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  1. What did he order? @Nice Guy Eddie saw Joe Dimaggio at Dinky Donuts once.
  2. Man, a Ken Burns wrestling series would be awesome.
  3. If Nate Webb ever shows up in AEW for whatever reason, does Khan get the rights to "Teenage Dirtbag"?
  4. Jericho episode of Broken Skull is out now. It's pretty good. Loved hearing his old Evenflow theme on the WCW clips. But yeah, the whole thing is great.
  5. EMF Davey Richards would be cooler. Which gives me a reason to post this...
  6. Hah, $149. Ten years ago, I bought one for $35 off ebay. That, a Bulldogs 3/4, WM V and a SNME shirt. All vintage in my size (S, which ain't easy), I lucked out that week. Downside? I don't like to and rarely wear my WMV shirt in public now, unless I've got a jacket on. What with "TRUMP PLAZA" plastered on the back. Still a great shirt though.
  7. Some better shots of the new NJPW belts, as if there weren't a thousand already in here, from the guy who made them...
  8. These aren't from Japan, BUT, they are considered the best and most affordable Big Gold copies, for those who are into collecting. Fandu Belts. Miles better than the WWE Shop ones. They recently released a highly regarded copy of the original Crumrine belt that Flair debuted and was used until about 2000 (not pictured above).
  9. It should've been live. They also should've had a war correspondent there as well...
  10. Let's get silly... This guy fucking sucks at his job. Also, water is wet.
  11. What if, he crotch chopped and joined them, breaching his contract with no repercussions? Then we'd stuck with dick jokes about Haku and the Tongan Death Grip.
  12. Goddamn.....go Phils.
  13. Oh man, what if it was Dean Malenko as Ciclope!?
  14. I like how WWE is like that guy who got kicked out of his place, and just goes from couch to couch every couple of months, because they're not doing anything different to better themselves.
  15. Vince makes so much money, there really is no threat. Hes not going bankrupt or losing deals because of ratings, like he faced in the 90s. Like said above, he's bulletproof. I would be the same way.
  16. Might give Gable something to actually do now. Plus, you can build on Shelton being his opposition.
  17. "Capes, Not Kickpads!" should be the name of your next underground EP.
  18. Oh god, I hope they don't bring Angle back to do the Kurt Business.
  19. I dont know who that is, but he's already cooler than the Goon.
  20. I'm surprised DZ didn't post another picture of a title belt. No offense. But for real.
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