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  1. BTW - the 3rd they are giving up is the one they got from KC for Kadarius Toney so it is at the end of round 3 (the 100th pick overall)
  2. I was not expecting that news Now he can disappoint me on two levels instead of just in fantasy
  3. Yeah - framerate is the least of my issues on an XBOX My biggest issues at the moment are connections issues - that appear only to be when doing Crucible I got anteatered out of 3 straight Mayhem matches (fortunately two occurred after the match ended) so I stopped trying I am about to hop on for the new weekly stuff so I will see if the problem persists (it could be because it is windy as fuck around here right now)
  4. This is the wholesome content you are looking for
  5. Dick Fosbury passed away
  6. I am sure this was posted somewhere else but I am going to put it here Monster Factory - exactly what it sounds like. Documentary about Monster Factory Danny Cage, Twitch, Bobby Buffet, Gabby Ortiz, and Goldy are the wrestlers who are going to be featured
  7. Jakobi Meyers to the Raiders 3 years, $33 million
  8. Welp - since this morning is the first time in like a week I was looking for a fireteam - I noticed already people using Guardian Rank to exclude people Really amuses me that some fireteams are already all "You must be Justicar or higher"
  9. Per Meltzer - Flair is indeed announcing that it is Muta and the reason Flair is doing it is because he will be the one inducting Muta into the HOF
  10. Allen Lazard is signing with... you guessed it... the Jets
  11. Ric Flair will announced the next inductee on The Bump on Wednesday While the person doesn't have to be affiliated with Flair it would make sense if they were (so this might be the spot for Muta)
  12. Yes and have been since they inducted Wendi Richter
  13. Washington better hope that Sam Howell is.. ya know... good
  14. The local NY media (outside the usual grumps) seem pleased with the Giants signing Bobby Okereke
  15. Well I definitely know Raid on Contest mode was easier than Legend Lost Sectors right now since I have seen all over the place folks talking about not even bothering with Lost Sectors because of how insane they are now (especially the Neomuna ones) I could see the patrols on Neomuna definitely being tougher partly due to the framerate issue. There was a Twitter conversation last week between dmg and Paul Tassi that strongly implied that framerate is the reason Threshers are suddenly a nightmare Fallout had a good comment that was along the lines of Datto's raid video is the equivalent of byf's lore/campaign video. Clearly there is a issue with Lightfall if the #1 lore guy has an issue with the lore and the #1 raid guy have issues with it. BTW - Fallout had the same numbers Datto referenced in his video but in chart form and it is insane to see the RON clears vs all the other raids
  16. It appears that UT Arlington is going to hire Kentucky assistant K.T. Turner as HC
  17. Add Sean "Diddy" Combs to the list of folks trying to acquire the BET majority stake
  18. Got the Final Stand this afternoon - boy was that a fairly straight forward quest Speaking of Exotic Quests - didn't realize Shawn Han had a quest now to get Arbalest. Irritating that the 2nd step requires doing public events on Neomuna and that Terminal Overloads don't count as public events for said quest
  19. Temple is moving Aaron McKie in a special advisor to the AD role and will begin looking for a new HC
  20. With also Trey Lance's injury history - they need as many warm bodies as they can get
  21. This happened on my first of three run-throughs of the Nightfall (to get the max points for the Pinnacle) Not only did one dude run to B first - neither of the two dudes I was with seemed to have a clue that you needed to kill the dude before the Deathsong finished
  22. I see Paige Spiranac dances as well as she plays golf
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