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  1. To be honest, I was expecting a "get out!" or something similar.
  2. Thank you, good Sir! It has been a normal workday with a heavy workout before, but there has been so much good (unhealthy) food to eat and so much more still to go that I have indeed been spoiled by my lovely wife. A way to a man's heart and all that... Food and cake works for me, dammit!
  3. Monday was the attempt to get further in my incline press/sitting overhead dumbell press. Getting one set with 79's sitting straight up, one set with 83,5's with one level more incline and one set with 88's with one more level incline. Then going down to 83,5, 79 and 75. Hammer curls followed each set. Tuesday was a bunch of curls, plenty of lat pulldowns and pushdowns. It was either here or Wednesday when I did that 3x154 standing barbell overhead press. Wednesday was mostly C-Row day, getting up to 209 lbs (starting from 110, 154 and 198 before that) and going back down and then doing one set of curls with 110. Between the sets I did some front and side delt work. During the week, I tried the single hand dumbell press and got up to 79 first with only right arm but later in the week I managed to do it with left arm as well. Thursday was a legday (!!!) Calves and squats on the machine. Starting squats from 110 (plus the rack and two resistance bands on each set), 205, 299,5, 394 and 438. Started the calf raises at 438 and then back down to 110 alternating with squats and calf raises with each weight. Today, as a shitty birthday present for myself, I did trapbar. Well, the present was using the blocks pretty much from the start. The real work started when I did ten single reps with 684 within 15 minutes (it may have been 9 or 11, but not much less or more than that. Once I went back down in weight and had done the shrugs, I attempted the single arm overhead dumbell press with 83,5 (I had tried it at the start of the workout, getting it above my head, but not a full rep) and cleared it pretty easily with each arm. So I guess that was the present? I have been eating a lot more than usual this week, but I started the week at 189 and this morning was at 185. Looking pretty solid at the moment. There are still plenty more of birthday calories to go, so next week probably starts above 190.
  4. "Everybody's got a price... for a Hattori Hanzo Sword" *Ted Dibiase laugh*
  5. Wow, never seen those before. The one with nothing but the kid falling off the cliff followed by the G.I. Joe logo to mark the end of a PSA was pure genius.
  6. The entire last week was pretty awesome! I feel like Christian Cage had it planned out like that from the get-go! The talk about him not really being the TNT-champion got to him and he just had to steal the title from Luchasaurus. This week, he wants Darby to bring everyone to their match, especially Nick's mom! The Jarrett-Fenix was really entertaining. The Cole-MJF was fun, but are we sure that Cole is hurt as badly as he seems? I mean he may be more hurt than Roddy at this point and that's saying...nothing, actually. If it wasn't for the ending, I would have believed Cole is really hurt and needs surgery, but the guy in the Devil mask obviously wasn't MJF. Roddy, The Kingdom and O'Reilly makes four, but what if it actually was Cole under that mask? Anyway, the PPV looks bonkers! Nick Jackson winning a match involving Brian Cage AND Claudio probably raised an eyebrow somewhere!
  7. Yeah, because fuck you, that's why! Is that what would be called workout bombing? In a gym where there is a bunch of people, filming of any kind is always somewhat questionable. I have a decent week going at the moment, but still two more to go and I'm feeling wrecked as is. At the end of my Monday workout I did do a record of some sort, as I tried a standing barbell overhead press and got 3x154 lbs, as anything beyond 140 I have had trouble locking out my elbows. No other real improvements on the press movements, but I'll write more about those maybe on Saturday morning.
  8. A 50 minute run this morning. It went a lot better than I thought it would with the regained mass, but obviously I wasn't pushing it too hard. Yesterday was quite the refeed day as I actually tried to get a meal in every 2 hours during the waking hours. It probably helped the run as far as energy is concerned. Ok, and this was combined with a 50-minute workout in my brother-in-law's carage while listening to dark country playlist. So this ended up being a very active week, after all.
  9. Just Elias, although Ezekiel just quit in protest.
  10. Yeah, didn't do legs on Tuesday. Opted for more of that elevated barbell row and some front delt work instead. My friend called that move C-Row (if I heard correctly, probably not Sea-Row?), so maybe that is what it's called, I don't know? Sets were 88, 154, 176, 187, 187, 176, 154, 88 with the rep range of 5-10 and holding the last rep off the ground as long as possible. My lats felt it the next day. Yesterday was trapbar and it was a mixed bag. Anything off the floor level is going terribly, and actually even worse than previously, but some of it I blame on the rows on Tuesday. I did use the biggest blocks and did 4 separate singles with 695 and 2x600 from a shitty range and then 8x505,5 from a slightly better range, went back to shitty range and did 5 reps more. Then some more shrugs. I also saw my friend do a standing single arm overhead press with 88lbs (one rep with each hand), so I had to start reaching for that as well. I did 2x66 with each arm and then 1x70,5 with each arm. I think 75 at least is doable. I'll give it a try next week. My schedule changed suddenly, so I won't be going to night shift tonight, but instead I'll go in on Friday morning, no time to stay for a workout afterwards, so that's it for this week. There may be a run happening on the weekend, though.
