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  1. Posted before reading anything. Legit lost in thought with other things. But for some reason I felt SUMMONED!!!!!! BRING ME JOY, TONY! QUAKE OR NOTHING 2024!
  2. WrestleMania isn’t coming to Minneapolis. I won’t see Suzuki at a random Indy show. Only thing that can save the once quaked lake is a Timberwolves championship and Mn sports are made to let us down.
  3. Kendrick just dropped another song straight up calling Drake a Pedo.
  4. Standard rap beef at first. Kind of felt like a wrestling build where for a decade Drake and Kendrick and a bunch of other intertwined parties each where throwing subliminal and subtle passing jabs for a decade. Drake and J Cole do a song together bein buds talking about how they’re the big three (with Kendrick). Then in a Future & Metro Boomin song that features Kendrick, Kendrick says something along the lines of “fuck the big three, it’s just big Me” along with other words I can’t say. J Cole drops a song trying to make fun of Kendrick’s discography. It’s pretty much panned as people like the song but really isn’t making good points. He realizes that Drake and Kendrick actually hate each other and it’s about to get ugly so he apologizes at a concert and leaves the feud. I forget the order of everything but Drake made a lot of rap enemies over the years. Rick Ross does a song where he’s calling Drake “White Boy” and stuff like that. Pretty funny stuff for the most part. Claims Drake worked with the police and sent French Montana a cease and desist order. Other people say other things and the narrative is 20v1 against Drake. Drake does a song calling Kendrick’s feet little and disses to other guys. Also says most of his money goes to his label. A week or so goes by and Drake is clowning Kendrick for not responding. He even does an AI song with fake voices of Tupac and Snoop that disses Kendrick. The Tupac estate sends a cease and desist because he used AI Tupac. Kinda funny in my book but super weak at the same time. More of a trolling thing so I don’t take it so serious. Kanye joins and says J Cole makes women dry. Lolololol ok. Kendrick drops “Euphoria” on like a Tuesday or something and I’m like oh wow. The song continues off of Pusha T’s “Who are hiding a child” line from a few years ago by essentially saying he’s not a good father to his son and a deadbeat. Also accuses him of Code Switching when it’s convenient and not really representing or respecting black culture. “Ain’t no 20v1 it’s a 1v20 if I’m going at everyone writing for you” and saying he can’t say the N Word no more. Also hints at much more. Drake jokes he’d need a quadruple entendres to impress him. A few days later, in the morning of Friday Kendrick drops 6:16 in LA. Lol, a Back to Back. In this it’s pretty much like a raise your kid better type diss. He also says there are people in your camp that are whispering about you. Either in this song or the last, he says he knows Drake is going to lie about his family and he’ll reveal truths about Drake’s. Yada yada yada. 6:16 has a lot of weird coincidences or connections to things that’s too long to type. THAT SAME NIGHT Drake responds and it’s a really good song. In the music video he’s crushing the Van from GKMC. He alleges that Kendrick’s son is his producer’s kid or something like that. Also claims he hit his wife. 30 MINUTES LATER Kendrick drops a sinister track where he is talking to different members of Drake’s family talking about how he is a pervert and has sexual predators under contract with him and protects them. He also claims he is hiding an 11th at old daughter. The speed of release and the content shows Drake does have a leaker in his group. The fact that we got 3 disses, Kendrick-Drake-Kendrick in the same day is pretty wild. Hopefully this doesn’t get anyone killed but it’s past a point of no return. Lots of denials about the daughter. But that happened last time and there was a son. So . If any of the major accusations from either side is true then fuck them. I will say there is history of Drake being weird. Kendrick called what Drake’s move was before he played it, but that doesn’t mean it is true or false. So it’s just icky. Lots of conspiracies of double or triple agents in each other’s camps which I think is silly. I also don’t like that people are looking up random 11 year old girls instagrams to speculate who is his illegitimate daughter. Not cool. I’m more on Kendrick’s side but if the weird stuff is proven, then dang. Fun and really icky.
