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  1. You know, you're 100% right that the Bucks have awesome matches. I'd easily put their cage match with Lucha Bros and the Tag match against Omega/Hangman in my top 20 AEW matches of all time, but for some reason, i don't actively "seek" their matches out. It might be my personal taste/bias showing. I do wholeheartedly agree with you that while I would love to see Omega back ASAP, im not exactly hurting if he doesn't come back anytime soon. The depth of this roster, once a maligned and mocked aspect of AEW, is now showing how big of a strength it and I'm loving it. They've lost Black, Omega, Bucks, Punk in short order and haven't missed a beat and matter of fact, i think they shows seem more focused and less disjointed.
  2. Elite propaganda machine? I see no one actively wanting the Bucks back? Personally, the only one out of the 4 I want back is Omega, has nothing to do with a propaganda machine, it's the bed that Punk made.
  3. I'm not sure what will be better, Wyatt finally coming back or watching people whine about it.
  4. What a stark contrast to around when Danielson came in. I might be misremembering, but wasn't it the fact that the locker room was so tight lipped about Brodie being one of the reasons Danielson decided to come to AEW?
  5. I "like" a lot of the characters in the show, but none of them are likeable.
  6. I know this would never happen, but I'd love the culmination of this to be Sami breaking up the bloodline and "sneaking" a win over Roman for the belts. He wouldn't have to hold it long, but I'd imagine that the reaction would be insane to something like that.
  7. That's really awesome, I'm looking forward to any of the 4 listed facing whoever is champ (Mox/Danielson/....MJF haha)
  8. I missed Rampage last night, what is the "Golden Ticket" Battle Royale?
  9. I'm really looking forward to it. My daughter is really into the MCU, but she's definitely not at an age where i'd feel comfortable letting her watch Daredevil yet, so i can't wait to have her get a live action introduction to the character in a more age-appropriate medium.
  10. @The Natural judging by the tease at the end of this week's episode, we're getting DD next week! I'm loving this show far more than I had thought I would. It's unbelievably funny and im finding myself really liking all of the characters (Pug and Madisynn are two highlights for me, as is "Shaman" Tim Roth, who I hope we get more of).
  11. Top 10 1. Eddie Kingston 2. Orange Cassidy 3. Daniel Garcia 4. PAC 5. Bryan Danielson 6. Wheeler Yuta 7. Claudio 8. Dax 9. Brody King 10. RUSH I left off Mox because IMO i don't think there is anyone close in AEW to him right now.
  12. Trailer 2: I thought that was Beric Dondarrion from the still.
  13. After THAT caliber of promo, i really don't see how anyone could argue against Moxley being wrestler of the year. Phenomenal. After discussing with Natural about Hangman/Danielson 1 and 2, it was cool to get three. It wasn't up there with the first two matches, but on short notice, no build, it was great in it's own right. Danielson/Darby is the final i want, simply because it's not something we've gotten before and I think it would be incredible. Reality though, i think we're getting Mox as champ again, and despite the convoluted manner to get back there, i think it would be the right choice. Just a total homerun top to bottom on a hard reset after a harder situation. Kudos to everyone involved. Garcia/Yuta was so awesome, I preferred this one to the ROH PPV match, but both of them were top tier. Really excited for Rampage.
  14. Out of all this, Ace Steel was the most credible badass in that moment in that locker room.
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