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  1. Oh great muscular maple syrup Ronin Gordi! Protector of lands stretching from Kamloops, British Columbia to Nara, Nara. Selfie flexing, macha beer drinking, lover of the great Sport of Kings. YOU HAVE BEEN INVOKED. Is there a new modern wrestling company that has fulfilled your needs of professional wrestling? Any fun AEW matches recently stand out? Any fun non-AEW matches recently stand out? With this invocation, do I get three wishes?
  2. I don’t want TK to be an authority figure. But I do want Shad
  3. A lot of thoughts on this and I am at work pretending to work while I type this. I also had too much McDonald’s breakfast and the veins in my arms are feeling oddly tingly. - Beautifully said, I have felt a number of things you mentioned here. Maybe not the specifics but I honestly hate the Facebook and tik tok algorithms I’m in because it’s making me dread seeing discussions on things I love. I am very much someone that listens to podcasts and can enjoy people having differences of opinions. But mostly elsewhere it is regurgitated hot takes and cliches and if you take the time to actually try and have a discussion it is goalpost moving and name calling. Even clips of stuff I like is filled with trolls. It’s on me for clicking the comments, but I’m just so used to it that it’s still instinct. - I am in the camp that I was actually depressed and embarrassed from the All In footage. I like AEW and I like Punk. But seeing it really mad me sad and uncomfortable. The reasoning was said to be for Perry and I couldn’t get that. I think it’s way over stated what actually happened, but people that already have strong opinions are just going to lock their feet into position. A few weeks removed and they actually got me to care about Jack Perry as a character. I joke about him a lot in everything, but outside of how gorgeous his hair is, I’ve always found him to be unbelievably boring. Once you’ve seen his usual spots, you’ve seen most of his matches. Plus, I became biased over hearing people like Dax and others talk about him being a dick. True or not, idk, but it did effect me. After this and the gimmick workshopping he did in NJPW-USA he actually has a character that I find interesting that fits his persona. He’s Dom without the comedy. Smirking piece of shit that’s wearing a leather jacket. Have him do the G2S. As long as this goes somewhere, I’m willing to admit I was wrong and airing the footage was the needed awkward moment to get us to glory. - I will say, I didn’t like all the shenanigans. I feel that I’m sharing and having my opinion in good faith. I will admit to something being the right idea when it becomes apparent. That’s why I’m not quitting AEW forever. - I see some online comparing this to Vince-Austin. I don’t see that other than one is a boss. Perry is not, nor is he trying to be Stone Cold. He is a villain. TK is awkwardly yet surprisingly nuanced in being a fucking goober boss that appears to want to be one of the boys by doing his patented hug (like HHH’s point). He’s not an evil boss like Vince was, but also isn’t a hero. Whether it works or not, it is an interesting gray smoothie. I say I don’t like it but my mind is running with possibilities that are both good and bad. - I do like the Glass chant. AEW used to feel like a party. I feel that’s why the sales of tickets dropped. Seeing all that fun and wanting to be a part of that was a big part of why I got tickets to Quake by the lake. Loss of good will or something, the fun shifted. I like watching AEW matches at home, but going to a WWE show and doing the Seth song before he talks sounds like a more fun outing. 100%! Very weird feeling. I’m interested to see what the company looks like when there is less Danielson and Samoa Joe. Will the main event house style be more Swerve, Ospreay Takeshita? For personal reasons, I’m going to savor every drop of Danielson I can get. Lol It is tooooough working past the fear of pervious shitty booking. I’ll make jokes for fun but will tip my hat when it ends up being something more I enjoy. Like the unnecessary amount of belts. If we have Okada as a heel powerhouse doing midcard epics, Ospreay having wild sprints, Toni Storm doing skits mixed with good matches, Copeland and I assume Mercedes being happy to be here veterans, and Swerve having a massive aura on the top of the card. Through in workhorse teams fighting for the Tag or trios, then you have a murder’s row of champions. Yes, I know you can book stories without belts, but sadly I don’t know if the powers at be consistently can. Hence all the gold. Lol. If this is what we get, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I think my overall feelings of AEW are very high. I’m very nervous about things but ultimately, unless they stray from the formula of GREAT matches and have exciting big shows, I’ll likely always come to AEW for my grappling based entertainment. If only they could do what I want all the time. Which is build a time machine for a tournament: 93 William Regal 98 Genichiro Tenryu 05 Samoa Joe 84 El Satanico 05 Necro Butcher Blonde hair kicky year Katsuhiko Nakajima 19 Daisuke Sekimoto 93 Vader
  4. Instead of the Cowboy hat it’s his silly press conference hat.
  5. I’m scared. I’ll admit it. People I stumble across on TikTok that are much more WWE-centric content creators and were more critical of AEW’s storytelling really seemed to enjoy this. They’re maybe going after a different potential fan base then me. That’s fair, I’m a minority opinion and catering to me is likely bad business. I’m just afraid they’ll change the recipe of my favorite chicken tenders. And I’ll sit alone during lunch, eating subpar chicken tenders while everyone else is having a great time.
