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  1. It's just the one dude There is a very easy solution to this problem
  2. Has he? It's pretty much just the two tag teams, and it's not like the Sons got much of a push.
  3. They have an opportunity if they play their cards right to make Forgotten Sons the tag team version of Corbin - naturally and organically over as heels because there's an irrational hatred towards them for being "Vince type guys" instead of indy darlings. This is, of course, based almost entirely on the former Gunner. If Cutler and Blake had been pushed as a duo from the outset, I'd bet on them getting less hate and being called up sooner.
  4. Russo and Ferrara's very unprofessional and intentional burial of JR in WCW bears no resemblance to what Dr. Death would have done had the WWF run worked out. I hope I don't have to explain the difference between booking committee filtered WWF Russo and WCW PTB Russo. If Jeff Jarrett, Prince Albert, and Ron Simmons could carve out a spot in 1999 WWF, Dr. Death would have been fine. There's no basis for the talking point that he didn't "fit in" - the Attitude Era was more of a variety show than any other era of WWF. There was room. Vince just didn't see it.
  5. I can already hear Bruce denying the shit out of that, and I think I believe him. There's nothing wrong with thinking Dr. Death could have gotten over as a heel in WWF at that time - Shamrock did well enough. Main eventing with Austin? Probably not. The issue is that he was broken down and couldn't go, not that he was never capable or "wouldn't fit."
  6. Why "Murderhawk Monster" and not just "Murderhawk?" It's weird how WWE it makes it sound just by making it two words unnecessarily.
  7. Junkyard story would be a lot less entertaining. "We were trying to figure out what we should copy from WWE." Nitpicking but that Finlay injury didn't take place during that match.
  8. A good test would be to figure out exactly when he started pointing the finger at Bradshaw. As I've harped on before, the rabid anti-Bradshaw sentiment really didn't exist prior to 2004.
  9. Fuck off with that shit already, @D.Z, you fucking creep
  10. Can you pick out who didn't get invited to the party?
  11. LOL @ having to look at each picture very, very closely to figure out if those were all the same dude.
  12. Fair enough, but I'm not the one who fantasy booked AEW in the Old School thread. To answer that guy's question, though: No, no one remembers any angles involving Tom Brandi, but I bet with some hyper-specific searches you could find that RSPW post archived.
  13. Any idea involving Adam Page turning heel is terrible at this point, but especially one involving Kenny being the angle's babyface and World Champion.
  14. Edge and Orton obviously weren't *trying* to nod to Benoit, but someone should have made the connection and nixed the spot. They're careful as shit about even mentioning Benoit - this kind of lack of awareness is sloppy. Also: *This is a perfectly reasonable topic of conversation.* If you don't want to take part, don't. If you don't want to read, ignore the thread. Again: not a good time to try to stifle a wrestling discussion topic on a wrestling message board. It probably would have reached its natural conclusion a page ago if there wasn't such a weird, forceful pushback.
  15. I haven't seen a negative word about Deonna anywhere - and I don't know why, because she gets a lot of hype and everything that I've seen from her has been pretty meh. Maybe she thinks talking about overcoming "haters" will be good for her social media presence.
  16. The entire issue is that businesses cannot be open safely right now. The response should be "prevent the deaths of thousands" for the foreseeable future.
  17. Re: MJF, I was specifically talking about the "kids picked on me because I'm Jewish" part - that doesn't make him look tough or wimpy, it makes him look sympathetic. I don't have an issue with him cutting a fiery promo, I just thought it was a weird choice - we aren't supposed to be rooting for the heel to overcome the odds, especially when it's MJF finally getting his comeuppance for being a prick with the Dynasty for forever.
  18. We're getting even deeper into the weeds here, but the idea of them using it was to "take back" the move so it could be disassociated from Benoit and still exist in wrestling. Good idea? Probably not. But it was absolutely not for cheap heat.
  19. Nothing does!! In fact, why are we talking about this show, or anything else at all? Let's all just hop off the board and see what good news is coming up on our social media feeds.
  20. I don't know what the idea behind the spot was or why it was there, but I will say this: Edge and Randy Orton absolutely, 100% know how Chris Benoit killed himself.
  21. WCW actually ran two, which I'd forgotten until this match came up. Demon vs. Vampiro and Sting vs. Vampiro. The matches were, of course, universally shit on.
  22. Curiosity killed...well, you know. It's probably better that Edge is in WWE stinking up their already stinky shows. I think my head would explode if I had to hear someone praise a 45 minute Edge-Omega slog.
  23. To put in perspective my comments about the time wasted on WWE shows: the first match didn't start until around 15 minutes in on both nights. I don't understand how people can sit through this. Also, making the wrong call in both potential crowning moments for women that aren't The Same Four Women? Ridiculous.
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