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  1. This. Look, I may be talking out my ass because as soon as Dave gets all Raymond Babbitt about the ratings I mash that "FWD 2 mins" button like it was my job, BUT with everything being so fragmented in the cable TV landscape to the point where anything that gets a decent amount of eyeballs is really valuable, wouldn't keeping a show that's consistently in the top ratings in its slot be a be a good idea? I mean I know Dynamite might be more expensive than Dr. Pimple Popper or My 500 Pound Fiancee, but come on now.
  2. LOOOOL and now Marcel Barthel is "Ludwig Kaiser." Because "Kraut Von Nazi" was a little too on the nose. This fucking company.
  3. A few days late with some random-ass comments... JOE/SUZUKI! Inject that shit into my veins, please. I like matches that don't follow the formula and I need to see that more. Two dudes beat the piss out of each other until one hits a big move and wins. Fuck to the yeah. JOKE'S ON YOU, HEIFER! I LOVE CAKE! AND VIOLENCE! Nyla is a treasure. Nyla for TNT champ please and thanks. Jade's Baddies Section looks like every one of them has "If he can't handle me at my worst, he doesn't deserve me at my best" in a Notes doc so they can copy and paste it to socials at least once a week. Punk/Penta was really good despite a little screwyness. They did a really good job in the home stretch leaving at least some question as to who'd win despite all of us knowing Punk was taking it. That's good wrestling. If Alex Abrahantes is playing the dark priest role, he needs to put some actual incense into that thurible. Yes, I just Googled "priest incense burner." I wish JR would stop complaining about double teaming. It's the house style and it's not going to change, so all he's doing is burying the wrestlers, the match, and the refs by bitching about it. Speaking of, did he say Bill Watts gave "The Thump" to JYD and it was a version of the Oklahoma Stampede? Didn't JYD in Mid South predate Williams by a year or two? That's like saying the Cobra Clutch was a version of the Million Dollar Dream. DVDVR Wokeass POC watch for the people who complain about it: FIVE people of color (including the ref) in the main event. Nice. LOL @ JR catching Excalibur offguard asking for a translation of Kaze Ni Nare. AEW's glaringly underproduced announcers are one of its charms. House of Black continuing the feud with Fuego? That's something, I guess. No Tay & Sammy on the show is a plus. Scorpio's TNT title reign has been ass. I hope they're working on a reboot for this belt because it's dying a death right now. I'm all for Lee/Swerve being this generation's Andre/Snuka occasional team that features one guy jumping off the other guy's body. Shafir/Skye really shows the need to have some 80's WWF style experienced jobbers instead of having your whole enhancement roster be made up of indy talent trying to get a break. I LOL'd like a buffoon at Jay's gift box gag because I'm a 47 year old with 7 year old sensibilities. Can somebody clue me in to the capitalized "DR" in ReDRagon's name? I think it's a Davey Richards reference? Or they just really like taking backups of their servers. It's gotta be on of those. Note: this joke is just for @J.T. Wow, Gresham vs Castle for the ROH belt on AEW TV. Craziest timeline. Is Castle any good in 2022? He was the last generation's Orange Cassidy (massively popular indy guy with a fun gimmick) for a minute but fell off due to injuries and ROH booking's shitty timing. I LOL'd at the LETS GOOOOO guy and hope he becomes a meme. Schiavone joyfully calling attention to him was so great. And yes, fuck the "Allons Brandon" guy. Really, they need to stop anyone from hanging their own bullshit signs from the hard cam rail. If you want the India audience that bad, just book some intergender like everybody else does. I'm thinking the huge announcement is HBO Max, since that was the theory on the night TK announced he bought ROH and word was he had a big backup announcement ready since that deal was made at 6pm. Thing that unnecessarily bugged me: two matches in a row, two guys with "hurt legs" using the injured leg to post up/push off to stand. I'm petty. FTR with all the belts is going to be awesome. The new guy better have a running big boot called the Sikh Kick. Was the crowd chanting "Monkey" for Ortiz? That's awesome. Eddie & PnP for trios champs. Every other Owen qualifier has been star vs jobber and now they're booking a star vs star match? Weird. Man, good on Ricky Starks.
  4. It also flopped because he's such a dumbdumb that he thinks Tyler Durden is the face.
  5. Nah, he's just leaning really hard into that Fight Club gimmick
  6. This. I’m looking forward to the match because it’ll definitely be good, but did they ever justify why Cole is getting a rematch? I honestly can’t remember…was there a screwy situation in the title match where he has some kind of claim? AEW typically doesn’t do this kind of thing.