  6. Holy shit. You accidentally found the greatest outcome of this or any booking I’ve ever heard. Tony Khan as Nick Furry.
  7. I’m watching Da Party play Uno and Claudio has a story of being at the airport and seeing a TSA Agent taking nunchucks out of Mox’s bag. Lololol
  8. Well, I hated the All In footage being shown and it ended up being the greatest move in AEW history. So I’m willing to give this a chance.
  9. The beauty of this is you can use different celebrity voices
  10. I love the idea of segments where wrestlers get mad at each other and want to have a match but neither of them can reach Daniels.
  11. If ever there was a time we needed Dasha to save us, it’s now
  12. Did I watch the show? No Did I look up some GIFs? Yes. What the fuck happened? Alex “I need the Scoop” Marvez is a National Treasure That transition from the IWGP logo to the belt was a nice cut So was that a multi man match or are you just happy to see me? lol at Jungle Boy’s gut punch to Tony Did Mercedes do more than her away dance this time? Only saw Willow’s perspective. Oh, nvm, I saw the slap. She say stuff too? SHAD THE DAD! Was this a zany episode? If TK is derped out, instead of heel EVP’s being authorities, have Shad the Dad bring in someone to be the on screen President of Match Making. Arn? Jerry Lynn? Dasha? AEW is weird.
  13. I’m so straight, my house is filled with tough straight stuff like leather and pictures of buff bikers.
  14. Off the top of my head and in the deep void of my gut, I’ll say 1. Bryan Danielson vs ZSJ 2. MJF vs Bryan Danielson 3. Young Bucks vs Omega & Hangman Each of those are in my [rough draft] top 50 All Time favorites.
  15. Interesting and I enjoy meditating on the crowd response. A match like this I’ll need to watch again to give actual thoughts outside of gut feelings. Maybe in a month or so when it is on a sneaky peaky upload. During it, I very much felt that the immense pandemonium improved my experience. I don’t think the attack off the apron was missed as much as it was like when I’m doing “THE CLAW” with lil Octopus and he is uncontrollably squeamishly giggling because of all the fun surrounding “THE CLAW” which include powerbombs on the couch and piggyback rides. You very well might be onto something, but what you were talking about as a negative I very much resonated. Great comparison to RVD vs Benoit. That made me appreciate this match more and if I got what I thought would be nice on paper, maybe would have been less happy. This match was maybe the best possible outcome of the two being opponents. If it was more ~Ospreay~ then I’d likely be less thrilled, if it was more then it would have had less exciting for the fan of the modern style. This match was a very tasty Arnold Palmer.
  16. Idk if I post this here or elsewhere: if Jungle Boy becomes a super over heel for a sustained period of time, then TK was right to show the footage. I will admit being wrong. If it becomes meh, then I’m right and should become the new booker.
  17. Or Danielson wins by using the Tiger Driver 91 on him setting up the rubber match at Double or Nothing or [insert whatever here]
  18. I was totally ok with the selling at the end of the Danielson match. I totally get why other’s wouldn’t though, so everyone is ok to think whatever they like and have respected feelings. I find the storyline a tad off with it kayfabe continuing in the press conference (mainly it makes Bryce look bad not stopping it well), but using that to retire the move is pretty cool. I’m interested to see where they go from here. As a match it was very exciting. It’s being hyped as the Greatest Match Ever by some which I respect. A little too big move continuance for me to put it at that level. When I do my cute little lists I like to nitpick for a while before landing on that. BUT, the big moments which visually exceptional and extremely exciting. I also loved little moments like them both going for a single leg takedown and things of that nature. I’ll have to watch it again to appreciate all of the nuances. I expect super rating from Big Dave.
  19. Kayfabe. Ospreay is a crazy good actor in the media scrum. It’s behind a paywall but I guess Fightful Select is saying it was a planned spot.
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