  11. What a night! Eddie came through big time, but he absolutely had to. Post match handshake was good. Eddie has refused it and had it refused, so this time it actually happening was nice. Roddy is being a total douche. I would happily accept a negative number of friends rather than have that conniving sanctimonious POS as a friend. The Kingdom seem legit, but they take so much pride in rubbing all of this in Adam's face! Mox-Fenix was weird and the ending was pretty nuts. Fenix kicking out of shit he definitely shouldn't was glaringly obvious in this one, too. Sammy-Jericho was decent. I did call the kicking of the balls before it happened, but Callis coming out was a surprise that I also should have seen coming, but didn't. Storm had a quite the character building match there with Saraya. I'm sure she will take this loss in a stride and nothing bad comes out of it. The Bret Hart skit with MJF and the kid before the main event was awesome! The match was built very well and I was even thinking for a second or two that Joe could actually take it. This MJF reign has been quite the ride.
  12. I think Brunzell did leave for a bit in very late '88 or early '89 but returned somewhere in the early '92 or late '91.
  13. Continued last night and did the actual incline dumbell press. First a set of 7 with a pair of 66's and then two sets with 88's, getting 12 and 9. Third set I got into position but failed to get up, so I did a 9 with 83,5's instead. This time, I did a set of shrugs after each set with the same weights. Then I put on Versas and did more shrugs as a dropset starting from 88's and finishing with th 66's. Did some standing dumbell bicep curls as well as the usual ab work. It also occured to me that I should approach my sitting overhead dumbell press goal from two different sides, as in trying to use the slightest incline possible and still using the 88's if possible. I guess I'll try that next week. I guess I should be doing some leg work this evening.
  14. Hell of a week, show-wise! There was a lot of insanity in the Rampage opener. When the Hype Man was insisting on doing a cross body from the top to the floor and was stopped by the heels twice, it didn't occur to me that they were actually trying to protect him. This became apparent when he finally did it an jumped onto Satham! Happy now, dumbass? That was a whole lot of people involved in and around that match, huh? Main event went as well as it could have, under the circumstances. Huge win for Statlander, she's legit now. Good luck, Jade. I hope it will turn out well for you. Collision had so much! Starks with a huge win, let's see him survive a Texas Death Mach, then! FTR title match was plenty of fun for such a sprint. Cocaine Bear Country looked good, this is the bare (heh) minimum of their being on offense during matches. They should never not get at least some of their shit in! Jacked Jameson continued being totally useless, which made me laugh and silently cry at the same time. It's a good thing I bought WrestleDream, but Aussie Open vs FTR would have done it, regardless. If Eddie doesn't win next week, I'll probably riot on my couch. Idolo vs Sky was a good, fresh, interesting pairing that I hardly paid any attention to. But yes, having these fresh matches is great. The post match took forever, but Idolo vs White is even more interesting and fresh. I wonder what the stipulation will be when Miro and Hobbs collide again? OC and Hook make for another interesting combo, to say the least. They also seem to be competing in exactly that: Who says the least? Toni Storm has really found something after losing the title and her marbles. Statlander with a career-defining week here with two main events successfully defending against her two hardest opponents. Now watch Thunder Rosa blidside her and take the title! If she will be back ever, that is. The entire next (this) week looks insane. This is exactly the kind of overcompensating for missing Punk I'm looking for!
  15. WrestleDream and Full Gear purchased, we'll call those an early birthday present, or something. 2 PPV's for 35e, isn't bad.
  16. A decent start to the week, as I went for a short workout on Sunday evening, before the nightshift with the intention of getting the 79's up this time around on the sitting dumbell overhead press (with the bench at a 90 degree angle). After a brief warm-up, I did a set of 5 with a pair of 66's and jumped straight to 79's after doing a set of lat pulldowns with a resistance band in between. That actually worked! I was able to struggle through a set of 5, followed by hammer curls (as with the 66's, earlier). Ended up also doing 5x75's, 5x70,5's and 9x61,5's plus the hammer curls. Between each of those set combos, I did either a set of lat pulldowns, push downs or reverse shrugs. I did one longer set of regular bicep curls with a pair of 26,5's followed by a set of sitting dumbell overhead press going for a long and slow set, but didn't have all that much left in me, so it ended up being a set of 12. The usual ab work followed. Short, but intense, I was out of there in 45 mins. I don't want to ruin this progress by trying to go forward too fast, but I set the goal at completing a set with a pair of 88's at a 90 degree angle before there will be snow on the ground over here. Next week, I'll try to get 2 sets with the 79's.
