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  1. Oh, my bad. Not familiar enough with them. But yeah Ok, attacking poor Cruise's nuts was not honorable.
  2. I thought he smacked him in da nutsack! Or are you talking about some other Scumbag?
  3. And just for the record, at 45, I'm still able to do the HBK nip-up (or kip-up) although it's probably called a Hangman Page or Jungle Boy nip/kip-up these days. But my muscle memory is starting to forget how to do it. Needs more repetition, apparently.
  4. Ok, so this week. 4 workouts 2 upper body days that both included bench. The first one was 6x8x220, plus one more set with 5 reps and the second one was 4x3x264 (plus a couple of partials at the end of each set) then 6×242 and 7×220. On the first leg day I remembered that the squat machine exists and did light but intense quad and calf workout with some light shoulder stuff between sets. This latest one was Trapbar and shrug day. Not the greatest, but started out with 5x251, 3x372, 3x405, 3x471, 1x515 and after failing 568 off the floor and off a pair of 2x4's as platforms, I went on to fail 559 off those as well. Finally, I successfully lifted 537 off the 2x4's. I wasted time by trying to get the bar on top of higher platforms, but it kept rolling off so I moved onto shrugs at that point. The heaviest set was with 328 and the next one with 295 and then lighter stuff. Tomorrow I'll go for a sports massage and plan on spending a good while in sauna later on in the evening. Also, I need to stretch my legs as they feel stiff as fuck right now. Anyway, decent week at any rate.
  5. Damn, not the time to attend AEW shows in person for the time being, huh?
  6. Now I'll be sad if it doesn't happen!
  7. Attacking poor Ian was totally uncalled for! That was not honorable! Bryan will probably make Jericho pay, but I doubt he'll walk away with the title. This means that if Jericho really wants to be true to his word, he'll have to cross paths with Samoa Joe at some point, as well! ...It has come to my attention that the person('s nuts) attacked was in fact Bobby Cruise, not Scumbag Ian. I stand corrected, but the point of this not being honorable still stands. Unlike Bobby Cruise.
  8. Wise words from @Gordlow ! I also found the recent Chris Jericho GQ-interview (it was linked in AEW discussion threads) very fascinating read. He obviously found what works for him. A huge revelation among other things was that apparently, he found out that Fozzy's raider doesn't have to include a giant bottle of Vodka, EVERY night! Well, no shit Chris! Yeah, that definitely helps! You definitely may be onto something, there! I have no room to talk about cramming too many unhealthy calories into my system in their many forms, but I have made the hard choice of having a ridiculously "active lifestyle" in order to get away with it, somewhat. Even with that in place, the psychological toll that the post-summer bloat takes on me (going from your best form of the year to close to worst within a month's time) is kinda rough. Granted, while that month is going on, I wouldn't have it any other way, because without it, I probably couldn't grind away for the other 11 months of the year the way I have for the decade and a half. Gym has been a part of it for a decade, the "active lifestyle" has already been around for nearly two. I have one more workout to go this week and I'll give an update tomorrow. It's been a decent week in the gym and a rough one at work, but I've definitely had worse weeks than this one recently. On the brighter side, even at 45, the post summer bloat seems to still subside after about a month of just grinding away at it. That's when you realize that it is indeed a marathon, not a sprint, even if you spend a part of the year sprinting.
  9. Thank you so much, man! It's been mostly working and sleeping so far, since it's night shift week, but I'll make up for it tomorrow and Saturday. I scheduled a sports massage session for Friday afternoon and I'll visit my cousin over the weekend so we can have an 80's nostalgia session with his vintage album collection. Tonight, I'll probably celebrate by watching this week's Dynamite and eating a lot of food before getting one more heavy work out in this week. Trapbar deadlift and shrugs it is, so the sports messeuse will have something to work with on Friday! For the record, during the night, I didn't feel like 45. Now that it's time to get out of bed, I think I do, actually! Damn. Wish your best friend a happy birthday from me, as well, since you told me we share the same birthday!
  10. Would that be the Fyter Fest tag title match that they were building towards on that episode I just saw? Yeah, I need to watch that Fyter Fest! And just for the record, I did find that Cody vs Kingston episode finally and was glad that it was the opener, too! Yes, it was really good!
