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  1. I was waiting for it to hit Game Pass because I was interested in it but no way I was paying full price for it. It is fine so far. It is weird that there isn't some sort of system that at least changes the combos of locks or something if you fail a room. And the feedback from the look/walking is infuriating (granted it was probably designed with mouse and keyboard in mind)
  2. For context - the reason it was the Stros was because Oakland and Houston had just finished a series in Houston prior to the All Star Break It also helped that Houston had 5 All Star reps along with Dusty Baker being the manager of the AL team
  3. Hmmm... you would think that but the Pac 12 isn't appealing to anyone https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34264518/sources-big-12-pac-12-partner-talks-officially-end
  4. Technically yes - Harper left for the Phillies that offseason
  5. Wicked Ones Sequel to The Wicked One (if anyone every watched that) I can't stop laughing at the still with the dude wearing the skull and cross bones tank
  6. @BrianS81177 posted about it in the Horror thread but he appears to agree with your opinion
  7. The All Star Game isn't in Sandy Alcantara's home park
  8. If the All Star game is tied after 9 innings - it will be decided via a Home Run Derby (by the way - most players didn't realize this was the new rule) Three players from each league would take three swings apiece to decide the final result. NL Reps Pete Alonso Ronald Acuna Jr Kyle Schwarber AL Reps Julio Rodriguez Ty France Kyle Tucker (Reps were selected by the respective managers of each All Star Team)
  9. Robinson also says that the NFLPA/Watson are prepared to sue in federal court if the arbiter hands out a year suspension https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/07/18/nflpa-deshaun-watson-have-decided-to-challenge-a-full-year-suspension-in-court/
  10. He's not going anywhere this season. In the offseason... maybe But certainly not to a division rival
  11. Apparently- Carter is supposedly presented as a one shot/one scene movie (though obviously it’s not)
  12. Sami Zayn is the next Broken Skull guest
  13. Carter I am tagging @J.T.as I figure he is gonna wanna watch this trailer
  14. I continue to like JJ Watt
  15. Sox announced that it’s a broken pinkie finger
  16. The Spencer Torkelson experiment is over for the time being as the Tigers have optioned him back to AAA
  17. In another weird scheduling quirk in a season full of them - both LA teams are off Today (Sunday) because of the All Star Game being in the area
  18. In case folks were wondering - some of the reasons Soto rejected Since the contract was for 15 years, the AAV was less than $30 million a year It was heavily backloaded (the majority being in the last 6 years) His agent is Scott Boras The Nats stink
  19. Have fun selling the team now
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