  17. Although during the brief '92-'93 WCW stint he was probably somewhat bigger than he was in his last appearances in WWF.
  18. And then he suddenly became somewhat smaller around '94 as Headshrinker Sionne in WWF. Not really small, in any sense of the word, but not the size of '88-'92 Barbarian, obviously.
  19. First week since summer that I actually got 5 workouts in. Nothing was great, but everything had its moments. Seated dumbell press at 90 degree angle was the same as last week. Did a set with 75's and got 79's into the position, but couldn't get them up. Set the angle lower and did a set with the 79's. Hammer curls after each set, as well. Next day I did a few sets on the incline bench with 88's, 83,5's and 79's, followed by hammer curls. On Wednesday I figured I'll work my back, but wanted something different. I don't really know the proper name of this barbell row, but I'll try to describe it. I lay face down on an elevated bench with the barbell on the floor, below the bench. I then row the barbell by lifting it until it hits the bottom of the bench and slowly put it down. And repeat. I have done this before, but it was years ago and with less weight than I was using now in the top set, anyway. I did a set with 88, 132, 154, 176, 154 and 132. I then put the barbell back in the squat rack with 88 still on and did 2 sets of standing barbell curls, for 8 reps. Why yes, I did standing barbell curls on the squat rack, because fuck you, that's why. Well, I was alone, as usual. Some usual resistance band stuff and plenty of ab work throughout the week. Thursday's Trapbar did not go well. As I found out the last time, anything off the floor level feels heavy as shit! Oddly enough, I was able to do a single rep of 464 from a decifit without Versas. But after that, I needed to put 5lb plates beneath even 493, because the take off just didn't work off the floor. Kept putting bigger plates beneath and did 506 and 530 that way, but it stopped dead at 550-something and I said fuck this shit! I put the soft blocks beneath the weights and did 5x493 and 5x392. Then some shrugs with 305 and 195. Today was regular bench and a bunch of regular standing bicep curls. Went quickly up to 263 (after 10x164 and 5x252) and did 3 sets that got worse and shorter as they went along. Then couple more sets of questionable reps with 242 and 208. Then a bunch of stuff with 164 and 154. Bicep curls started from a pair of 35's and went up to 53's getting 8 ugly reps with each arm. Then some lighter, cleaner stuff with 31's, 26,5's and 22's. Overall, a good week, but I hope I will see some actual progress, soon.
  20. Last couple of nights I have put on newer ROH shows on my tablet while in bed. Obviously, I don't see that much of it before the lights go out, but stuff like Layla Hirsch vs Lady Frost and Athena with Starkz vs Allisyn Kay sure was fun. Also, Athena has minions now?!?
  21. Yeah, I think reading a match review or hearing the play-by-play without seeing the actual match would be more confusing, in this particular case.
  22. I haven't seen the first match, but the second one was a PPV opener at Double or Nothing '21, one of the main reasons I got that (really good) PPV a year and a half later.
  23. Dynamite was really cool! From bleeding Mox to plenty of angles advaced throughout the show to Toni Storm being awesome once again to OC being tired to Christian Cage being a F'n dick to Nana getting superkicked after a badass match between Page and Cage to the main event that I really thought could go either way. There was a chance that Joe would have been saved for a PPV, in my mind. As it was, Roddy was once again doing super job at being a horrible, manipulative piece of shit! Joe attacking Adam afterwards made perfect sense, but I actually didn't see it coming. But yeah, taking everything away from MJF includes that, too! Grand Slam looks stacked. Also, I probably need to get that damn Wrestledream PPV as well! It seemed to be a bit cheaper than normal on FITE, so yeah whatever.
  24. Rampage had some nice things, nodded off in the middle of it and apparently missed the women's trios match entirely. Big win for Penta. Collision was good stuff. Insane effort by Action Andretti, even though the crowd was against him. The ending was super nifty! Darby vs Strong was very good and it weaved several storylines into one. Samoa Joe with a big win and the finals being heel vs heel is interesting and should also advance a bunch of stories when it happens. Statlander vs Renegade Twin was ok, but Jade returning was the real story. These two need a real match at a big stage! FTR defends against you teams and Danielson promises an epic last year. This should be fun.
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