  11. I was trying to find Cody vs Eddie Kingston TnT title open challenge on Fite app (trying to find anything on it is a real bummer) and ended up watching a random Dynamite episode from 2020 that had Cody vs Starks open challenge, Page & Omega vs Dustin & Marshall, Young Bucks vs Sabian & Havoc, Abadon vs Anna Jay, MJF vs Billy Gunn and main event of Jericho & Guevara vs Trent & Chuck of Best Friends. I guess I should just randomly watch these episodes and try to figure out the big picture of where the stories were at on any given time? This was a really fun episode. Seeing the Britt skits before her reign of terror makes one somewhat understand why they wanted her on top for so long, for example.
  12. Man, what a great season, but it is becoming apparent that this show needs to ride into the sunset while it's still on top. Chozen and Mike Barnes were both really good additions to this season. I hope that this was the end of Silver's story. Kreese obviously needs some closure as well, for better or worse. Stingray being an AEW neckbeard and then actually coming through when the situation called for it was awesome. This show has actually raised the importance of the Karate Kid sequels as well. I mean now KK III would actually be required viewing in order to appreciate the show fully. The international (but very little known in the US) Karate tournament was a bit "really, another tournament?" but it is a central storytelling device, so Ok. I was really glad that the shit with Miguel's father was over with within one episode, but there may be some sort of closure next season. Anyway, this shit world needs more shows like this to make it worthwhile. I appreciate the shit out of this show!
  13. Awesome band, which has also spawned about a dozen more awesome bands with previous members! Too bad that new material by Carl McCoy is so few and far between. ...(ok, a dozen may be stretching it, but I counted 8 so far: The Nefilim, Rubicon, NFD, The Eden House, Sensorium, The Last Rites, October Burns Black, The Saints of Eden)
  14. ...and decides that Buddy can "Go Your Own Way"? This pic is giving me very decent Fields of the Nephilim-vibes, actually! I mean, it's also the hat (and long coats), but still...
  15. "The ones that Vince gave you, don't do anything at all!"
  16. Also, 3-time (at least) WCW World Cruiserweight Champion, WCW World Television Champion and I think there was a very brief WWF Harcore championship reign in '01-ish in there somewhere, too! And ECW TV champ! Man, he's been good at wrestling!
  17. Yeah, it's pretty cool that there are more than a couple of places to work at this point. Not sure what it means for him financially, but at least he still has a place to put his talents to use and get some kind of compensation. He may end up doing on Impact what he was supposed to be doing in AEW, before his friends ended up showing up and made him a bigger deal.
  18. The show was awesome, booking was quirky, let's see: Sting gets the pin off of his long term rival's interference and in the process kills Julia Hart inadvertedly. Darby Allin also dies once again. Where is Sting's title shot?!? Hook & Bronson vs JAS.0 was perfect, but now we have 2 undefeated tag teams who should face each other to see who gets The Acclaimed first? Wardlow & Joe vs Woods & Nese was just a way to get Smart Mark killed. The knee selling with Wardlow on the outside was weird and scary, but I guess he was ok? I thought the spill outside looked smooth enough all things considered, but was thinking that I'd probably tear something trying a similar thing so when he started checking his knee I was worried. So, Jungle Boy has an amazing match with Fenix and gets a huge win and the reason the match happened in the first place was the angle afterwards. That's a very satisfying angle advancement match, but one of those nonetheless. Did Jade hurt her knee badly on that cross body spot? And the rap artist turned on Diamante after the loss. I guess that's why she wasn't at ringside during the match. Eddie Kingston lost by kicking too much ass!!!! Starks gets revenge and a huge victory that doesn't count in any ways that matters! Adam Cole...no, that's Page (sorry)gets the huge win and a long-awaited rematch with the champ who dissed him... wait what? Well, fuck!
  19. 4 workouts this week, highlights being a single 515 off the floor on trapbar and 524 off a pair of 5,5lb plates, 3x471 and 3x482 as well as 444 while standing on a slightly lower platform than last time. Other stuff was mostly pump stuff for upper body while instructing a new co-worker who is trying to rehab his knee after a recent surgery in between. Still, feeling the DOMS on my lower back and between my shoulder blades. Surprisingly, not the thighs and glutes, like last week!
  20. If it's Glory Ride, I'll take it over any other Black Sabbath track in history, with pleasure!
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