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  1. Just lmfao at the timing of his post. Methinks he's aware that his tweets are read by the top brass @ AEW so of course he's happy there! It's not like he goes and rags on them all the time on his or others podcasts, does he? Well I mean if he has, he doesn't have a history of doing this, does he? Well okay if he has done that in the past, I mean, it's not like he buries the talent on live TV right? I mean surely he wouldn't.... oh, well he has!? I'm indifferent to announcers but only because I'm the weirdo who used to enjoy over the top enthusiasm in their announcers like Joey Styles in ECW and Matt Striker in LU, so I don't think I have the best taste there hahahahaha
  2. I appreciate the picks thank you very much got a 4 day weekend so im going to dig in and grab a bunch as i can
  3. I used to play 4th (?) edition heavily about 10+ years back with some buddies from work. We'd use my heroclix , 40k and mage knight minis since the DM wasn't really a minis guy and the crew liked swapping out their PC mini week to week, so it was plenty fun and we had a great run FF to some years back when I moved to the sticks where we have jack and shit for gaming opportunities. I can try to drive into Austin or Georgetown but with the fucking traffic I really fucking hate it, to keep it simple So catching up to the present, I find the critical role campaigns, rarities and relics episodes YouTube ❤ And suddenly I don't MISS having a weekly game since I can pop on an episode or two and I'm golden Getting to the point of this, can you please give me some recommendations on which rpg podcasts are going to be the top ones out there? It can be D&D, pathfinder, anything with World of Darkness or Warhammer, or just something with tons of easily accessible content. In the early 00s I played some VtM, WH40K, the d&d game, then warmahordes. Tried a bunch for kicks and had a BLAST I absolutely love the DM'S and storytellers who can do tons of voices, but I don't mind if the GM doesn't have the vocal range. I just can't listen to someone with a monotonous voice who drones on and on in a dead flat voice. Hopefully it's something where I can download episodes to my flash drive since I can't really stream anything in the boonies so I'd download shit after work, audio or what have you, to listen to or watch when I get home So if you've got favorites please list or link them I've gotten great recommendations for comics and tpbs in the other thread, a great audio editor recommended in the other one,and I hope with this i can fill in the next piece of the puzzle for good old entertainment please
  4. Bowens working the leg and Kingston selling for a bit like in his debut TNT title challenge was good shit Loved the Pillman promo. Shutting up for now to finish the rest of Dynamite
  5. Didn't they send Keith Lee back to the PC with some "big guys" to learn how to work like big guys? It was him, maybe heavy machinery? Shoot i can't remember who reported it, if it was clickbait shites or legit reports? But someone had shared a tweet naming some guys unless I'm Mandela effecting some memories?
  6. While I SHOULD have stayed on top of my health over the last year, I actively avoided in person appointments with my doctor since the pandemic and stuck to phone consultconsultations. So something weird happened, which tldr pre pandemic my last visit in person was in 2019 where I weighed around 400 lbs. Very very not good for my own sake as my knees will testify. Last week's in person check up, my 1st since 2019, I was at 335 lbs. WTF! I exercised way less and went out WAAAAAY much less last year than the year before so I have NO explanation for how I dropped 70 lbs in say 18-20 months eating about the same and getting much less walking done since I tried to be as reclusive as possible to avoid the rona. I did end up catching rona after Thanksgiving, which I suspect one of our office was patient zero because about 6 of us caught it coming back from Thanksgiving weekend and none of us really did anything in person outta the older employees and yet the older ones got rona while our younger staff, 23 and under, were all fine. And I only bring up rona because when I got it I had the WORST shits for about 3 days before my system cleared out. And all i can come up with as to how I lost the 70 lbs, maybe those days with the shits cleared up a backlog maybe? No exaggeration that I was kinda stuck to the porcelain throne for most of those 3 days and thats about the only thing my simple mind can come up with
  7. Since retirement from the school district, my mom left her place to go live with my sister's family while my brother and his family take mom's place So through the last year, mom basically became a home school teacher so that my sister could work at the office few times a week while someone was home with the kids, both in elementary school still. Blessing in disguise as it turned out Mom and my sis recently went to get their shots and thankfully no ugly side effects other than minor bruising on my mom's shoulder but then also she tends to bruise easily bumping into things since she underwent chemo almost 10 years back. So bruising where she got the second dose didn't bother anyone, and it's slowly fading away to nothing in the days since she got her second shot Lmfao! So she sees on tiktok of all places some lady claiming that nickels are sticking to her arm like magnets at the spot where she got her shot. Lady on tiktok does the whole optical illusion where u look left and meanwhile she does something on the right but you're supposed to be distracted and not pick up on it. So the sleight of hand i noticed and pointed out to my mom cause she and my sister are both alarmed about the possibility of microchips being implanted etc etc etc. So I point out the sleight of hand thing and they're both going OH! DIDN'T SEE THAT, GOOD CATCH And I think the whole microchip vaccine shit is past us. But then mom sent everyone a pic where she has a bobbypin stuck to her shoulder right on the bruise. She lives with my sister so remember, my sister and her family see this in person and they are BLOWN AWAY WTF is up, right? LMFAO well this morning mom decides on a whim to try the bobbypin thing on her OTHER shoulder, the one that didn't get the shot, and I swear to fucking Gotch the bobbypin STICKS to that shoulder also By now the whole family is confused as FUCK! I even joked "jeeze mom, did they give you 2 microchips?" So true story, she at least knows the bobbypin will solidly stick to either shoulder, bruise or no bruise. But the question now is how tf do they keep sticking to her like magnets? PS - 3 years post chemo she'd have this thing where her fingers would get sticky and would almost get glued to the steering wheel if she left them on the wheel long enough. Typically on hot afternoons or humid mornings, and we'd joke with her that she got superpowers and was going to be spiderwoman because of how sticky her fingers would get. She eventually got a steering wheel cover and didn't really deal with that anymore, so I imagine whatever happened with her fingertips back then MIGHT be causing the bobbypins to stick to her shoulders? Whatever residue or what have you that made the fingertips latch onto and stick onto the steering wheel peter Parker style is behind the bobbypin mystery?
