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  1. I feel like Enzo's rap career peaked when he talked about his consensual penis.
  2. I know my parents took me to the first WWF show in my birthplace of Topeka, KS, when I was, I believe, 4 years old. I vaguely remember seeing hype for WrestleMania 4, and that age 7, I skipped trick-or-treating to attend a Saturday Night's Main Event taping on Halloween night. It was the one and only time I got to see Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Ultimate Warrior all wrestle live. Stayed a fan my whole life, and tried to pass it down to my 4 kids, but only 2 have gotten into it so far.
  3. They could put him in ratty clothes, call him Vinny Vagrant, and finally go forward with the hobo army idea.
  4. Why do I feel like Reigns winning tonight will lead to Champion vs. Champion, title for title, Reigns vs. Lesnar at Mania, and Reigns gets yet another failed coronation anyway.
  5. My oldest 2 kids are 11 and 10. My 10-year-old LOVES WWE. After WWE 2k15 (I think that was the one with the Attitude Era stuff), he started watching a few of the matches from that time on the Network. I don't know how many times he told ne how different it seemed, but that they swore so much it made it seem like no big deal. I guess in a way the occasional profanity in the PG era puts more heat on a feud like blood did back in the day, at least from a kid's perspective.
  6. I work for a previously-mentioned big box retailer, although likely in a different location, in a Department Manager position. I am not a salary-level person, but above entry level.
  7. Just saw this. If it is possible to be both not shocked and entirely shocked, I am right now. I fully expected she wouldn't hang around much longer, given CM Punk's acrimonious exit from WWE. However, I was surprised that she left just on the heels of the Bella feud.
  8. I would have loved to have seen Cole as a Heenan-esque heel manager, who occasionally does commentary. I agree with those who said that having him on constantly as a heel announcer was a disaster.
  9. Jeff Jarrett is working Mania?I think this Leonard has a better chance of working Mania I was going to ask if Leonard was going to have Sheldon, Penny, or both out to the ring with him.
  10. This is really embarrassing for Rollins, but I truly hope that this is the end of it. I already read on another message board about a dozen different people saying he should work the Small Package into his moveset now in tribute to the pics, so I think he is already humiliated enough lol.
  11. I don't recall it being mentioned on WWF TV until around the time of the MSG Stunner, but I first heard it on, of all things, an episode of the tabloid TV show "Hard Copy". I was a preteen (10-11, not sure which depending on the exact date of the episode), but they mentioned him as the "WWF Owner" while discussing the steroid controversy that eventually led to the trial. It was a surprise to be sure, obviously I knew that it was, as we say now, a "work", but I truly did not know that he owned the company.
  12. Khali should bring in the Undertaker, just to hear him pronounce Punjab as "Poon-jab" again. I found that hilarious then, and for some reason, still do.
  13. Pretty sure this is the greatest thing I've read on here, among the greatest things I've ever read on the internet. I agree with whoever said you won the internet, that is awesome!
  14. Had a strange, and honestly comical glitch in the "Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect" 2K Showcase mode today. Spoilering for those who haven't played it: Anyone have that glitch yet? I've also played through the mode in which this glitch didn't happen, so not sure if just an odd occurence or not.
  15. It'll take me a while to go through the whole list, but I mostly agree with the top ten. I found the Bret-Shawn Ironman disappointing at the time, but that's just me (speaking as someone who was a big fan of both). Here's the full list for those not wanting to click through it all: "The 100 Greatest Matches Available on the WWE Network as of 11/9/14" I was only going to look at the list on here and not on wwe.com, but I had to see how they listed the competitors on #75, given the presence of you know who. Not shocked to see that they didn't, not that he deserves it, but creative way to avoid identifying him.
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