  5. Absolutely wild. Pusha T is sinisterly grinning in the corner.
  6. Car got stolen again. Right when we were on track to sell/ pay off the Kia and get something new. Kick to the gut. Car recovered. 3am police are knocking on our door saying the found the car abandoned. A series of joy rides going from one stolen car to the next. Baby seat was thrown out of the car but found this time, just so much broken glass on it we might need to just get a new one and not risk hidden shards. My wife feels terrible, she forgot to put the club on, remembered, and then forgot again. Disappointed at first but I held my composure because she feels terrible and is really beating herself up. I told her the amount of mistakes and forgetfulness I make during the week it’s just a matter of when bad luck strikes. So we took today off and I called insurance and figuring everything out. Took lil Octopus to the park to end the day on a fun note. This will be another shitty couple of months.
  7. EDIT: it double posted. Uhhhhh. Do you prefer the ramp going to the top of the apron or a traditional ringside?
  8. (stole this off Reddit) lol
  9. I looooooved El Hijo Del Santo vs Negro Casas from 97. Very excited to see this thinking of it as build up. THANK YOU
  10. Honestly, this Danielson AEW run has been my favorite in wrestling tv that I have luckily been around to experience. I truly feel lucky and will likely download all the matches to have on a hard drive and years later happily watch again. The Continental Classic came right when I was at my most negative towards AEW. That bought them a lot of time with me lol Eddie is a character I love dearly. His story in the classic was a true joy. Kingston made what I thought was an unneeded title into something I actually care about. I hope we get a cathartic Mic Foley winning the big one moment with him, but I could sadly see that never happening and the company pointing to this. At least we had this! The CMLL vs BCC was neat. It sadly turned into CMLL vs Jericho (like how Kingston vs BCC turned into a fucking Jericho feud) until the visa issues. Still fun though. BLUE PANTHER. I finally saw that. Super cool and I could tell Danielson was very happy. derp
  11. I think my enjoyment of lists, be it very outwardly performative a majority of the time, is more a fun lighthearted exercise in evaluating individual taste and preferred aesthetic. Non-defined in-stone dynamically changing entities that have an individual look at what they personally value and forcing yourself to uncomfortably rank what it is you find either important or preferred. All in good fun! Especially being “favorite” could literally include nostalgia and subjective preference. The goal is to look inward and I really appreciate you taking the time to share with me that. That’s so cool! The Hair vs Hair match you listed is among my favorites. Such passion and I really felt the entire experience. How unfair bullying is! What’s crazy is I tried watching that match and I didn’t know I was watching one that happened months earlier. Turned out it was the wrong match! I was so confused why no one got their hair cut! But then I watched the actual match and it was insane. One thing I noticed was that Chigusa was going for moves that were successful a month early. Seeing everything being countered and not working was heartbreaking. Especially the shitty ref added so much to the drama. What a great match! So painful. Link me to the Cibernetico, please.
  12. Samoa Joe is pretty sweet. I wonder what he’s up to.
  13. Seeing @Dolfan in NYC reminds me of when my brothers were fighting and I see my dad appear.
  14. John, what are your three favorite matches of all time and why do you think they’re done?
  15. Guys, it’s a New HHH Era though. Steph told us. All allegations and lawsuits should be dropped.
  16. Amongst all the craziness, let me just take a moment to say Matt is a class act. Very kind person and knowledgeable wrestling fan that has well formed opinions.
  17. I mean, a lot of weird stuff with WWE and allegedly executives that knew what was going on to some extent. I think it’s awkward but in terms of a jabI like the move. I used Paterno as an example before.
  18. Dear British Wrestling fans, I’m looking for recommendations on great matches and recommended wrestlers to check out. New and old, I’m excited to learn more. Thank you kindly, Octopus.
  19. I think the Jinder thought is less on ethnicity and more on him and TK having a twitter moment a few months ago. I could very well be wrong and missing the actual discourse. saying that, I don’t want him in AEW. Unless he can do bangers, I’m assuming he’s not needed. I saw on twitter wools talking about him being a good guy, so I hope he can make a lot of money outside of the WWE.
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