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  1. Yeah, I'll be missing this week's workouts due to a flu (COVID test came back negative, thankfully). Missing two days of work means catching up on AEW stuff as much as possible and letting my right trap recover properly. Damn, that was a stubborn one! It's pretty much fine now, but it was sore af for at least 5 days!
  2. I've yet to see any AEW PPV's aside from the original All In, so most of AEW's best stuff is still unseen to me. This is a journey of discovery as I'm only two-three weeks into my FITE subscription. I remember reading about WALTER vs Allin back when it was new-ish. ...and @John from Cincinnati at least that one angle with Cody and Jericho looked amazing!
  3. This is great! Good for them! This almost as great as the tweet I read about someone re-applying for the job they got fired from, getting the job and then quitting when they desperately needed her! Now THAT'S a FU, right there!
  4. Since I have no clear place to put these, I'll just leave them lying around here, but yesterday I watched some more earlier AEW stuff. Rampage with Andrade-PAC I and Best of AEW 2019 special. PAC-Andrade was very similar to their second match other than the ending. Really wild, but very similar. Kenny vs PAC was amazing and Kenny's theme "Battle Cry" is one of the most awesome things ever! Mox vs Allin was just insane and the first Allin match I have seen, that actually let him live up to the hype, so far. Cody vs Sammy was good and it's nice to see that one in order to compare it to their later matches together. Cody&friends vs Inner Circle in the VIP box angle was awesome! Today, I figured I'd watch Blood and Guts as well as Cody vs Brodie Lee matches and the Malakai Black saga.
  5. This is one of those "Why not BOTH"-moments, isn't it?
  6. Well, it looks like he cut it out of his diet too late, in that case.
  7. You know, if Cage is indeed on his way out, they could have him put Wardlow over soon after his actual turn happens, if they can still get Cage to show up for that!
  8. It's Fade to Black, dammit! But this is like a participation trophy question, anyway!
  9. I know! As if she would ever eat meatloaf!
  10. Yeah, that's probably exactly what I was attempting to refer to. Or that time when Jinder Mahal claimed that his transformation was attributed to cutting out all carbs from his diet.
  11. FWIW, I always assumed this is exactly how that one went down.
  12. I was going to say: "But...but he hadn't discovered working out three times a week and eating protein, back then!"
  13. Yup, when I heard Gunther, this was the guy I thought of!
  14. Which of course is in direct contradiction with what was said about Mickie James entering Royal Rumble while with Impact. "That's not a problem anymore", when it's someone working for WWE and all of a sudden it totally still is a problem once it should work the other way around. That's just peachy. Of course, the Kairi situation was prior to this, but I doubt their stance has actually changed on that all of a sudden.
  15. I'd say it's Jay, based on Day 1. There's a 50% chance I'm correct.
  16. Mox is all like: Ok, that's better...holy shit, man!
  17. Good episode of NXT 2.0 this week. Ok, so I guess Roderick just hit WALTER so hard his name changed to Gunther, then?
  18. Trent with a huge win! That was a good match. Anna Jay had that one opportunity to take Jade out with that choke and she almost made it count. Jungle Boy is a damn good promo for someone who's supposedly a bad promo! Ok, so Marshall will be getting suplexed each time Hook is out there, right? Rosa-Martinez should kick a decent amount of ass! Moxley looked good. Danielson and Mox have a history. This shoud be interesting. Ok, did some of you flash "The Natural" sign on camera during the opening match?
  19. Due to night shift week, I couldn't sleep so I guess I'll try and catch this one live. We shall see if I stay awake for it or fall back to sleep as soon as the opening credits roll?
  20. "Did you mean 'Go To Medical Facility?'" That would be great if an announcer actually called it GTH, which stands for "Go To Medical Facility!"
  21. Yeah, I don't know, Bully. Maybe he can just, you know, stay alive and be able to keep wrestling (and living his family life) and MAYBE make up for those missed shows by making the shows at the end of his active career, that likely has been extended somewhat now, by his decision to enter rehab? Honestly, one would hope that this is some stupid attempt at setting up an angle, as many have suggested, since if he really meant what he said, I don't know what to tell ya! Holy crap!
  22. Probably my favorite Pillman (and Zenk) match ever, btw.
  23. Ok, so I haven't been able to establish any nostalgia for 2015-17 NJPW, but I saw the footage for the match and got all excited. This sucks!
  24. This was the first time I've actually heard a Cody promo in AEW other the promos before and after the Dustin match, but there was plenty going on. At face value, I think I can see where he is going with this, but I can't really tell if he's trolololling or not. What I can tell, however, is the load of BS with the "I was talking about all of you!" Cut the crap, Cody! You weren't talking about me! You don't even KNOW me! I just got here! This was a thrilling episode, even if the wrestling isn't exactly what I was expecting, considering the hype I keep reading each week. Plenty of good stuff story-wise, however.
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