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  1. I like that the new board brings out the cool guys we didn't see as much of last time, such as Bad Opinions Haver Pointing A Gun At The Webcam.
  2. I love that match so much. I don't know whether to have that as my MOTY or New Jack vs. Necro. One of them is in my signature, so that's something.
  3. He's talking about BJW's Shinya Ishikawa, they had a match on a Dradition show in May.
  4. Is this all on one channel or are you just looking at random stuff? If it's all on one channel, I would definitely be interesting a link on that.
  5. Hahahaha, "black.GIF" has me smiling so big right now. I was 9 when they fucked up and the PPV feed cut out early. We didn't have AOL yet so I didn't find out who won until the next night on Nitro, when they showed the match in full if I remember correctly. I missed this thread. I hope we can get the old posts back here, I used to come here to see what you said about random '80s matches from time to time.
  6. Come on Gordi. Shibata/Ishii is must-see alone. Add to that Naito/MiSu, Tana/Devitt and Ibushi/Nakamura (has this match ever happened before?) and it's looking like one of the strongest nights of a very strong tournament. You should go and you should take lots of pics and you should post a review of the experience the next day in this thread. How is this even a question
  7. You'd be surprised how many people remember Chris Gaines.
  8. My favorite Ibushi match was against Hikaru Sato in DDT in late 2011, I think it was. He's really fun against shooters. If MiSu will play ball, it could be a really interesting bout. And even if he won't, it'll be fun to watch him slap that little sweetheart around.
  9. The attack itself wasn't great but the entrance and the vignettes were excellent. Very good atmosphere, and consistent. I also really liked the shot with the stairs at the end, I don't care how gimmicked it was. Also I just think it'll be cool to see someone working a match on TV in jeans again.
  10. A lot of years they do but last year was strange with a lot of stuff missing or not seen until months later. Last summer was a strange time for puro online in general though. It seems to have gotten better since then though so I imagine most of these will show up in the usual places. I wasn't paying much attention but it seemed like most of the BOSJ shows ended up online this time around.
  11. Can I just say this one more time; ISHII
  12. MiSu vs. Ibushi is fascinating to me. Also, Ishii and Shibata!! I'm stoked for this one. EDIT: Look how stacked night 2 in Korakuen is looking. 5. G1 Climax – Block A: Katsuyori Shibata vs. Satoshi Kojima 7. G1 Climax – Block B: Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi 8. G1 Climax – Block B: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Minoru Suzuki 9. G1 Climax – Block A: Hirooki Goto vs. Kazuchika Okada 10. G1 Climax – Block A: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii Ishii/Tana in the main? Fuuuuuck
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