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  1. "Wow David, great ugly Christmas sweater!" *eyes welling up with tears* "...My mom made me this..." *storms out of the ring* "Way to go, Gordon." Merry Christmas, if that's ok.
  2. Nah, it's clearly the NFL funding All Elite Wrestling. The XFL has them shook so this is them using one of their owners to get back at Vince.
  3. My favorite part of the night was Bryan's "Oh, do ya now?" look to the people chanting "We want AJ!". Good show except for the AOP-Bar match. I think there was supposed to be a lot more pee appearing on Drake's pants and the apparatus he was using wasn't working which made him look like he was openly fondling himself on a live PPV. That or he realized he was about to die and decided he had time for one more game of pocket pool. Pro wrestling, ladies and gentlemen. As least the crowd reacted to the dribble. Still less embarrassing than Enzo.
  4. I'm picturing Corbin falling for every single one and the security guard constantly having to keep him away from them. "Oh boy! Someone left some birdseed in the middle of the parking lot! They even placed it in the middle of a giant "X" to make it easier to find!" "Goddammit Baron..."
  5. Nah, security reasons. Someone threatened to kill Sgt. Slaughter.
  6. The amount of time from insult to slap with the bonus side eye "Go ahead, try me" look are why Mae Young was the absolute best.
  7. Because of the camera angle and his hairline, I thought he shaved his head or WWE signed Necro Butcher as Rowan's replacement when he took the mask off.
  8. Damn fine tornado tag tonight. Metalik killed it so hard, his mask tried to escape to save itself. His best performance on 205 to date and the other 3 were right behind him. Also I know it was a post Summerslam crowd still but it was nice hearing the crowd chant "LET THEM FIGHT!" for Gulak and Alexander. Gulak quoting "Green Eggs & Ham" to combat Alexander calling Gallagher and Kendrick "Thing 1 and Thing 2" was amusing.
  9. Thought that was Curt Hennig and Steve Keirn. Wouldn't be shocked if Lawler's crowd got shat in multiple times.
  10. Orton didn't shit in the diva's bag, he poured tanning lotion and baby oil into it. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2005/0618/488144/former-wwe-diva-rochelle-speaks-out-on-backstage-problems-with/ Still a douche with serious problems but not a proven bag shitter so he has that going for him. X-Pac liked to shit in people's belongings, Sunny and Sable can attest to that.
  11. Didn't WCW sign Christopher Daniels to a 90 day after Scott Steiner nearly killed him? Or he nearly killed himself on a botch? Something involving him and Mike Modest.
  12. I really liked the 4 way but would have liked it a lot more if instead of Ali and TJP being in the match, it was clones of Itami and Gulak also beating the shit out of each other. Although I liked Gulak breaking up TJP and Itami's spat so they all could attack Ali and how just saying "Beat him up." was all it took. Also I love Gallagher for selling Gulak's hug after taking the senton bomb earlier.
  13. It seemed with Cena, you knew he was winning but there was at least hope that something else would happen. Roman just wins because that's life. I want a "What Could You... Learn Us?" t-shirt. Roman will still win all the time but at least I'd have a funny shirt.
  14. WWE guys going one way, New Japan guys go the other way, Mark Haskins in the middle saying "Whaddya want from me?"
  15. Actually he wasn't. He was playing in the MLB Celebrity Softball game.
  16. I actually like Brody King but I wish he wasn't in this:
  17. Eh, there was no need for him to be a dick about it. Just say no, although I doubt that saying applies to Mr. London.
  18. They did sign Kendrick for a little while, he won the X Division title. They were going to bring London in as Amazing Red's tag team partner when Red came back in 2009 but hours before the tapings London sent someone in management a text saying something to the extent of "Would it hurt anyone's feelings if I no-showed?". They didn't bother with him after that. I love London, he'll always be one of my favorites but he can be his own worst enemy.
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