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  1. When it seemed like WWE UK title wouldn't pick up any steam, I figured the unification match between then king of the cruiserweights Neville and Bruiserweight Pete Dunne would end up taking place back in 2016(?), never did. I'd imagine Hayes prevails here, but who knows?
  2. Joins Thatcher as a trainer, maybe?
  3. When this comes up, I always refer to the PAC vs WALTER match from OTT Wrestling, where PAC landed wrong, his index finger was bent 90 degrees sideways, for real, and he just pulled it back into place and continued the match for another 20 minutes. Never had any issue with Dunne finger bend after that. If you are enough of a bad ass, a dislocated finger is just an inconvenience. The problem is, only Tyler Bate and Alesteir Black have ever remembered to "pull the finger back into place" in order to get the hand working again. It's not the move, it's the incoherent selling of the move that is the problem.
  4. Ok, so I guess their names weren't Rand and Jake, but I recall seeing a little bit of that Barbarians movie at my school mate's house in the late 80's. We didn't watch the whole thing, because he didn't think it was all that good.
  5. Some remake of those 80's "Barbarian Twins" (or whatever the F those two were called) B-movies, at the very least!
  6. I was wondering whether Allie Kat and Allie Katch were the same person, leaning towards she has to be, but thanks for inadvertedly clearing that one up for me!
  7. So were they really meaning to say "Fuck Happy Corbin", then?
  8. Obviously not, if those three matches managed to escape!
  9. So, did I understand this correctly? Abe "Knuckleball" Schwarz character for Steve Lombardi was made for the sole purpose of making fun of Baseball strike of '94 as well as rather constant pitcher/catcher jokes by Vince? I have yet to see a single match by him, except that he was in that IC-title battle royal which had Razor and Rick Martel as the final two. I think his name was MVP, originally.
  10. I remember Armstrong and Enos touring New Japan a lot back when Malenko, Eddie and that one other guy toured New Japan in the early to mid nineties. Now that you mention it, I recall nWo Sting's name on the PWI results over there, others I was not aware of, at all. Harlem Heat and High Voltage would have fit right in those Ring Warriors shows that were on EuroSport!
  11. Not even "We're going to just drive thru, get the booster and drive right back home, won't even turn off the engine in between"-level of deal?
  12. This I didn't know/remember! Sounds exceedingly stupid.
  13. I recall Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell spent some time over in New Japan when they were part of NWO-Japan, but other than that, a lot of the guys who used to go there, ended up not going anymore.
  14. Yeah, I tried to explain that it's not really about convenience, but you can probably see how it would look kinda odd from an outside perspective, right?
  15. Somehow, he managed to drop 10 more pounds from his '93 WWF look! And shaved off his moustache...no, wait, that's still there, sorry!
  16. My wife was wondering this same thing this one time she saw women wrestle on NXT. "How come none of them have their hair tied back? Seems very inconvenient to me!"
  17. Hmm, seems like nothing much changes over the next 12 months...
  18. Now this was a thorough, an insightful and well-written piece of analysis to go with my morning coffee! Thank you! I could read stuff like this for hours on end! As far as Alex Wright goes, once he turned heel in '97, he won the cruiser and TV titles in short order, and if you think about it, that's like a Chris Jericho or Ultimo Dragon trajectory, which in WCW would have been his ceiling at very best. So, no shame there, whatsoever!
  19. He committed to that character 100%, despite saying later that the heel turn was a mistake, it sure as hell wasn't for the lack of effort on his part!
  20. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it was that "Austin Appreciation Night" that Steph threw? That was probably after Austin regained the title from Angle?
  21. No, I'm sure AEW will be around as long as there will be people watching...in general. I'm pretty sure there WILL be next 5 years, 10 might be pushing it, unfortunately.
  22. If there would BE a 5-10 years form now, in general, then absolutely.
  23. And here's the actual update. Well-rested after last week's single workout, I decided to go full blast, since after this week, I get two whole weeks off from work. Monday started with a light but intense upperbody assault. I was able to do a few sets of ten pull-ups with bodyweight only. The right arm held up nicely, but I could feel it getting sore by the third set. Did reverse shrugs with bodyweight only between pull-up sets, then chest flies, lat pulldowns and push-downs with the resistance band. Other stuff included curls, shrugs and side and rear delts and abs Tuesday was the actual Trapbar workout. I did 8×224, 7x335, 6x434, 5x455, 3x478, 2x478, 4x455 and then a bunch of shrugs and abs. Wednesday was bench day, but I did the 2x490 and 2x501 on the trapbar since we found a new way to load the bar a few pounds more. Bench was as follows 3x132, 5x220, 5x242, 3x264, 1x275, 3x286, 3x264, 2x264, 7x242, 8x220, 10x198 and a 4 set 10 second rest-pause combo with 132: 25, 7, 5, 5 (so 42 in total). Shoulder work, curls and abs completes this day. Thursday. Since I didn't use extra weights on Monday, so I did dips and reverse shrugs here. 4 sets with 66 lbs, then one set each with 44 lbs, 22 lbs and bodyweight. I did dumbell rows with the 70 lb kettlebell, 3 sets of ten with each arm. After this, more shoulder work and curls, pushdowns and curls, then abs and that was that. Today was leg day 9 sets of squat machine in total. On top of the rack itself and two short resistance bands, I loaded the machine like so: 110, 220, 286, 330. I did 1 set with each weight until 330, did 3 sets with that and then one set each going back down. I did set of calf raises between each set once I hit 286 on the way up. On top of the usual ab stuff I did 3 sets with the power wheel for the first time in a good while. So, yeah. That was my workout year 2021, as it is very unlikely I'll be going to a gym for the next couple of weeks. Home workouts are not out of question, but I need to rest my body now and gain some mass for next year. If something happens, I'll tell you about it, as usual. Oh, and the entire week's soundtrack was Synthwave, Midnight Danger in particular, for most of it.
  24. Yeah, who ever is the champ when Ivy gets her first crack at it, they are going down! Bron is making this wrestling stuff look pretty simple. Look bad-ass, do bad-ass things, say bad-ass stuff and back it up. They have already given him a loss, so there's no "what then?". He's not really squashing anybody. He's having competitive matches and for the most part, coming out on top convincingly. Him being a star in NXT like this is a given, but if something similar would happen with him on the main roster, he might actually get over there, too. Then they will probably fire him, but he's got everything to make it!
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