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  1. It was so cool seeing him live. He had a match with Shane Strickland. Entered all slow with like a goblet. Then was doing weird super saiyan air blasts to mess with Shane's guts. Then to my surprise sold for Strickland's offense until he turned it around for a few cool looking moves. I don't get to see the big names or foreign stars live too much being in Minnesota. Compared to places that will have huge shows regularly. But when someone legendary comes and I can get tickets, it's always a memeroble moment. Not my best work but quick iPhone (Instagram edit) pictures from the show.
  2. Fun show. With how great Charolette has been, I'm down for either a 3 way or a 1v1 at Wrestlemania. But I feel they'll pull a 4 way with Nia in there. A female Wrestlemania 2000. Samoa Joe is such a great bully. R-Truth win was the best favor returned booking. You'll get beat up by Nia Jax but we'll give you the midcard title. Plus, all that zaniness is leading to a pretty cool tag match no one saw coming. Will this lead to a baller new team or add to the US title picture feud? Rey is neat. Andrade is also neat. No one said her name three times? Not sure if it's what they're going for, but it's kind of cool how she comes and goes.
  3. Chikara WWF It's never too late to go back.
  4. Maybe this is Stockholm syndrome but I am now pro-Brock title reign. We are all dirt. Long live Lesner!
  5. Mustache Mountain vs Hair Mountain
  6. Why not have one rumble but 60 Men AND Women? Super Greatest Royal Rumble.
  7. They should keep Kazarian as the HHH parody. HHHH.
  8. I see where you're coming from, but is there enough people on the roster yet for this to be an actual concern? Jericho, Hangman Page, Maxwell Scarf Guy, Cody, the women on the roster, and Joey Janella don't really fit that mold to me. Not sure if this counts but PAC has a weird face.
  9. Wait. Zoom in. I've seen this before. Zoom back out.
  10. Very happy with the Asuka win. She looks like a badass again. Plus with Becky winning the rumble and still limping as she raises her fist, she still comes out like a tough character. Now you can have the dream triple threat for the Raw belt and the Smackdown title doesn't look second rate in comparison.
  11. Nia Jax will do a man beater gimmick leading to her big match with Jeff Jarrett. Battle of the Beaters.
  12. I have pretty good faith in their character building so far. Small sample size, but I'm loving the MJF angle they started on BTE. Of course giggle bits and show booking are two different things. But who knows, maybe they'll turn Jungle Boy into the new Eugene.
  13. Super Astros a C show? No Heat postings or yes Heat postings?
  14. No one ever means Juggalo Championshit Wrestling.
  15. So would combining Being the Elite with a live event like All In be a wrestling version of the Larry Sanders Show?
  16. My dream match is "The Man" Becky Lynch and "Good Guy" Tama Tonga in a Twitter argument.
  17. Friends was a pretty popular show. Maybe AEW should be more like Friends.
  18. "I think Brie and Nikki are tied up with WWE contracts."
  19. Just rename MJF to Billy Gagne. Profit.
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