  7. They were so joyous and excited at the finish of FTR/ Bucks. BIGUUUUUUUU-LIGAAAAAHHHHH!
  8. Gah! Thanks! I just thought of that one, too.
  9. Has anyone besides Evans and Gemma Chan played multiple roles in Marvel/Marvel-adjacent films?
  10. Cool! Glad you’re enjoying it. We just finished the season Friday night. It’s REALLY good!
  11. I really need to see Chris Evans reprise his role as Skinny Steve Rogers, in the Hydra Stomper, for a cameo.
  12. THIS. I'm so happy F4W posts timestamps. Dave gets so into numbers and I'm just mashing the hell out of that "+ 2 minutes" button.
  13. I just did the mission where you need to get the RV from Sandy Shores (Meth'd Up) and my team spawned, to start the mission, way out in the ocean behind Michael's psychiatrist's office. WTF
  14. Sounds like Atlantic City (As far as I know...it's been a few years). You have the boardwalk, which is decent, I guess. But you get a block or so away and it's pretty fucked up.
  15. Dude. I have thought the exact thing. Maybe Chip with a little Billy Ray Cyrus thrown in, but your point stands.
  16. It ties into the movies, as well. I mean that is Evil Doctor Strange in the trailers for the next movie, right?
  17. Tay and Sammy are really getting into that Cody territory of "no way they think this is a babyface act, right? Please?" Unless they're going heel, this gimmick has really screwed (pardon the pun) both of them. Sammy has gone from "crazy athletic smug prick" to "crazy athletic smug prick who won't stop talking about fucking his hot girlfriend." Nobody wants to be friends with that guy. Tay has gone from "super nice underdog who everybody knows has improved by leaps and bounds, won't stop fighting, and is really cool to a kid who lost his dad" to "generic arm candy with no agency, used as a prop so Sammy can brag about fucking." Ugh. Please stop this.
  18. Anybody checking out "Severance" on Apple? Crazy-ass show in all the good ways, reminds me of Westworld a little and maybe Lost before it got stupid. Bonus: John Turturro and Christopher Walken subtly chewing all the scenery and Patricia Arquette being low key amazing.
  19. Absolutely! Though she's toned it down lately and doesn't really resemble Devine anymore.
  20. I read someone said something like, "it looks like someone made a title belt from a gaming PC."
  21. It was a mess. Schiavone definitely said Jeff was eliminated and Remsburg signaled for it was well. What made that worse was the table kind of didn't really break. Not the way we've come to expect, anyway. Then Schiavone announced Butcher as being eliminated and made an issue of Butcher staying in the match. But then it ended with an eliminated person (Jeff) beat a non-eliminated person (Blade). I think the rules changed at some point in the day and nobody clued in the announcers.
  22. Six different WWE production assistants are combing Stamford for lederhosen right now so Gunther can join their wacky European stable.
  23. Holy shit. This is what happens when you're not beholden to promoting 14 PPVs plus random Saudi Blood Money Mania shows per year. You can put on a card like this and cap it off with a PPV quality main with the two best teams in the world. God damn! I do need to say AEW needs to dial back on the sheer amount of stuff they're promoting at once. Counting the match Hangman mentioned, they promoted TWO Rampages (I think), next week's Dynamite, and Battle of the Belts. I was getting confused there. Speaking of confusion, those table match rules. I am completely behind only letting an offensive move win because you shouldn't win a table match by being talented at getting out of the way. But I thought it was elimination rules. Then I thought, "okay, it's elimination rules, but B&B are just cheating." Then Jeff came back and I thought, "okay, he's just cheating to even it up." Then Jeff got the win and I didn't know what the fuck was going on. Ugly match with 4 good spots. Adam Cole is such a great scumbag heel, ring-work wise. Always cheats to get the finish. Nutshots and eyepokes as far as the eye can see. Reminds me of Jericho's story where he said, "I'm a heel. My finish is a rollup." Match started meh and got better and that's not all Cole's fault. Christian is kind of boring. YMMV. Welcome back, Samoa Joe. Fuck yeah. Shawn Spears vs Shawn Dean. GODDAMMIT PAL YOU NEED TO CHANGE ONE OF THEIR NAMES Oh no Julia Hart the darkness is spreading. Is there a topical cream or lozenge she can take for that? I've had untreated sinus infections that healed faster. Apparently side effects of the black mist include a total inability to go up for a vertical suplex. I enjoyed how the kayfabe security guys went after Wardlow while he was able to stroll right past the bored looking shoot security guys. We should all be as amazingly happy as the dude with two beers strolling behind Wardlow. LOOOOOOL Keith Lee doing some remodeling. That wall was not up to code. Oh shit pissed off Christian. He's turning heel on JE any day now. Eddie Kingston & P&P are the fucking best. God damn right come to the ring without music. SOMEBODY FIX THIS TV Fuck, Sammy and Tay are tiresome. Jade is tired of these MMA washouts! Great promo.
  24. Looool holy fuck you’re not kidding it’s a U-Haul ramp
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