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  1. Casas, Stuka Jr. & Valiente v Virus, Fuego & Vangellys 6/14/13 Casas, Kamaitachi & Gran Guerrero v Dragon Lee, Stuka Jr. & Volador Jr. 2/19/16
  2. Tony Khan casually asking if you'd be interested in talking to Dustin Rhodes about Dustin Rhodes matches and you not freaking out was much better than I'd do in a similar spot.
  3. I wonder if he's got the same "no other TV wrestling without approval" contract as the wrestlers, or if he's just decided he doesn't want to get typecast as a wrestling guy, because I'm sure people have asked. I said this on Twitter already, but I'd totally use him somehow in the announcement of Penta & Fenix officially signing AEW. If he can't be Dario, make him their contract lawyer or something and wink at it. It'd be a viral thing.
  4. Tickets aren't moving great. Which makes it seem like a 50/50 bet it'll be canceled. But it also means you should be in no hurry to buy tickets because they'll still be there. Wait until August, after TripleMania, before you buy.
  5. Both is a good summary, but weighed much heavier towards the latter.
  6. I'd warn you that some people have gotten packages from the LU site and some people have not been so lucky so far. This seems like a friend of the show doing it for them and nothing quite professional, so it may be slow or worse.
  7. Technically not at this moment, but this suggests it is only a matter of asking.
  8. This is a lot of posts about Fenix for a thread about Bandido but sadly no posts about Fenix versus Bandido from PWG. That first 2018 Dragon Gate tour is a big demarcation line for his career. Prior to it, he was in the upper tier of young Mexico City indie guys in terms but in the way that you could've put a dozen of them in a hat, pulled out two, and had about the same match as if you had pulled out another two. (It's a very big hat.) I'm not sure if it was as much specifically working the Dragon Gate style as just working with experienced veterans a lot more, but Bandido came back from Japan with a better feel with interacting and connecting to the crowd as a pure babyface than he showed prior. As much as the crazy moves being able to create an emotional connection been the key to his PWG success and why he's been able to go farther than usually tag partner Flamita. The problem for him is he's done it mostly in PWG and ROH, which both clearly don't have the spotlight they used to so Bandido's still mostly seen as a GIF guy when it feels like he's more than that now. (The MexaBlood tag run was fun but didn't really show the development as much as Bandido as a singles.) If you're going to invest in BOLA 2018, it does tell a strong story from start to end but that's a long commitment. If you're willing to dip into ROH, the Haskins match is recommended but it is the match versus Silas Young they had in Texas on one of the road shows that is worth tracking down. It is a match that may not look like much on paper and has a slow start, but showcases well what Bandido can do at this point.
  9. Televisa is not. Galavision used to carry the Televisa lucha libre shows but stopped showing them around 2013.
  10. someone suing over the contract is not a surprise but I would've 100% guessed a US-based talent over a Mexican one
  11. This follows Shane Strickland/Killshot announcing he was a free agent early this morning, meaning his LU deal was done. LU was obviously willing to grant releases and write people out in this past season (Cobb is another one), so it is a little strange neither seems to have happened to Ivelisse. I still don't think this getting renewed - I don't think there's even much of a chance of it getting renewed, and the people making these decisions (who probably aren't most of the people who publically talk about the company) are just wasting people's time by pretending it's coming back. But, on the odd chance it does, the LU writers talking about how they saw Season 5 as the end of the stories they've been telling since season 1 had solid grasp of the big picture. Anyone who has a hope to do something else is going to be asking for their release as soon the machine starts moving again (or probably already has asked for their release.) Any Season 5 would either need to write out a dozen+ people, or just finish the show as we've known it. Even in the best (?) case, there's not much left of LU.
  12. The streams do not mirror each other but the same sets of shows seem to be airing on both. (Is PlutoTV a big thing or a medium thing? I don't think I had heard about it before this and figured it was just some obscure thing when I found it, but then a lot more people seemed to notice it than I expected.)
  13. I didn't catch it, but they apparently said there were 7 Gods in that limo scene. So I think it'll be 7v7 (and a Cueto in each corner, somehow) instead 8v8 or more. Mil is dead - at least to start the season - so I think Pentagon Dark slides into his Death Tribe spot. The LU people noted they specifically hadn't announced a tribe for him and Fenix, so they can be moved around.
  14. It was definitely about the role. Found it amusing that Hexagon is supposed to be Vampiro's mentor and Vampiro's the one directing Hexagon to leave when Strong comes out. Vamp can't help being Vamp.
  15. The idea with the guy in the limo is he's some sort of god who was looking for another body to jump in, and that was going to be whoever ended up with the gauntlet. Since Cuerno* stole the gauntlet, that didn't happen and Dario was shot over it. If Tromatagon's theory is right, that god ended up in Jake Strong instead. It's not clear how, but there's was a scene from the S4 trailer we haven't seen yet, where Strong is looking into a bright white glowing case. I assumed it was something to do with the gauntlet, but they did the same sort of thing when they teasing that limo guy/god before if I'm remembering right. So maybe that's an Ultima Lucha reveal and something to get you to rewatch the season - if that was even possible, and if the rest of it was worth watching. * - what happened with Cuerno this season? Cool character who was really over in his return, and has had nothing to do since the second episode. They've teased something with that handicap match, but he's mostly existed on the margins. Cuerno - and Aerostar & Drago to some extent - have been booked like LU has thought they would be pulled from the tapings at any time. There are problems which are obviously the result of LU being unable to get the AAA people they want this year (I call this "every Hernandez match"), but they're not making the best use of the people they have.
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