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  1. Platinum'ed Tales of Xillia. I really need to stop buying JRPGs and concentrate more on my backlog.
  2. IIRC it's because the Orioles had a night road game Wednesday night, and because of that and travel the MLB PA would have to approve the time switch.
  3. The NFL said they couldn't since it was Rosh Hashanah, even though I thought I read somewhere that they've played during it before, and technically it's still Rosh Hashanah right now...
  4. God, I wish someone would destroy every copy of The Final Countdown
  5. Denver Tampa Bay Tennessee New Orleans New England Seattle CIncinnati Kansas City Detroit Indianapolis Miami Green Bay Arizona Dallas Washington Houston Tiebreaker #1: 5 Tiebreaker #2: 238 Tiebreaker #3: 124
  6. Am I the only person that still likes Eva? I agree with most of the criticisms, but still enjoy most of it. I've really enjoyed the Evangelion rebuild. Kinda bummed that the last movie won't be released (in Japan) for over a year. No, I still like it (except for the total cluster that the third Rebuild movie was), although I'd prefer the more 'mature' version that Banpresto did in SRW @3 along with the F-Type parts for EVA-01 (and they still should have done a cross series combo attack with Great Mazinger's Thunder Break...). It's just that at times it seems to me that Anno's just booking on the fly, so to speak, as Eva goes on and he seems to just throw things out there and see what sticks.
  7. So according to a teaser Rolling Stone put up on their web site of their article about Aaron Hernandez, they state that If it's true, wonder how he was able to pass drug testing...
  8. Buffalo also traded for Thaddeus Lewis from Detroit. Via PFT, the Buffalo News is reporting that the Bills are fearing Kolb's latest concussion might be career ending.
  9. Per PFT Leinart signs with Buffalo and could start Week 1.
  10. Wow, the way Billick just skewered Donald Cerrone's name...
  11. PFT's reporting that the Jets are also bringing in Leinart and Beck for a look.
  12. Redskins announced that CB/kick returner Richard Crawford done for the year with a torn LCL and possibly a torn ACL. I wonder if they'll have Santana Moss return kicks...or convince Antwaan Randle-El to come out of retirement.
  13. I actually sort of hope White makes the team as the 3rd QB. Unfortunately it seems Sexy Rexy has photos of Shanny or something...
  14. Anno's worked with Miyazaki and Ghibli before so it's not that much of a surprise. And, really, outside of Eva, Anno's not bad at all.
  15. So according to TV Guide there's going to be a special Chopped 'Sports Stars' episode on September 3 with Danica Patrick, Tiki Barber, Natalie Coughlin and Chuck Zito. Yeah, one of those really doesn't belong...
  16. Better than the infamous Washington Mystics attendance banner.
  17. Question that popped up in my head after seeing Sexy Rexy stink horribly again in preseason: if the Bears had a better QB in that one Super Bowl, could they have beat Peyton and the Colts?
  18. Resonance of Fate I thought was a really fun RPG with its battle system (turn based, but each turn you have one of your characters run/jump along a straight lined path while you fire away with guns) and the crazy gun customization that's possible.
  19. Finally got around to seeing this last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. As a huge robot anime fan it gave me everything I expected and then some. (Although, I kept thinking that all they needed from the start was a mad professor like Kabuto or Saotome and they could have easily beat back the kaijus from the very beginning.)
  20. Ha, I totally forgot about Rahxephon. Yeah, 2007 REIDEEN was nowhere as good as Rahxephon (side note: Banpresto really screwed up Rahxephon IMO in SRW MX...) but it was still a pretty good remake. Never did see the Super Sentai Reideen though.
  21. dogwelder

    Tyson Gay / PED's

    I don't think Evans did if you look at his past racing profile. Evans luckily won because of Andy Schleck's bad time trailing and Andy's strange behavior to always wanting to look out for Frank and vice versa, even if it's a detriment to their current race situation. Well, and also Contador was brazenly attacking in the final week or so even if the results would have been thrown out anyway. In retrospect, I don't think Wiggins was doping, even if some of the other members of his team were doping. He just got lucky to be racing a TdF with an abundance of relatively flat time trialing and no strong competition (Nibali coming in second? Oof...). The stars may also have been aligned just right too since in 2011 there were two probably one time only Grand Tour winners (since Hesjedal will probably never sniff another podium again) and almost a third if Purito and Katusha were paying attention when Contador attacked in the Vuelta. And I'm not sure if cycling's doing better to catch dopers when you have the UCI trying to cover up Armstrong's doping until the last possible moment...
  22. So yeah, Gatchaman Crowds...I guess they needed to renew the trademark or something. (Side note since J.H. mentioned Raideen...did you see the 2007 remake J.H.? Just curious what you thought of it if you did.) And I never knew much about a chicken laying eggs until I watched Silver Spoon <shudder>
  23. dogwelder

    Tyson Gay / PED's

    Froome was a virtual unknown before the 2011 Vuelta where all of a sudden he gets second. Sort of like Armstrong suddenly getting 4th in the Vuelta before his Tour run or Leipheimer getting third in the 2001 Vuelta. (And for you to even think Evans was on something when he won...)
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