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  1. Extra love to you for the refs. Hey, maybe Kross can avoid disaster in-place when Scarlet swaps him out and swaps in a clone of Kross they won at the local fair. Oh, I was so young when that game came out...
  2. Ah, so that answers some important questions. 1: Was what Raw did behind Triple H's back? Yes, it kind of seems that way. Triple H needs to pay more attention to Raw maybe. Or not underestimate what (thoughtless?) bastards they can be there whenever they feel like it. 2: Did punking out Kross interrupt important NXT stories and and make NXT look bad? Yes, NXT crew certainly seems to think so. Whether they did immediately or because they read fan reaction after, we can't be sure. 3: How does NXT react? By pretending nothing happened on Raw and trying to distract the audience with Joe shouting and Kross not being in the building to avoid any audience chants on the matter. If you ignore it, it didn't happen, as WWE has taught us. We just need Jeff Goldblum to say, "Now you're Vince McMahon" to Triple H. Chilling. I think this is better than talking about how weak your champion is, especially before JOE wins the title. But I'm disappointed in this plain approach. I was looking forward to the explanation that there are two Karrion Krosses. That the one we saw on Raw was fresh out of Impact Wrestling, before he sided with Scarlet and when he was weaker. Eventually the Raw Kross would disappear when he time-traveled to the past with Scarlet, taking whatever monster experience he collected from some future event with him, and became NXT champion. "Ah, so THAT'S what tick-tock meant!"
  3. I can't speak for everyone, but at least for me, I'm not worked up. I already know they don't think NXT matters. I'm only venting about it because it's honestly sometimes the best way I can get through the horseshit week after week. I enjoy a little rant now and then. It clears my mind, because I know I'm going to end up watching it again week after week because it's the primary social interaction I have with a family member. Most of the time I vent to that family member, but sometimes I feel like spilling it forward here. And is something wrong with that? The thread isn't supposed to only be for praising Raw, I'd hope? Though I think people wouldn't be as bothered about all the dumbass decisions if NXT didn't outperform WWE most of the time. It's my preferred wrestling show, even if the mainland WWE management thinks of it as a "closet".
  4. Well... Sure they don't care (except for their own petty amusement). I'm not questioning that. But isn't that why we have these forums? To talk about wrestling? Or maybe we should talk about non-WWE and not bother talking about WWE stuff at all? I mean, why are any of us here then? I suppose not watching Raw also works (the current ratings suggest this is a good solution). But then the champion from the show I like jobs to make the show I like look bad. So the solution becomes to watch nothing under WWE's umbrella I suppose.
  5. That people are defending such horrible booking decisions is baffling to me. Were people defending that time Brock beat Kofi in mere seconds as well? I didn't check too far back then, but I bet so. I think fans have become desensitized from years of shit booking. The "consensus" (I like him) that Kross is bad is irrelevant here and I don't see how it justifies this. This isn't like calling up someone random from NXT (No Way Jose, EC3, etc) and crushing them. That's dumb enough as it is (Why even call them up if you don't like them?). This was the champion who represented NXT. A wrestler who has crushed the rest of the roster there. Did NXT put too many of their eggs in one basket? Maybe. But WWE does the same, albeit with wrestlers who wrestling geeks prefer to watch, I guess. But if they tried to spread the eggs around more the fans would just complain anyway that nobody is special and they're only trading wins. Now the point to anyone who has been paying attention is that NXT's roster is full of losers and everything they did to build a monster champion was seemingly for nothing. Veteran Jeff Hardy (though he's someone who has lost to everyone but Cedric Alexander for months now) beating Kross isn't inherently bad. I get it, Kross sucks so people think it's funny. But it sure as heck shouldn't have happened before Kross put over SOMEONE in NXT first. ANYONE. Even if Kross gets a revenge win next week (Jeff Hardy has his solo music back, so maybe not?), I feel NXT looks bad in this decision. But let's say it doesn't matter. That they and the fans will forget about it. Okay, I'll pretend that argument works for a moment. Why do it anyway? Jeff Hardy could have beaten anyone else. He's probably not going to challenge for the NXT championship. It just looks petty and spiteful. And if they didn't mean to crush Kross here, then they're more incompetent than I thought. They stripped him of everything about his presentation but his music to make him just an ordinary guy. It's like they wanted to hammer home how much they think he sucks. I get it. It's what WWE does to most NXT call-ups to make them seem unimportant. But they seriously couldn't wait till he was no longer the NXT champion for that? I'd go on about Keith Lee's treatment in another giant paragraph, but at least they're trying to make Lashley look as as strong as possible for *sigh* Goldberg. Well, that and I feel they buried Keith Lee a long time ago anyway. Glad for Nikki Cross, though. At least unless she loses it in her first defense in a week or so. Not sure if I should bother hoping for better.
  6. "Sadistic prizefighting juggernaut". I like Kross, I admit. But I don't think he's supposed to be that complicated. He comes in for a fight, he hurts people, and he's huge. The Roman stuff is because he's like a gladiator. He wants to fight and hurt people and be recognized as the best. For better or worse, that's his act. And the suits are probably just because WWE sees no problem with giant menaces wearing them. See Mark Henry.
