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  1. Good thread. Not as good as your previous thread where you fantasy booked the Shield as characters from South Park. But pretty solid.
  2. Wait so this pre-show isn't going on YouTube for free? I thought that was the thing. Free to stream on Youtube and FB and Yahoo and whatnot to try to grab a few more last minute buys. If this is going to be a Network exclusive, it really does kind of defeat the purpose.
  3. And you live in North Carolina, so who really has a problem? Hmm..
  4. Figures we'd get this from a Texan. Ain't nothin' comes out of Texas 'cept beers, steers, and queers (not that there's anything wrong with that). Where are your horns, boy? wow
  5. what the fuck is wrong with this OSJ guy
  6. The match where Jerry is so fucked up that he slips on the apron and slams his head into the post. Watching him move is so surreal, you can tell he has no business being in there but he still manages to hit most of his spots pretty well. Props to Fiera for carrying his dumb ass
  7. This match rules. Honda is straight out of Memphis. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xp2okb_02-19-2012-danshoku-dino-vs-antonio-honda-ddt-dramatic-fantasia-363_sport
  8. Gimmick scrotum. Hey Paul did you kayfabe your balls or was that a shoot brother
  9. I didn't know where else to ask for this, but can anyone give me some recommendations on Ray Gonzalez? I've seen maybe two or three matches of his in my entire life, and I feel like I see the name talked up all the time in random places. What should I be checking out? What years, what feuds? Help me out here guys.
  10. The Otsuka/Saito match from that Rikidozan memorial show was a lot of fun. The main event six-man was great too
  11. I'm still hoping for a David Lynch ending where we sign in tomorrow morning and all these posts are deleted.
  12. The weird thing about his stuff on Dailymotion is the way you can still access a lot of his videos, as long as someone put them in a playlist. If you try to watch it outside of the playlist then it's a dead link, but I was able to watch a few Garden shows this way.
  13. It really bothers me that they block stuff like that but can't be bothered to put any of it on the Network. I actually said somewhere on this board that as long as BillWattsEra was around I didn't need any WWE Network. Fuck. I should've knocked on wood
  14. It was really hard for me to do, but I voted Bryan. It's fitting that the last match in the tournament be the one that I had the most trouble voting for. The results so far are very exciting, and I will be happy with the result no matter what. I just watched the Regal/Cesaro match again and it's amazing. I still have Bryan's summer gauntlet against the Real Americans and Ryback as my WWE match of the year, but that was largely due to Cesaro as well. Just a really tough vote, but I had to go with Bryan. For the record, the only person in the world who I thought had a better year than Bryan was Negro Casas. They were my 1-2 on my WKO ballot. And #3 was Cesaro. So there you go.
  15. BillWattsEra YouTube channel getting the axe basically ruined this entire thread. A Modern Tragedy.
  16. Did everyone forget that Cena had incredible singles matches with basically every one of the new generation's best guys in the last year? Matches with Bryan, Rollins, Cesaro and even Sandow were all excellent. What did Reigns do that was anywhere near the level of those matches? And don't say fucking baby girl to me
  17. Hahaha. Squash. Wimpy Rollins never stood a chance. We De People.
  18. Voted Cesaro. His portion of the Bryan gauntlet from last summer, matches with Zayn and Regal in Florida, random awesomeness in tags and trios all year... I could go on and on. Nakamura had a great year and is one of the best in Japan but Cesaro is one of the top ten wrestlers in the world.
  19. I haven't looked at the brackets. I'm voting for who had the better year. Is that not what we're doing here.
  20. La Peste Negra vs. The Shield would be amazing with them all trying to outheel each other. EDIT: Wait, I thought you meant Reigns isn't as good as Casas' brother. I had actually forgotten Rosey and Reigns were brothers until you jogged my memory. I don't know if I'd agree with that. Obviously the other half of 3MW went on to do amazing things, but I can't remember much out of Rosey to be honest. Not to derail the thread (not that this isn't a fucking lost cause now anyways) but does anyone have any 3 Minute Warning or Hurricane/Rosey suggestions for me?
  21. I voted Nakamura based on the Sakuraba match but then I remembered it wasn't in the March-to-March that this covers. Then I remembered that fucking Ibushi match from the G1 and yeah. Nakamura. Neville had a great year in NXT but didn't get the chance to have the big matches Nakamura had. They really need to get Neville on the main roster. The last few callups have been kinda poorly executed but I feel like Neville is going to get over real quick no matter how badly they fuck it.
  22. This was easy. Regal had two incredible matches last year and another really fun showing in a six-man. Lesnar carried Punk to a miracle but outside of that he had two snoozefests with Triple H. Voted Regal.
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