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  1. I haven't looked to double check if I am right but I am 99% sure you are talking about the Toyota Corolla commerical
  2. The Nats/Braves game tonight has finally been cancelled due to the shootings at the Navy Yard. For those that aren't familiar with the DC area, Nats Park is about 2 blocks from the Navy Yard and that is the Metro stop used to access the stadium. I am surprised it took that long to cancel the game but whatever
  3. Well the simplest answer is that this time its a complete different sample group. I did a quick look at the original results and I count approximately 16 people who voted last time who didn't vote this time (this number isn't firm because I could have easily missed someone changing their user name and I did the count in about 30 seconds). So this batch either didn't like it (at all or enough to vote for it) or didn't see it. (I fall in the later category)
  4. 291) THE CRUCIBLE 1996 - 126 Points - 2 Votes (Highest: #34 Kyle Casey) DIRECTOR: Nicholas Hytner STARRING: Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Paul Scofield Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (68%) WIKI
  5. 292) TWISTER 1996 - 123 Points - 2 Votes (Highest: #33 Rippa) DIRECTOR: Jan de Bont STARRING: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (58%) WIKI Note From Rippa - Y'all suck. Except CSC... he has amazing taste in movies.
  6. 293) ONCE WERE WARRIORS 1994 - 123 Points - 3 Votes (Highest: #37 Kawada) DIRECTOR: Lee Tamahori STARRING: Rena Owen, Temuera Morrison, Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell Placement On Original List: #114 (5 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (94%) WIKI
  7. 294) FRIDAY 1995 - 122 Points - 2 Votes (Highest: #3 Tim Evans) DIRECTOR: F. Gary Gray STARRING: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (77%) WIKI
  8. 295) PHILADELPHIA 1993 - 122 Points - 2 Votes (Highest: #18 Randy) DIRECTOR: Jonathan Demme STARRING: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Roberta Maxwell Placement On Original List: #64 (7 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (77%) WIKI Note From Rippa - Our early leader for biggest fall from the original list.
  9. 296) ANY GIVEN SUNDAY 1999 - 122 Points - 2 Votes (Highest: #29 CSC) DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone STARRING: Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz Placement On Original List: #164 (5 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (50%) WIKI Note From Rippa - I was the other vote here. It had Lawrence Taylor and James Brown. Y'all are lucky I didn't put it in my Top 10.
  10. Don't look directly at that image if you are prone to seizures
  11. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    Oh and Darrelle Revis apparently hates Greg Schiano too
  12. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    We are both correct. Starting at 3:16 and lasting 3 hours and 16 minutes People be crazy
  13. Said African draw was held Ivory Coast - Senegal Tunisia - Cameroon Egypt - Ghana Nigeria - Ethiopia Burkina Faso - Algeria So yeah - THANKS FOR GOING UNDEFEATED BOB BRADLEY!!! HERE IS GHANA TO HAUNT YOUR DREAMS AGAIN
  14. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    Speaking of the Jags - a group of their fans are planning on holding a rally demanding the team sign Tim Tebow The rally will be - I swear I am not making this up - 3 hours and 16 minutes long
  15. Cracked does 6 Insane Video Game Theories (That Totally Make Sense) Yup - indoctrination theory is #2 (and according to the author - I apparently play the game wrong)
  16. God - We're the Millers has made over $200 million world wide and its budget was reportedly only $37 million Jason Sudeikis leads a good life
  17. So Insidious 2 made like a trillion dollars I really am shocked Hollywood doesn't make nothing but horror movies. They are all made on the cheap and then like - at a minimum - triple their budget
  18. Speaking of Ashley - a random thing I learned today watching random ME videos - Since I always play pure Paragon, I never noticed that bad things are afoot in the conforntation with Ashley over Udina - And the jealous Ashley quotes in ME3 are amazing. Such the bitch Also, I have gotten jealous Liara comments to Tali before but I had never ever got the scene where Liara calls out Tali for ordering special Quarian lady toys.
  19. My CAW in No Mercy definitely used the Steve Blackman theme God I forgot how much I liked it
  20. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    The Clowney talk should probably start and end with Jacksonville. Of course, if Jacksonville has the #1 pick AND Clowney is truly getting foot surgery.... Hello "Insert QB Pick Here" Their schedule from now to the Bye @Seattle vs. Indy @ St Louis @ Denver vs. SD vs. San Fran (in London) I guess they could beat the Chargers... but yeah.,, that's looking like 0-8 to me
  21. I still get irritated that Ashley is all panties in a twist with me on Horizon. I mean I have Garrus right there. If you are going to irrationally hate me, why not actually listen to someone else who was there? Oh right - you hate aliens. Grr...
  22. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    Thankfully that will most likely be the last Manning Bowl
  23. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 2

    Well that was just pathetic
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