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  1. Yeah dude, squash matches to get someone over are totally useful. Not even useful, neccessary in some cases when someone can't talk. It's a lost art. My point is that Lesnar destroyed every human in his path, even a car. He was a monster and generally fucks up everything in his path for years. Goldberg shows up and wrecks him in short order. Well goddamn, now what? Then Goldberg kills KO. Lesnar beats Goldberg at WM XXXIII in a humdinger. ... but who was helped that would be around in the long run? That's why it's so important they don't fuck up Drew. A European star? Hell yeah.
  2. Just had the best idea EVER: As opposed to when Sting enters while snow is falling, Paul Wight shows up to a raining of tears effect.
  3. I demand Paul Wight hurls Marko Stunt into the fifteenth row of Daily's Place. Seriously, they're going to have to be careful about how much they showcase him next to the other talent I think. Archer, Luchasaurus, and... umm, can't think of anyone else who approaches his height. Am I forgetting anyone? If he isn't working then make sure he doesn't dwarf people in other roles. Overall though, super happy about this! Show's always had natural charisma and leaving a stiflingly scripted promotion for another that pretty much just says "fuck it, do what you want" is very interesting.
  4. I don't mind short matches, but the BIG MOVE BIG MOVE BIG MOVE PIN IN TWO MINUTES formula is... well, kinda awful. It ends up, to me, making anyone lower than God Tier look like a fuckin' scrub. How can anyone else ever be taken seriously? You could argue that when someone comes in and takes out one of these God Tier people it makes them seem like an even bigger deal than previously but it's really only been effectively used with two in this decade, that being Drew and Roman. Ten years almost! KO got wiped out, Kofi was destroyed, but you at least got good matches out of Finn, Bryan, and Styles. I sort of liked the idea of WWE having a Final Boss type a few years ago but I feel it's ultimately killed the ability of anyone else to get over. It also didn't help that their God Tier people were part-timers who didn't appear enough to help other talent get over.
  5. This thought process makes sense. It isn't the best for business, but it follows in the way presented here.
  6. Awww man, I wanted to still be able to tell the pigs apart from the humans. $10M for being on the committee? I never even see his name come up when it comes to any labor stories. You'll see the same names come up over and over and I don't recall seeing something like "Drew Brees, a regular player union advocate" or somesuch. Maybe I'm just not noticing. The lurch towards what TV networks and owners want has been noticeable though. My favorite time of year when discussing league changes is in December when half the teams are decimated by injuries. There'll be some talk about expanding the schedule but it gets shouted down with "Are you SERIOUS? We're all fucked and you want to play MORE games?"
  7. I wanna know what kind of car KO is sitting in during that video. Looks like a mid-engined two seater.
  8. And out from his mouth came a-bubblin' crude Oil that is. Black gold. Texas tea. Well next thing you know RKO's a millionaire Hepatitis Bob said "move away from there! Tropicana Field is where you oughta be" So he picked right up and forgot the PC Thunderdome, that is. LEDs. Scripted marks.
  9. It *did*, but they were mounted upside down like his microphone on MizTV. Shame that it ends up looking generic but I'm not a fan of the personalized sideplates on all the belts anyway. They should be institutional symbols that are above individuals. Shane McMahon's someone who actually uses the sponsor products, dude's somehow less gray haired than he was a couple'a years ago.
  10. Kinda bummed the Bears didn't go for Wentz because I figured any move they made would be really dumb and cripple them further. Meanwhile, no idea who the Packers will cut to make the cap work. The speculation about JJ Watt going to Green Bay has been so fuckin' dumb. What're we gonna do, hope he wants to play for literal peanuts? I'd rather keep the Smith Bros. together than bring in Watt. I'm glad at least Jaire Alexander is locked up.
  11. Thanks, good to be here! If I'm honest I've been quiet because I'm not as hardcore a fan of everything as the people I see post regularly. The Carmella cash-in was memorable to me but only because Mike Chioda was so fucking stupid during it. "Ya handed me a gaudy briefcase with this big text shit printed on it, what do I do with this? 'Cash in?' The hell? This is a briefcase, not money! I mean, it says 'MONEY' on it but... oh, like, a match? I get it, you're using a metaphor! Well, I guess if you want to have a match we should say it's going to happen and ring the bell, but... are you sure this isn't some prop you lifted from a kids show set? All right, look, we can have this match, but I'm gonna have to knock out a few chapters of Ulysses first, as well as the accompanying notes since I've never read it before. Check back in a while."
  12. Been lurking for a bit, figured the night of a PPV was when to say something. All I have for now is that Cesaro's avatar on Twitter appears to be a Krillin-ized version of himself. How is he surprised he didn't even get to make it to the final phase of any fight? Oh yeah, that was worth the wait.
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