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  1. This game will never end if someone is hurt on every fucking play
  2. I can play that game too THE GIANTS ARE ONLY 2 GAMES OUT!!! PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!!!
  3. Of course Washington plays San Diego next week and will probably win by 17 and I will kick a puppy
  4. Hey - here is a thought Maybe RG3 isn't that good
  5. Yet again proof that booth Manning brothers love throwing things they shouldnt
  6. Broncos fans sure love an opportunity to boo
  7. I like the cut of your jib sir
  8. This is suddenly becoming the greatest day of my life
  9. Sav Rocca just picked a fine time to have his worst punt of the game
  10. I'm not quite sure why the Skins offense became "chuck it downfield every play" but I am not complaining
  11. Every team should look at how the Broncos just ran that 4th and Goal instead of doing stack everyone inside, smash a guy inside
  12. So the Redskins had to call a timeout before the clock even started for the 4th quarter
  13. Looks at Bench Sees Marvin Jones sitting on it Cries
  14. Of all the fucking weeks Peyton has to play like Eli
  15. Yeah - I might have to move
  16. Yeah - I now hate football and my weekend is ruined
  17. It would be really swell if Denver would stop trying to run the ball. And turning it over
  18. Bengals/Jets is reaching "Will Someone Stop the Damn Match" territory
  19. This is the way to beat the Broncos. Have the ball for like 12 minutes and get a shit ton of lucky plays
  20. God the Broncos defense isn't very good
  21. The players in this game do realize they are allowed two hands to catch the ball right?
  22. A lot of shitty plays by DC are suddenly working out
  23. The first edited it to be "Get Well Soon" This is the first week it has been "Comeback" So yes - they have had three versions of the same commercial this year
  24. Bengals were inches from going up 21-0 but it was ruled that they fumbled at the goal line and the Jets have it. We shall see
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