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  1. How many episodes is this supposed to be? Need to figure out when I can subscribe, binge, then unsubscribe. Too many fucking streaming services, man.
  2. I remember an Apter mag at my corner drugstore speculating that Haynes would turn on Hogan and main event Mania 4!
  3. I LOL'd at, and rewound, Caster's disses on that job guy. Broke ass Kat Williams? Count Blacula? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Dude had "Dom" on his tights. Does his partner have "sub" on his? Oh wow, Ava Everett! I haven't seen her since she was working as a valet for Anthony Green.
  4. So my nostalgia tour of 80s WWF on Peacock ROLLS ON (tm Michael Cole) as I kicked off Wrestlemania 3! Boy, is the Wikipedia "talk" page for this one a mess, with level headed people on one side and MAAAAAARKS on the other sniping eachother endlessly about the attendance! Something obviously untrue being defended tooth and nail by regular people hoodwinked by carnies. Some things never change! Muraco and Orton vs The Can Am Connection: This was a good opener between two short lived teams. Zenk quit due to a pay dispute (because he's Tom Zenk and didn't take carny bullshit) a few months later, Muraco and Orton (who were put together during the Piper/Adonis feud) split 5-6 months later on an angle I vaguely remember. Shit I never knew about: Orton went on to team with his brother Barry in Japan as Billy and Barry Gaspar, two hockey mask wearing pirates. Holy fuck I need to see that. I also need to see Vince coaching Martel and Zenk up on their whitemeat babyface mannerisms. GOD DAMMIT PAL RUN IN PLACE SLOWER, PUMP YOUR ARMS FASTER, AND LOOK PISSED! Gorilla calls Orton "The Excellence of Execution" a year or so before Bret. He also refers to the heels as "The Tank and the Technician" and that's cool. Can Ams beat T & T on a Martel high cross assisted by Don tripping over Zenk and I love goofy-ass tag misdirection finishes. Oh shit WWF's habit of putting highlight videos before every match started here. Billy Jack Haynes vs Hercules Hernandez: Herc has gone from Blassie to Slick to Heenan by Mania 3. I can still hear Slick saying "Hercules Hernandez is a FIIIIINE ATHALETE" during the promo where he sold his contract. Dull clubbering match between two guys who would somehow both end up working under hoods for WCW years later. That's the rasslin biz for ya. One day you're working in front of 78,000 93,173 and millions worldwide, one day you're a worked French executioner under a hood in front of 450 people who don't care. Ka is a wheel. It goes to a double countout with both fighting over a full nelson, then Herc waffles Billy with the chain for a sweet bladejob as Billy Jack does his best to pull his massive curtain of hair from his forehead so the blood can flow and not get soaked up. All this happens because, say it with me, we need to keep things going for the house shows. Funny/scary moment where the guy driving the ring cart starts to drive away before Heenan expects it and while Herc is still getting on. Heenan almost falls and looks freaked out, and then both of them start screaming at the dude. It's the little things. Bundy, Little Tokyo, & Lord LIttlebrook vs Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver, and Haiti Kid: Is there a bigger fall from Mania to Maina than Bundy, who went from main eventing 2 to a little people comedy match in 3? Don't count people who went from being on the card to off the card. I mean people who went from a marquee match to some shit like this. Useless, short match. Little Beaver works in nude colored tights and it's disturbing. He's probably only on the card because Vince thought his name was funny. Did they not smarten up the announcers to finishes? Ventura says "I wanna see Bundy put the kibosh on one of these midgets!" Way to give that away. Anyway, the big bald guy puts a pounding on the beaver for the DQ. Jack Lanza is furiously yelling at dudes to get out of the ring and that's hilarious. JYD vs Harley by god Race: Fuck yes Harley Race is the most professional professional wrestler. You have a multi time world champ, one of the best in the world for a long time, and he has no problem doing EXACTLY what is necessary here. He's just bumping and stooging, just sports entertainmenting all over the place to make this work and it's awesome. Quick match where Race takes a beating and then cuts off JYD with the sweetest belly to belly for the quick win. JYD goofiness after the match to get his heat back. Did they also keep this going for house shows? I wouldn't doubt it. That's all for now. Rougeaus vs Dream Team, Piper vs Adonis, and more up next. As a bonus, here's a pic of one of the GASPAR BROTHERS and you need more Jason Vorhees/Lord Humongous buccaneers in your life! It's a puffy shirt!
  5. For the exact same reason, my pick is The Capitol One Arena, which was maybe called the Verizon Center or MCI Center back then? It's the arena in downtown DC where the Wizards and Capitals play. I saw, OF COURSE, Starrcade 97 there. Bad PPV with a terrible ending, compounded by the fact that we were four rows from the very top of the (very steep) building. Bad show, bad seats, vertigo-inducing building. Awful. Coolest building? Harry Grove Stadium, the minor league ballpark in Frederick, MD. WWE ran shows there a few Summers in a row and seeing wrestling at an outdoor ballpark in July was *chef's kiss* Except for the time the show got rained out. We were two matches in and they brought out THE BOOGEYMAN for a test run of the character. You couldn't have asked for better special effects as we were hit by thunder and lightning and they sky opened up for a downpour. They did a make-up show in September and never ran another one. I wonder if the storm and needing to do that make-up was the reason they didn't come back. Here's a TRIPOD site dedicated apparently to Kane that is somehow still online, with shots from one of these shows. Amazing.
  6. Hoo boy I watched the first ep of The Boys season 3 and could not get into it. Was it the long layoff? It just felt like it was all grossness and shock value without the support of decent plot or writing. Might watch the second episode to see if it gets better, but that first ep was meh.