  7. Well... This Raw was much better than usual. Despite WWE's long-time standard flaws popping up (tag title match is this weekend, so why are the challengers facing the tag champs in a six-man NOW?), this show was not a chore to watch. I even mostly liked it. But seriously, stop treating Asuka like an afterthought, even if the match was good. She should be treated like the mega-star she properly is. Glad to see Piper Niven too, and definitely glad to not see Eva in a match. And good to see Charlotte and Rhea finally throwing down. Heck, even Alexa Bliss looked good. I don't know if they'll KEEP it this way, but this demon-possessed Alexa form is far superior to the crap we got last week. I know, "Alexa has no business doing so and so to Nia Jax, they're so different in size" and so on. But Alexa's performance was strong. She looked like a proper menace this time. And NO stupid doll claiming credit for anything. I might not even much mind if Alexa can zombify Reginald to assist her later. Might, I said. But I'd rather they stay far away from the goofy stuff right now. So I hope that was a one-off thing. Also, I hope they don't try to make that first-grade insult "trashley" thing stick. Drew's name rhymes with "spew" after all. But oops, maybe I just gave WWE an idea. ;P
  8. Holy shit. That main event was awesome. Definitely and absolutely. I deny any criticism... I mean, yes, it was a scramble city match, but it was a super good one. I also really liked MSK and Bronson vs. Legado. Good show in general. Your move, Hell in a Cell.
  9. I'm pretty sure I heard piped-in booing sounds when Shayna stepped on Lily. And when she gave the fake apology, too. So WWE already thinks the doll is the babyface I'd guess.
  10. The most enjoyment I got out of the final segment was when the stuff was falling at Shayna, I said "Is it Erick Rowan?" That drew a laugh from my wrestling-watching-buddy who remembered that story from happier times. But then I realized I wanted Rowan back. Just not doing spooky stuff with a doll. Giant tarantula toy > ugly doll every time. I also pondered how Alexa eventually escapes from this mess of a gimmick without getting released, assuming they don't try to run it forever. (Probably more likely Shayna gets released from this, though...) Does someone discover Lily is truly the evil force controlling Alexa and so they exorcise the demon within it, freeing her? (Maybe shouldn't have released Aleister Black then, but I guess Mansoor or Jackson Ryker can do it too) Or do they do an "I want my country back" and that's that?
  11. I know WWE have something of a captive audience and all, even with the ratings in the toilet, but they're seriously booking for themselves now. But I guess they always do. I came for Drew Gulak, but WWE tells me he's boring and a loser. BUT HE'S A SUBMISSION SPECIALIST GUYS. One that never wins no matter what, but definitely special. But WWE tells me I still don't want Gulak. No, WWE assures me that what I REALLY want is the ugliest doll (in the worst meaning of that) I've ever seen dropping the set on a fearsome wrestler who is now afraid of it. Apparently I watch the THREE HOUR show not for a great wrestler, but for the hokiest horror crap possible written by a hack wannabe masturbating freely to an audience of one. When I was THIRTEEN I wrote better crap than this by far. This is sub WCW Russo, people. This is sub Katie Vick. At least those all had real possible feuding opponents. Now Shayna is feuding with a STUPID DOLL. How is she supposed to fight with or interact with that? And even more ridiculously, poor Alexa is somehow arguably in a worse position now than when she was with Wyatt, even though everything he touches turns to shit. Because now she's second fiddle to a doll. I was glad at first when she broke away from Bray but I guess they tricked me again. Oh well. And I love how they still show Alexa appearing on all the audience screens as if it's supposed to be scary. But then they remind us on the same show that Bayley also just did it on Smackdown and it was actually somehow scarier then. Can't wait to see how Shayna battles the doll at Hell in a Cell. I guess the lights go out, then come back on, and Shayna is crushed under some object in the ring. But only after five minutes of the weakest fake BOOGEY BOOGEY BOOGEY. Dreading it already. SEND GULAK TO NXT. I want to see him battle Thatcher there. Seriously, watching buddy, why must we always watch this but never AEW? Is it because some AEW wrestlers said "mean things" about WWE? And because AEW are too "full of themselves" somehow? Great Nikki/Asuka and Rhea/Charlotte stuff, though. Maybe they WILL actually do something with Nikki.
  12. Good, good. I'd be unpleased to see Becky Lynch win right now. And definitely Rhonda Rousey too. But I figure if Rhonda returns, she's winning.
  13. We will know for sure we're in the worst timeline if Wyatt or Fiend Alexa wins one of the Rumble matches. Well, I guess the worst timeline is if they BOTH win their Rumbles... (Best timeline would have been Nikka Cross dramatically freeing Alexa from the Fiend's control at least, but we're well past that now probably...) I'm really unsure who else could win the men's Rumble match this year, though. They haven't built to anything or elevated anyone in a way that suggests... anything. For the women's, maybe Bianca Belair wins? Would WWE do that or does it make too much sense? I'd enjoy a Bayley victory, too.
  14. I could have accepted it if Alexa was going to become a killer. Like she flips the "switch" and then mauls people. But the oh so cute and quaint dodges with no effort shit and ASUKA of all people being afraid of her STANDING STILL? Then Asuka jobbing after nothing but FIEND MAGIC? No. The Bray Wyatt shit needs to stop. It's dragged down Orton. It's dragged down Alexa (and Nikki Cross on the side). Now it's come to claim Asuka. Just STOP IT. Makes me feel like this (oh, um... spoilers for Halloween III) :
  15. Ugh, that fucking ending. Bray Wyatt continues his fine tradition of turning everything he touches to shit. Largely terrible show. ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA WOO. EDIT: Sorry. My camel's back broke.
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