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  1. It's awesome seeing Colman Domingo getting his due after being the only good thing I remember about Fear the Walking Dead.
  2. Cena dresses like grandpa did when he worked at the bank and talks like he spent 20 years in front of a focus group
  3. Hell nah man. Between Maryland's eastern shore and the parts of Delaware you need to go through to get to the Delmarva beaches, it's some real January 6 country.
  4. Sentence structure, and commas, are both incredibly important.
  5. Oh hell yes. It's not "north and south," it's "urban and rural." I lived in a more rural town in northern Maryland for a while and saw a pickup flying the confederate flag. That's when I knew it was time to move. Shit, if you drive from where I live (DC suburbs) to the Maryland seashore, you'll see some proper Deliverance type shit.
  6. On a different note, I keep hearing that if you want to come across as edgy and cool, you need to order AEW’s next ppv. Well I’m here to just reassure you that you don’t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.
  7. Ah, thanks! And giving the benefit of a doubt, I'm sure they were using candy glass and not actual glass bottles. The bad thing about light tubes is that indies don't typically drain all the hazardous gunk out first, right?
  8. The "primadonna" stuff feels unearned, too. Yes, using real glass is stupid (IF in fact that was the issue...nobody is using actual glass panes, they're all using safety glass with the exception of your dumbest shindies) but CM Punk is not the booker or creative staff. Take the glass out of it and you have an old head, not known for his sparkling personality or diplomatic prowess, seemingly big leaguing a younger guy and telling him how to do his match. I'd be a little peeved, too.
  9. Knowing the state of gotcha journalism and bullshit headlines, it's probably someone who only works ROH tapings.
  10. Vinnie V mentioned on the B&V show that (I assume as part of the PPV weekend), Shayna (Mother) Wayne got to sit down and watch a Buddy Wayne vs Ricky Steamboat match with Ricky Steamboat, which is awesome.
  11. On one hand, I feel like I want to say you need to have a plan for someone after a heel turn that's something more than "dress as generic heel #4379 and insult the fans" BUT, because all the Punk bullshit went down, we can't fairly say they had no plan because we never got to see it. Where was Perry supposed to go after Hook got his comeuppance?
  12. Sunglasses and leather jacket to get across the point that he's a rich Hollywood asshole is really hacky. Might as well have gone all the way and changed his name to "Hollywood Jack Perry." Honestly, turning him heel was a dumb move. The catalyst for his turn was weak -- he was jealous of Hook for his made-up title! And he was just better as a fiery whitemeat babyface.
  13. LOOOOL When I first heard the next PPV would be called "Dynasty," I hoped there'd be a stipulation match where the winner had to throw the user down an ornate staircase.
  14. Happy bday to a damn good one! Enjoy, Paul!
  15. I know it's crazy, but maybe the guy has a great real life personality that just doesn't translate into wrestling promos/character, like Malenko and Brad Armstrong.
  16. Brody and Malakai are the current PWG tag champs. They should get a bye!
  17. Instead of training the refs in emergency medical care, why don’t we train paramedics to be refs? Aaaand now I have “Don’t wanna miss a thing” stuck in my head
  18. Does any real sports league do this? Serious question.
  19. I joke about people piling on Knox but seriously, it’s not the refs’ job. They have a bunch of other shit they’re responsible for and they’re not doctors. If stopping a match when a guy is concussed is so important, put a trained doctor at ringside as a concussion spotter and empower them to stop matches.
  20. Oooooohhhh shiiiiit Rick Knox witch hunt incoming
  21. Just...reading a whole paragraph about microtransactions and bullshit that's on top of a game you already paid $60 - 70 for, some game mode specifically designed to nickel and dime you...fuuuuuck. I expect that from free games, sure. But this? This is just gross to me.
  22. Vince is just a fucking weird person. Back against the wall? Act like an actual wrestling promoter. Do anything you can to put on a good product that people will like. Fat and happy, no competition? Do whatever weird shit appeals to you and only to you, and feed your own ego to the detriment of the product..
  23. That thing looks like a Fleshlight from The Upside Down.
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