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  1. As someone who didn't even finish KH3 because of how confusing the storyline was (and partly due to the fact that Square Enix made playing the mobile KH game basically mandatory to fully understand everything) I'll probably skip KH4, although it would be interesting to see how much more convoluted it'll be.
  2. So it looks like the next worldwide Macross figure will be this: (And now it's making me want to watch the Delta films even though Delta was thoroughly mediocre)
  3. https://theathletic.com/3228165/2022/04/04/ex-commanders-exec-alleged-financial-malfeasance-to-congress-source-says-he-offered-no-evidence/
  4. They'll just blame it all on Bruce Allen and nothing will happen to Snyder.
  5. The Beyond arc really just should have been a way to get a full Nextwave reunion
  6. Terrell Owens (yes, 48 years old) is returning to play in the FCF.
  7. https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/23/22992066/stephen-wilhite-gif-creator-dies (And it's pronounced jif!)
  8. I would actually say Washington's been in the wilderness since Theismann, and they got a career year out of Rypien and a last gasp out of Williams for the other two Super Bowls.
  9. The two picks were so that Seattle would still retain 50% of MoJo's salary. Now why they would bring back a player who rumor was caused some friction in the Caps locker room (and I also sort of remember stories when the Caps won the Cup that one of the reasons they won was that they got rid of MoJo)...
  10. Also, Raiders are giving Adams a 5 year contract
  11. The problem is that other teams were trying to get Wentz too, so I can sort of see why Washington jumped, especially since they had offered a better package for Wilson only to be turned down. (And, hey, massive overspending is becoming the norm for DC area teams)
  12. Not sure what to think about the Wentz trade. As bad as he is now, sadly he's still an upgrade over Heinicke. I still expect Washington to pick a QB at 11th, though, if Willis or Pickett are available.
  13. Was that a new Valkyrie Profile game? Thought that franchise was dead...
  14. From the Arstechnica article about it:
  15. Report: Apple mulling bid for NFL Sunday Ticket package
  16. Fox, ESPN reportedly are negotiating over Joe Buck (Still wouldn't surpass the Al Michaels/Oswald the Lucky Rabbit trade)
  17. Stumbled on a cauldron this morning and thought it was easy...until I ran into the two Widemaws at the core without having any Purgewater weaponry.
  18. Apparently it won't be televised. And instead, you'll have to follow each separate team's Twitter to get all the picks in real time.
  19. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/02/21/washington-post-poll-shows-lukewarm-local-support-for-commanders-name/
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