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  1. And right on queue https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34043904/donovan-mitchell-surprised-disappointed-sources-say-quin-snyder-leaves-utah-jazz
  2. Played a lot of Rift over the weekend. Frankly, too much. Since I went ahead and did all the Challenges on my Warlock too. Doing this allowed me to get my first reset of IB done. I don't think there is anyway to get the seal in the first week unless you play all three characters and even then I don't think the math works. I might be able to get the seal in the first season but it depends on how high Tier II and III of the triumph for "completing objectives" is
  3. Yanks swept the Tigers to get their record to 39-15 Since it is officially one third of the season - that is apparently the best record in the 1st third of the season since the 2001 Mariners (42-12) And we all know how that turned out... (Today's game also started at 11:30 am which was super weird)
  4. If you read the story, you will see that Adam's full statement is even more enraging than that bolded part
  5. The Angels have lost 10 straight Mike Trout is currently in a 0-23 slump But hey, Shohei Ohtani occasionally hits a HR so lets keep hyping them up Fucking ESPN
  6. Who was it so I make sure they never show up on my island
  7. Full list of XFL Team/Coach Pairings Houston: Wade Phillips Dallas: Bob Stoops San Antonio: Hines Ward Washington, D.C.: Reggie Barlow Seattle: Jim Haslett Las Vegas: Rod Woodson Orlando: Terrell Buckley St. Louis: Anthony Becht
  8. Yeah I already completed the 4 challenges so I knew those were pinnacles I just couldn't remember if the rep rewards (ie: when you hit Mythic, Legend, etc...) were Power or Pinnacle
  9. Well the internet has memed Morbius back into the theater It is being added to a 1000 theaters this weekend (it only aired on 83 screens last week)
  10. My understanding is you get one (a pinnacle) for each challenge you complete and then you get one at each major rank of reputation (like how the other activities currently work) So technically you get more in a week than you used to (the fact that IB only happens twice a season counterbalances this) They did announce last night that they fixed the bugs that were affecting IB rep from progressing as fast as it was supposed to
  11. It buys out his three arb years and his first 3 FA years. Theoretically he will now hit FA at the age of 28 The Contract breakdown is 2023 - 7 million 2024 - 10 million 2025 - 15 million 2026 - 2028 - 26 million For all intents and purposes, it is the 2nd largest deal for a player in the third year of service time (Freddie Freeman is #1)
  12. Got stuck in my first infinite respawn bug during a Rift match Fortunately it happened right at the end of the match so after about 5 times the game finally ended
  13. To be fair - if someone is putting Cano in their lineup now, they should be fired (Side Note - the Padres already punted on that little experiment)
  14. The remaining solar fragments have been unlocked by the community
  15. Philly has fired Joe Girardi Bench coach Rob Thomson will be the interim for the rest of the season
  16. Resident Evil 4 remake is official June 24, 2023 - PS5
  17. https://variety.com/2022/film/news/ezra-miller-the-flash-1235277665/ The headline is "Why Ezra Miller Won't Be Replaced"
  18. I think @Dolfan in NYC is just recirculating an older story https://www.onlinegambling.com/news/nba-expansion-teams-seattle-las-vegas-simmons/ That link is from the beginning of March when Bill Simmons claimed on his podcast that Seattle and Vegas were getting the teams. Only difference is back then it was "all signs to point to Minnesota moving"
  19. The new Battle of the Brands is fun as Baron Corbin shows up and he and Breeze starting smack talking each other and lightly touch on road stories EDIT HA! - Corbin dropped a "He's just mad because Theory took his gimmick and got it over" line on Breeze and I just spit out my drink. Also - Breeze claims he is retired, which if true - at least for now - would explain any reason he can be back
  20. Alex Mack has officially announced his retirement
  21. The Princess Director: Le-Van Kiet Joey King, Dominic Cooper, Olga Kurylenko, and Veronica Ngo I saw it described as "Rapunzel meets The Raid" so I thought "Oh hey - it is probably a light Teen movie with some action" The fucker is rated R
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