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  1. Leave it to the fans to be a factor in tneir own malcontence.
  2. I'm a Dean fan too. Let's face it, they had to rebrand him. Jon Moxley isn't the most PG character and I think they're trying to bring the edge he had with that and temper it for the PG crowd. Moxley wouldn't have messed with Chairs, he'd have cut Brock's back tattoo off a and made a kit out of it using Paul's intestines as a string.
  3. The irony here is that Reigns, with the stylized chest symbol and trim in gold, it looked for the world like he was sporting his style meshed with Seth's that made me wonder if he was gonna have some kind of influence on the match. If nothing else but to show up at the top of the ramp longbenoughnto make everyone go batshit and throw Trips off enough we'd get the shock pin or something.
  4. On another note, aside from a couple of entrances, this felt devoid of the pomp and circumstance that they've come to bring to the event. Sasha getting rapped to the ring by Snoop, Trips, and New Day really felt like the noteable entrances. Most just had updated ring gear and that was it. It didnt really even feel like a WM. I think the person behind the barricade was right - everyone thought it was Summer Slam.
  5. I could see something like that either main eventing or co-main eventing Battleground.
  6. Was I the only one who caught the teleprompter in Trips' spot before he appeared?
  7. Wm32: Wahhhgrrrbl! Here Wrestlemania, have A Snickers. You suck when you're hungry. Better? NXT Takeover Dallas: Better
  8. Vince needs to learn that length isn't always better. We like girth sometimes, too. Takeover was thicker.
  9. If there is a god or justice or karma in the 'verse, Vince, after that show, locked him and creative in a room with a pile of meth to work through until Sunday morning to rebook every thing they can. Best case, he looks up to Trips to say "Save my show?" Trips smiles down to Vince and says "No." But there is really nothing I can add you guys haven't except after being a wrestling fan for 30 plus years I have NEVER seen anything like that, ever. Holy fuck.
  10. The comics did more with the story and mythos, though.
  11. You fuckers talking how Freddy versus Jason got booked and how Ash, Pinhead, and Kane Hodder got Montrealed makes me glad i come here. Just sayin'. That said, fuck every Hellraiser after two. Any new cenobites were MSP grade shit.
  12. I'll only properly Mark out if the MSP come to slovenly job out again.
  13. I'm still waiting for Funkadactyl Kane.
  14. No, he snorts his in lines.
  15. So the way the main event ended... Was that dirty deeds.. Done to sheep?
  16. Zac_Fu


    There's not a thread for the Edge and Christian show, but by gawd there should be.
  17. Just waiting on the Total Dudes spinoff. Hopefully, it just consists of our seediest male talent picking up rats. If Jake isnt involved on camera, theyre just leaving money onnthe table.
  18. Ok, these two are having way too much fun together. I want a Network show with them! #Baylor https://video-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xft1/v/t43.1792-2/12704880_1709441126000048_1291361313_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjIwOTEsInJsYSI6NDA5NiwidmVuY29kZV90YWciOiJoZCJ9&oh=14d796694fddeeffbfde9f71e0d2beb5&oe=56D0B1D8
  19. I dont know if this has been brought up yet with Shane's return, but does anyone think we'll see the old or updated version of the MSP?
  20. It could work. Heyman could say Brock had Roman dead to rites with the kimura lock until Ambrose came with the chair. Say Ambrose got in Brock's way and go from there. I'm really into that match, provided Ambrose gets to look credible and not the punching bag he's been so far I think we saw the seeds planted tonight with Dean not being able to pick up Brock. He tries a few more times before Mania to no avail, only to blow the roof off Dallas when he takes Brock to Suplex City. It'd be an amazing moment and if Brock gives him the rub and sells it, immediately puts Dean into a credible belt contender slot going forward. Was it me or was the literal burial of Brock tonight the most meta thing in the busness in a while?
  21. The one thing you do have going for Trips holding onto the belt post WM, and flaunting it. You have a credible foundation for the shield reuniting as the guys who were the authority's watchdogs not too long ago biting the hand that once fed them. They've established themselves as guys who can work on their own but really knowing that together they're stronger than the authority. At least, I'd like to think that's a valid way it could go when Seth comes back. YMMV.
  22. Just in case anyone missed this slice of fried gold. Bonus: Finn being so into it he almost busts his ass again. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153518033521443&id=7175346442&_rdr
  23. So Sunny's book is out. Anyone plan on reading it?
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