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A 43 year old wrestling fan from Finland. Been a fan since late '87. Very into music, comedy,  literature, movies  (some genres) and working out. Married, no children.Often getting blasted on my own couch on the weekends. This is likely when I will mostly be posting here. Big fan of the WWE Network, unfortunately don't get TNT, so no AEW, but read all about it.

Discovered Cobra Kai and flipped out over it big time!

Was able to upload a profile pic, so technology isn't 100% kicking his ass at the moment! Ok, this is the pic I'm sticking with! For now!

Currently filling up an 80's Playlist on Spotify, but also very much into Goth,  Metal, Hip Hop, SynthWave, also '90 'so music in general, Pop, Dance, Electronic etc. Has absolutely no shame in his musical tastes.

Currently reading All Out War by Tim Shipman, a non-fiction book about Brexit.

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