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  1. Surprised by the somber tone of Stargirl this week. Felt really heavy, in a good way. I still hate how the kids on the show talk to Pat though. Especially his own son.
  2. If I recall, it's some small Nebraska town.
  3. I enjoyed Stargirl again this week, and the show felt tighter this week than the pilot did. Honestly, it feels like it's going to be a fun little show in the long run. My only real gripe is that Luke Wilson's character is a total pushover, but maybe they wanted to avoid making him the standard mentor character. Would also like to have seen Courtney go through a few more growing pains with learning how to use the staff and everything. She seemed like a seasoned pro already.
  4. I watched the DCU version of Stargirl and it clocked in at 53 minutes. Not sure what they had that CW didn't though. I actually dug it a lot though. Had a few of the unnatural exposition moments that you typically get from superhero show pilots, but I overall like the tone. Brec Bassinger is a solid casting choice for the lead, and I like that it has a bit more of a mature tone than other Berlanti shows, while still being pretty fun. Looks to have a pretty big budget too. I'll keep it in the rotation.
  5. I'm gonna give that a look whilst I'm at the laundromat later. Will report back.
  6. Oddly enough, I thought Ruby did a fair job of growing into the character down the closing stretch, and had good chemistry with most of the cast. I wonder if the grind of a TV show was a bit too much for her maybe? It seems like it was her decision, based on what I'm seeing.
  7. Don't have much to add, but I loved the editing and cinematography on Flash this week. That last fight scene was edited in a way that the show is just really not known for, and i thought it worked really well.
  8. I loved Hondo in Rebels. It's like, he's not a TERRIBLE person, but I can't help but love the fact that every time he shows up, things go off the rails because he can't help but serve his own interests. He knows he can talk Ezra into just about anything.
  9. I was also exasperated to see Hondo pop up in Rebels.
  10. I'm gonna be real with y'all. I'm really whatever on Boba Fett being in the show. I'm one of those people that felt like the character never did much to deserve all of the love. Now if you tell me that someone like Cad Bane is being brought into The Mandalorian, I might do a flip.
  11. I'm kinda surprised it took this long to get a real live action version of Hush. Was hoping for something more Earth shattering to be in the journal, then they dropped the whole kryptonite thing on us, and I'm REALLY intrigued as to how that will involve Supergirl or Superman next season.
  12. The scuttlebutt is that he will also play Rex for an episode!
  13. Me too. Added a much bigger psychological element to the proceedings.
  14. That final scene is one of the best in all of Star Wars, because you can draw so many conclusions from it. Was it Vader making sure Ahsoka was dead? Was it some small part of Anakin still in there hoping to find her alive or get some closure? So well done. The biggest gut punch of all though, is all those Clone troopers wearing the Ahsoka helmets and they are trying to kill her. I loved Maul's Jason Kidd chest pass with the helmet wiping out that one clone though lol
  15. That's a good question. I know the Supergirl earth had a Batman, but who knows if that is ever even mentioned again.
  16. Maybe they are using that to explain why Bruce left? If they are trying to tell the story that Batman crossing that line made him quit forever, then it kinda works I guess.
  17. Been tough getting back into my routine on these shows after the COVID break. With that said, the last two episodes of Flash have been pretty good. I enjoy when the main villain is a bit more cerebral and forces the team to find other ways to win. Am I reading too much into this, or did Batwoman suggest that Batman killed Joker???
  18. Today's episode was as chilling and heartbreaking as I thought it would be. I can't help but think how different things would be if Mace hadn't been a dick to Ahsoka, and she could have told them what Maul told her.
  19. There are a couple of instances where watching in release order will make some stuff not make sense, but it's nothing HUGE. Really the only arc that comes to mind is the one involving 99 the clone.
  20. To be fair, I always thought that Christiansen pulled off the scenes after the dark side turn pretty well. Otherwise, yeah, his portrayal of Anakin pales in comparison.
  21. I honestly just want more Cad Bane, and I know he doesn't appear in Rebels(which I'm currently navigating). He honestly ended up being my favorite guest character, along with Hondo.
  22. I recently got my friend to give Clone Wars a look, and she's now hooked. She even pointed out a reference I didn't get with Obi-Wan and Satine. Had no idea that it was a Moulin Rouge easter egg lol.
  23. Given that this was episode 16 for Flash, I'd guess they have what, 6 or so left? I figured they had the entire season in the can already, but I guess not?
  24. Hate that COVID kinda wrecked this season, because I was really digging mostly everything.
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