone think of the new WWE title? http://instagram.com/p/r3IRdMgFKH/?modal=true Sorry I couldn't figure out how to embed the pic, I'm not familiar with instagram. I keep going back and forth. It's pretty "futuristic" with the new logo, and I like that it now says "World Heavyweight Champion" (albeit in a tiny, tiny font) but I also miss the belts of yore.
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