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  1. dear god, I can feel my arteries clogging looking at that thing
  2. Holy shit, for a five minute match this was GREAT. All of these guys just had no fucks to give and kicked each other's asses nonstop. I don't know if it would have lost a step if they had gone any longer, but damn I want more of this.
  3. I didn't know how much I needed this in my life until right now
  4. I respect the hell out of both Matt and Jeff for reinventing themselves at a time when damn near anyone else in their spots would just coast on name value and cash indy checks for the rest of their days. Matt obviously deserves more credit for being the architect of the whole deal. They were one of if not the hottest things in wrestling at one point and TNA in large part owes those guys for keeping them afloat. And I can understand why people would enjoy more Broken related hijinks, it's just never been my thing.
  5. With all that the guy has put himself through, I'm all for Abyss making some decent money. I just don't see any matches for him that I would be chomping at the bit to see. (I swear to God if we get another ultimate deletion out of this I will complain very loudly on this message board). Bray Wyatt could use a new friend, I guess?
  6. This to me felt closest to NXT style Sasha. Main roster Sasha has always been too nice and has too many "aw shucks" moments. To me, the true essence of the Sasha Banks character is in those packages building up the Bayley feud where you could just feel the contempt and disdain this asshole had for Bayley DARING to feel like she belonged in the ring with her for even a minute, and was ready to kick her ass for even wasting the boss's time. Feels almost like as soon as Sasha told that massive 300.5 ounce Samoan, "Bitch, what line?" something clicked in her head in all the right ways. And as much flack as Ronda's response(seriously, wipe her feet with your hair?)is getting, the style and delivery of the promo is what makes it work. She's so rattled she can barely form words. She's tried to be respectful to Sasha and in essence being told to go fuck herself. So after all this time trying to be nice and be respectful, she's done with all this shit and just wants to fight, as Ronda is not really a rational person and just wants to punch the things that make her mad in the face. So Sasha keeps rattling the cage.
  7. you just blew my mind. I swear I remember it. Or maybe the movie is just that fucking terrible it's 100% plausible this was a thing
  8. The Randy Orton gif combined with the Genius pic wins
  9. I think the AEW powers that be at least are ahead of the game at this stage because of the trust issue SorceressKnight brought up. The fans have faith and the elite crew have built up enough good will that (a)they know what the fans want and (b)they want to give it to them. I think we all know that this is not going to be a perfect flawless operation right out of the gate(at least we should know that). But The Elite have built up enough goodwill and trust with their fans that even through the inevitable missteps that literally every other company makes, the fans will still be there. People can and will say what they want about this group, but All In was not something they just dumb lucked into. They did the work and rode the wave into something successful(whether or not you like the show, selling out a 10000 seat arena like they did is a success). They may all trip and fall out on their face, and then Nelson came pop out from the bushes and say "HAW HAW". But until that point, I'm curious to see how it goes
  10. Realistically, this is what all the talk of story telling and wins and losses should boil down to. When it's time for THE MATCH in a feud or program, the guy at the end when because he's better. Of course if its the heel winning in the end, he wins because he is better at being an evil cheating prick then the guy he's fighting. Shit's really not brain surgery
  11. Ceasaro throwing the beach ball at Pete Gas: FIVE STARS
  12. It makes no sense and it SO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. The logical part of my brain says this all ends with LOLsuplexcitybitch, but the mark in me keeps thinking, "What if?" So they at least done their job that a grown ass man pushing 40 thinks just for a minute, "my guy might win this"
  13. and those games were far better then they had any right to be. Ill take Def Jam 3 right the hell now!
  14. I never knew that I needed dozer on my tv actually singing this until RIGHT NOW
  15. You know, we can all say what we want about the content of "Being the Elite". Some of it can be the dumbest shit possible. But you have to give them credit that these cats know how to pay attention to detail, keep plot holes to a minimum and have things make sense.(as much as a show where people are killed, there are talking boots and Cody was possesed can make sense). I am at least willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt that they can produce a compelling week to week show
  16. Sam Elliot is fighting Bigfoot. You had me at hello
  17. This is the most accurate description of Keanu I have ever heard. John Wick is one of my favorite series of movies ever and I CANNOT WAIT for this next one. Outside of action movies, if its not Bill and Ted....yikes. I think I still have PTSD from watching Knock Knock. Especially the free pizza scene
  18. I don't think(and please correct me if I'm wrong)that its being said that Kenny Omega is a bigger star then Chris Jericho, because he isn't. I believe that in Jericho's mind, he is going to AEW to be The Top Guy in The Company. Assuming Kenny signs(which we all know he is going to), it's a safe bet given the buzz surrounding him and the less mileage he has then Jericho, he will be the main guy AEW is built around. Jericho becomes a top guy, not The Guy. Now, you absolutely need a guy like Jericho, because as is pointed out, there are the fans out there who only watch WWE. And its a safe bet given Jericho's tremendous resurgence(seriously, he hasn't been this good this consistently in a long time)hearing that he chose to go to AEW instead of going back to WWE will draw eyeballs and help grow an audience. He even said himself that if he goes back to WWE, it doesn't matter. No matter what he does, they will always be WWE. If he goes to AEW and they succeed, he can help take credit for getting this thing off the ground. It just seems like in his mind, this is the modern day equivalent of Hogan going to WCW, when he's really the new Terry Funk going to ECW, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  19. The like option isn't enough so I just want to add that HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME
  20. I have to know the context of this, because all things about it are amazing
  21. I loved all things about Andrade(I guess the shortened name will grow on me) vs Rey. There's definitely an even better match to be had(WrestleMania? Please?)but Almas once again starts off the new year with a MOTY candidate. As stupid as the mandy/Naomi/uso stuff is, I do like that Jimmy is not an idiot and actually informs his wife about the nefarious scheme. Less said about Mandy planning to blackmail Jimmy while there's a camera man RIGHT THERE as she gives her bond villain speech.
  22. Honestly, would Mike Bennett really have a job if it wasn't for his wife? Maria is tremendous, and has come so far so her days as interviewer without a brain. The power of love act could have made a splash in NXT as has already been said, but otherwise he's never struck me as anything special. She absolutely could have and still could work as a manager though. Revival, those guys need to ask for their release yesterday. I'll admit to not caring about them at all when they first came together, to going all in after seeing them and American Alpha on an NXT house show. Injuries halted their momentum on first getting called to main roster, but my god if these guys were in a company that actually gave a shit(outside of NXT)on tag team wrestling they would be HUGE.
  23. As an unabashed Finn Balor mark, I dug all this show. Hell, even bought into Cena at the end when he said there was one more person who believed in Finn. This is the kind of stuff, on the other hand, that can drive you insane about this company. In two nights(figuring in the surprise appearance at UK Takeover), they managed to make Finn look like more of a star then they have in months. They have the ability to do this kind of stuff anytime they want, but seem to focus more on silly shit that just shine a light on the weaknesses of the talent. I know in my heart it will all end with BROCK SMASH, but at least for now I'm just going to enjoy seeing my boy get the spotlight
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