  8. Would anyone know if this rumor is true, as in if its actually been reported or covered by credible sources and not just the run of the mill clickbait shites? I feel for the guy if it's true
  9. Finished Invincible over the weekend, without having ever read the comic. Also binged Jupiter's Legacy so going through both series back to back revealed lots of my biases about series adapted from comics
  10. Elon had me crack up a few times, ngl. Melissa Villasenor seems to have broken Twitter with her Hospital Gen Z part
  11. Shitty Hot take - AEW shouldn't have these all out bananas insane matches air unless they're pretaped and edited when running on tnt? Anything relying on say, wild spots, all out violence and carnage, should probably be edited to infinity to come across seamless?
  12. Kinda speechless but it doesn't surprise me
  13. Ryder making light of the news. I'd say he's being tone deaf with that comment but what do I know
  14. Mickie James and Sarita from last years purge are two of the women I'd like them to sign if they wanted to bring in vets that can go and be great player/coaches* like Deeb was doing before the injury Joe I'd bring in as a manager who occasionally gets in the ring to let him build this menacing aura on the mic and give him this Special feel when he does wrestle* every now and again. Maybe slot him in Dark to work off any ring rust? *IMHO [I'm just a scrub fantasy drafting free agents here]
  15. Paging Gordi.. Paging Gordi.. El Grant Gordi can you do a Haters Guide to Enjoying Dynamite next week with a comical reference to their ratings from this week?* Those Haters Guides were plenty fun and actually spot on *How they're a 1 trick pony or 1 hit wonder I'd guess but you're way more creative and I'm sure you'll knock it out the park
  16. I really wouldn't disagree, like complaining on a message board about people on message boards complaining about complaining has to be the top of the mountain there, the pinnacle if you will Thats the equivalent of sniffing your own farts then get getting on a message board to talk about sniffing your own farts Am I doing this right?
  17. My .02 is that doomsayers need to find a new hobby and quit hate watching anything they don't enjoy Like how long were there LOLTNA takes about the company dropping dead, or ROH not making it through the end of the calendar year. Watching and expecting things to change and improve i understand. I can understand hope, but I'm not talking about hopeful fans who may have a bone to pick with the product. like the way TNA and ROH each managed to outlive both ECW and WCW for example despite the constant braying about how the shows could be canceled because they were such shit, or dropped any week now by the station or network. like just how can someone decide "yeah the writing or the action isn't for me, but lemme tune in anyway, and I'll be back next week and the month after too!", for me it doesn't make sense. Popping into threads to shit on a product week after week, like who wakes up and decides Thats it right there, that's the good shit pal! Which reminds me, im curious if mlw ever gets the doom and gloom forecasts or if you have to be considered a #2 promotion to attract the doom and gloom?
  18. I don't see how thats any different from the Post Wrestlemania thread over in the wwe section Or any weekly show thread for Dynamite/Raw/Smackdown hahaha
  19. The open with Inner Circle all driving up separately, parking together and heading to the arena was the dope shit for a random cold open, id love MORE of those, keep it under a minute and I'm sold Casters line about the staircase had me laughing hard! Then that botch! But hey fuck it, for all the complaints about wrestling being choreographed and coordinated dancing or whatever i appreciate a real in the moment botch that sells the match as a competitive heated battle. Must've been a potato cart nearby Hangmans face post match looked like he must have snacked on one at some point Liked Marshall's promo, shit I liked Jerichos promo too for the intensity alone building up to the Blood and Guts announcement. Shooty promos like this are one of the things I love about wrestling, like Randy's promo to Beth about Edge for example, that I was reminded about on the Austin podcast. Gimme more plz! Skipped past the bf's vs triangle promo, Skipped over sting and archer, no thoughts there Never really knew much about drake before this match but damn I'm a fan now! Darbys gonna be feeling those chops until next week I'm sure Almost wish Drake would join bear country or that they join his group with nevertheless. Tldr Drake and bear country need to be a trios unit asap imo
  20. This thread about Kenny in AEW seems to give his arc some sort of a storyline if you squint just so,, then this kinda almost makes sense? Dunno tbh, have some dynamite episodes to catch up on.
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