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  1. As someone fairly close to his politics, I can tell you I've come across a number of people (not all of them men) in that realm who have been abusive assholes that used clout and fame and personal networks to evade responsibility for shit just like this, so it's certainly not something that becomes not-a-problem the farther out you go politically.
  2. He admitted all the shit that wouldn't hurt him and threw in a line "I am not a predator", otherwise completely eliding the accusation that would.
  3. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a32236195/wwe-wrestlers-coronavirus-essential-business/ Esquire article on WWE's goings-on around Covid-19. The author interviewed Deonna Purrazzo and David Starr. Not much in there that folks here won't know, but it's mainstream coverage of the company that is very critical of the company's handling of this situation.
  4. That's way more Katie Vick references than we normally see on Smackdown.
  5. Downside for those guys would be low 6 figures. If they did any merch or worked a lot of dates they were probably pulling in double that. The hard part is needing to fund a lot of your own expenses.
  6. I don't know exactly when this was but depending on timing putting it in the stock market might've been far worse.
  7. I kinda wanted the announce team to be quiet so I could hear what guys like Daniels, Colt, and MJF were shouting from ringside. That seems like it'd be way more entertaining.
  8. "I'm MARRIED, Bay-Bay!" was a clever line but it made me more interested in seeing a Cedric/Cole match than Baker/Swole.
  9. The Fiend vs Goldberg, WWE Super ShowDown 2020
  10. hahahahahakillme Let us know if you need tips on filling out insurance paperwork. Here's a starter: Always have copies of copies. They'll tell you they never got your paperwork. This will be a lie. They'll get you to send it out again and if there's a minute difference they'll deny coverage for that reason unless you can sue them.
  11. I don't understand. Were you not the same age as him before?
  12. This wasn't all good but Raw has been so absolutely dire for months now that this was a breath of fresh(-ish) air by comparison. That said NEVER ASK MICHAEL COLE ABOUT HIS KINKS EVER AGAIN
  13. Well, ran into, more like. I went to the second show that Pro Wrestling Iron (the promotion Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan briefly started after their fallout with APW owner Roland Alexander around King of the Indies) had, got there early to beat I-80 traffic, and as I walked out, passed him and Yoshinari Ogawa on their way in. I did a full double take. Misawa and Ogawa, who were unannounced, teamed against Doug Williams and Vinnie Massaro. (Vinnie couldn't stop smiling even when he was selling) EDIT: Unsurprisingly, Vinnie still remembers that, too:
  14. Astonishing that the minds behind this scheme can't figure out how to Brexit.
  15. I only watch fetish wrestling videos, youtube videos of backyard wrestlers falling off of roofs, and NXT UK.
  16. I'm disappointed this thread isn't titled "Defacing Rount Mushmore"
  17. The Viking Experience is described as a "unique, team-building adventure for you and your co-workers!" HR says it's mandatory unless you have a doctor's note.
  18. The Viking Experience is a garage band in Rockford, Illinois that hasn't figured out you can't pull off Nightwish's gimmick if none of you can sing.
  19. Norway Ivar and Denmark Erik are better names than The Viking Experience.
  20. I spent an hour in stunned disbelief at how terrible the name was, (well ok I spent like eight minutes in disbelief and the other fifty-two cooking up jokes about it) and then I'm like "alright this is trash but I'll bet the match is gonna be fun" and then Graves said that line and I went nope and turned off the show.
  21. The Viking Experience is the kids menu at the IKEA cafe.
  22. Wait I've got one more The Viking Experience is a four hour PBS concert featuring classically trained musicians playing traditional Norse folk music on authentic period instruments.
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