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  1. Okay - can’t mail fish Mark I can give you a Golden Trout
  2. I think you can - I feel like I sent someone a bug and or fish in the mail I will check my storage for both of you
  3. You only need the bugs and fish to "complete" the museum in the game's eye (IE: you get golden tools for the bugs and fish) Obviously it is nice to complete the sea creatures too Do you know what you are missing?
  4. I do I got the Thinker yesterday which I had totally spaced was the 3rd statue I needed So now I am officially at just two statues left
  5. (sound is a little off as they speed up the video a touch)
  6. God's Favorite Idiot It is a Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone joint (as the kids would say) so you pretty much know what to expect
  7. Oh speaking of platinums - don't bother trying to get it on The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe The developers intentionally put it an almost impossible to get achievement to fuck with trophy hunters The is an achievement called "Super Don't Go Outside" which is to not play the game for 10 years (The original game had one for not playing for 5 years) Okay - I guess I should clarify - you can get if you fuck with your system clock since as of a couple of days ago 1.5% of Steam users already had it. If you only do things legit - then don't bother.
  8. And to add to the above list - Pittsburgh/Cincy is in a rain delay in the 1st EDIT - and its now postponed
  9. To tie into something earlier mentioned People Can Fly - the studio that did Outriders - reported that the sales of Outriders wasn't enough to receive any royalties from Square Enix (at least by the end of 2021 that is) They are still planning on releasing the DLC "Worldslayer" this year (but that still seems a little sketchy based on recent news and the fact that it doesn't have anything further than a "this year" tag despite the original game being out for over a year)
  10. MLB is up to 5 games postponed due to the shitty weather the East Coast (and parts of the Midwest are having) Sox vs Sox is still on but that game is in Boston so I could easily seeing it getting boned like the 4th inning
  11. 20 years seems to be the new timeline for all sports Especially for all the shit built at the turn of the century since a lot of them don't have the things that teams crave now - luxury suites That being said a lot of MLB parks built right before GAB were much better designed and are beloved by fans (the former Miller Park, PNC, Oracle, Minute Maid, etc...)
  12. Full blurb says it still might end up being Sept
  13. In the story, a "WWE source" says Which comes across as the WWE knows if would look shitty if they froze a contract of a performer while on maternity leave
  14. Pens goalie Casey DeSmith will miss the rest of the playoffs as he is having core muscle surgery
  15. Oh its definitely intentional GAB is 19 years old - it opened in 2003 The President who shit on the fan base also said that the team is look to build a new stadium but at the moment it is all WE ARE STAYING~!
  16. The Reds suck to be sure to but to be a little fair to them - they schedule has been absolutely brutal @Atlanta (where they actually won 2 games), @LAD, 6 games against San Diego, @Milwaukee and home against St Louis They are about to start a 4 game series at home with the Pirates so we shall see who is truly the worst now
  17. Datto, Frostbolt and pattycakes is just an unfair Trials team
  18. Well this isn’t ominous or anything Ventrelle was the team president
  19. Kevin Blackwood vs Tom Lawlor from the March Prestige show
  20. Lodi in a Battle Royal on the Beach! Lord some of these dudes where not prepared for the South Carolina sun
  21. Hey! A full ECWA Show Jim Molineaux is a ref! The announcers infuriated me within 5 minutes!
  22. Here is the trailer for the Nolan Ryan doc Facing Nolan
  23. I had missed this because I don't watch the show but ABC announced last month that Dancing With the Stars will be moving to Disney+ The repeats will not air on ABC and will just be on the streaming service thus it will be the first live series on Disney+ The show got a two season renewal (Ironically I only became aware of it because Nick Khan brought it up on the WWE investor call)
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