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  1. I can't imagine Vince and Bruce looking at MSK and thinking this is what the product should be. Although I have a feeling most of the teams fit that category. I can only imagine how goofy Hit Row is going to look
  2. I mean yeah it is Mick Foley and he could easily take a WWE payday any second now but I am he isn't that wrong
  3. Wait until he tells you about the popsicle twins
  4. Also good to see that Creed can still find work doing Paul Wight's new entrance music. i don't think it took a whole lot to "snipe" Zelina by the way
  5. I am sure that this has mentioned in the last 20 some pages but a few other things: 1. For people that was worried that Orange Cassidy was going down on the card he was very important to this PPV. On the pre-show it sure did seem like they were building toward a hair vs hair match with Orange vs Jack Evans or maybe Matt Hardy. Then in the women's title match one of the biggest stories was how animated Orange was toward Kris. When he screamed at her to get up everyone around me were like "holy shit what is this". They have already build something with Kris and Orange even on the indies so hopefully they do it on AEW as well 2. Love Chavo doing the old southern "How did you know there was 4 flat tires" in trying to explain why PAC wasn't there. Was a little ignored overall. I wonder if Andrade will eventually beat up Chavo for sticking his nose into business.
  6. The levels of editing and revisionist history on this will be staggering. Hopefully they are not dumb enough to include Stephanie in any form and definitely not include JBL promo that was so anti Muslim that it was offensive in September 2001
  7. Okay I thought last night Bryan's entrance music sucked but now that I can actually hear the full version without the crowd noise it is pretty awesome
  8. Speaking of Bryce, if they wanted to an angle between Kingston and Bryce might be too inside baseball for wrestling fans but would make perfect sense given their history and what happened last night
  9. You are right about Abadon still being very green but that hasn't stopped Jade Cargill from being pushed like a monster. She has had only 2 good matches and they are both against Red Velvet who is really really good. Abadon is definitely one who could be protected and still look like a beast at the same time
  10. The argument that most people made when arguing about how great it was to see these huge crowds at games was that the colleges require vaccines to get on the campus. That is true in most cases although I doubt schools in the south are following that order. But the issue isn't the college students they are reasonably smart about things. It is the 80% of the crowd at the games who don't go to college at the games. Maybe these colleges actually had checks for cards before letting them in but I seriously doubt it. Not saying that we should have no fans at the games. Just have to realize the possibility.
  11. I don't know if there is a more fitting tribute to the passing of Bobby Bowden then to shank a very important FG to the left
  12. Can we somehow get Suzuki to beat the shit out of all or most of Dan Lambert's group on Dynamite
  13. So I would think Bryan is wrestling the New York show. Do you put him with Omega right off the bat or give us Bryan vs Adam Cole
  14. The only thing stopped AEW right now is the Khan losing millions of dollars in some form or fashion. When the worst match on the show was the match that was intended to be the cool down then you hit a home run. I didn't like the women's battle royal as much as others because I thought most of the early eliminations were kind of stupid and obvious looking but once Ruby showed up then it became damn good
  15. There was a ton of go through at GCW War Games 1. Team MDK beats 44OH in the war Games Match 2. Matt Cardona comes out wearing a Macho King like "Death Match" crown getting ready for an open challenge inside the cage structure 3. Frank the Clown comes out and Cardona beats him in about 5 seconds 4. G Raver and the druids come out. The druids lazily beat up Cardona and G Raver just leaves. Except for one druid. 5. That guy is Jon Moxley who hits Cardona with a couple light tubes and his finisher and somehow becomes the champion 6. Then Nick Gage comes out again. Moxley challenges him for the title and he accepts. Which I believe is the October show in AC And yes a number are now hoping that Moxley vs Kojima tomorrow is for the GCW title.
  16. This feels like the the most lopsided 10-3 game in many years.
  17. Well so much for that taking the over on WVU vs Maryland. Both QB have dramatically cooled off
  18. If you didn't take the over in this game just delete your betting apps. Maryland D wasn't that impressive to begin with and WVU secondary is weaker than advertised
  19. Either Tulane offense is really strong or Oklahoma defense is at 2019 levels. Although at this point they also have 2019 Oklahoma offense right now and that was good enough for the playoffs Yes this the first of a ton of overreactions this year
  20. I know that Garcia vs Darby was fun main event match but I think we know about the true moment of Rampage tonight: Drunk fan trying to give CM Punk a beer and him giving the guy a "do you know who the fuck I am" look Also we need a REDEEM DEEZ NUTS shirt too I love the honesty of Punk on commentary talking about how nervous he was about his match and how Darby was doing his old moves better than I did
  21. So for one night the king of NORTH CAROLINA is Charlotte after beating Duke and UNC losing. Hell of a game especially 4th quarter
  22. I am not going to cloud the RIP thread with this but apparently Karl Anderson found the worst possible time to shit on his former company . You could argue that he is right to be suspicious when the WWE says they are concerned about mental health in tweets and stuff but yeah it came off like someone still pissed they got fired
  23. My biggest problem is that her family said over and over again to stop doing it and they still it. They can say they are doing it for "awareness" but at this point it is mostly you are doing because you get off on the attention
  24. I am not sure how helpful it ultimately became but at least some of her best friends in the business were on that instagram Live show and was so scared for her well being that they frantically got as much people to try to help her. Still horrible and sad and just shows how devastating mental illness can be
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