  7. For arena bucket lists, I definitely would have loved to have seen a PWG show in Reseda, of course! Shit, that VFW was like a mile from my brother's house. But I never got there and now the building is gone. Their shows at The Globe in LA absolutely have a more professional look, but I'm nostalgic for the old VFW because pirated copies of shows from there were my first exposure to them, and higher quality indy wrestling in general, in a dark time when WWE was lame.
  8. My fandom started shortly before Wrestlemania 1. I remember seeing Hogan and Mr. T featured on the syndicated show that would become Wrestling Challenge. It was on Saturdays at 4pm on the independent station in Baltimore (WBFF, channel 45) that would eventually become the Fox network affiliate. I watched that a friend's house and I guess I was hooked. I'd watch that show and Superstars, which aired Saturdays at 11:30pm on what was then the local CBS affiliate. I'd always rent the videos and I remember waiting all day at my local store for Mania 2 to come back in. My dad liked boxing and decried wrestling as phony bullshit. My brother tolerated wrestling but wasn't super into it. Our Christmas present in December of 85 was tickets to the January house show at the Civic Center, featuring Hogan vs Beefcake. My sister and her boyfriend took us because no way were our parents going to. I went to a few more shows after that, including that dreadfully boring TV taping where Adonis broke Piper's leg and then he came back for revenge, and then a friend got me into JCP. NWA wrestling was on another independent station (channel 54) on Saturdays and Sundays at noon. Eventually, we'd go to cards at the now Baltimore Arena by ourselves, taking the bus downtown at like 11-12 years old. It was a different time. I have a lot of cool memories of stuff I saw live in Baltimore, but probably the most historic thing was seeing Bruno's last match ever when he teamed with Hogan in August of 88 against Bundy and Gang. I'm currently working through all the WWF's big shows of the 80s and commenting on it here. Definitely some rose colored glasses stuff as a lot of those matches were bad, but that's nostalgia for ya. Nothing ever tops the magic of the stuff you saw as a kid.
  9. I've wondered how much of MJF's antics that weekend were fueled by his impending job to Wardlow. Kind of like his idol Piper not wanting to job to Hogan because of the thought that there's nowhere to go but down after that. Pulling some extracurricular shit that killed fans' suspension of disbelief and made MJF's story bigger than any one match or one job certainly helped him and absolutely cooled Wardlow off.
  10. Booking over the past few weeks has been a real mess, too. I'm sure TK had specific plans for Punk, Danielson, MJF, and (maybe to a lesser extent) The Hardys before DoN. That's a lot of things going wrong in a very short period of time. As a result of these, we got: A half-hearted interim championship tournament. Nobody cares about an interim title. They should have just vacated the belt, had a real tournament with the semis and finals at Forbidden door, and announced Punk was #1 contender when he got back. Wardlow cooling off so fast and being put into a dumb (albeit short) program with the wrestling lawyer and 20 jobbers. MJF telling all the fans that the company is lame, then being booked into an angle where he's not there. BCC vs JAS build being kinda wacky. Tag title picture being muddied. That weird shit with the JAS jumping Mox and Tanahashi to set up a totally different six man. We also got, apparently, the build to Forbidden Door getting screwed up because of Mexico/NJPW politics. This whole thing has been an aimless mess for weeks. I don't know for sure if any of it translates to ratings but I know it, at times, hasn't been enjoyable from a storytelling standpoint.
  11. To be fair, Vince never meant to hire him in the first place. When discussing restarting the XFL, his trusted advisors told him, "Vince, to get this shitshow off the ground, we'll need all of our luck." He just misheard them.
  12. Best/worst use: Mr. Robot ripping off Fight Club's twist and plot, then using a piano version of the song when the the twist is revealed.
  13. Get out of my brain! I was thinking the same thing but forgot to write it as I was distracted thinking about that ref's shitty count style.
  14. Here's some old wrestling I watched over the weekend (it wasn't much!) as I continue my 80s/maybe 90s WWF nostalgia tour. I left off on The Big Event. The Rougeaus vs The Dream Team: Valentine had the same color trunks as the Rougeaus (dark red), which was weird. By the numbers, fine match. There's a funny spot where Valentine goes to break up a pin and the ref straight up elbows him in the face during the count. Cool finish as Valentine goes for the figure four on one Rougeau but, as he's bending to pick up the straight leg, the other Rougeau sunset flips him. I'm pro cool sunset flips when the heel's not expecting it. Monsoon rightfully calls out that the illegal Rougeau made the pin and Johnny Valiant, on commentary, is pissed. BTW this ref sucked. He'd carefully drop to his hands and knees, almost as bad as Bronco Lubich, slide his hand under the pinned wrestler's shoulder blade to make ABSOLUTELY SURE it was down, then count ONE, then slide his hand under the pinned wrestler's shoulder blade AGAIN TO FUCKING MAKE SURE IT WAS STILL DOWN, etc. Dude, don't count pins like its a shoot. Really ruined the flow. Harley Race vs Pedro Morales: Race was already 43 here but he was like Arn Anderson, one of those guys who was perpetually 55. He must have just started his King gimmick as he's announced with two nicknames as "The King of Wrestling, Handsome Harley Race." That's a bit much. Nothing match as Race cribs the Macho Man finish from both The Wrestling Classic AND Mania 2, double legging Pedro in the corner and using the ropes for leverage, in a very short match. Hogan vs Orndorff: formula match, entertaining if you were into Hogan's shtick, which the very hot crowd definitely was. Really lame DQ as Hogan hits Orndorff with a running, jumping knee to the back, which causes Orndorff to run into the ref, who then DQs ORNDORFF when he comes to. Ugh. Again, it's the curse of the early WWF big events where programs were prolonged forever to keep house show business going. Did they ever run a series of Hogan/Orndorff blowoffs? I know they came back to Toronto after this with Hogan/PIper vs Orndorff/Orton. Maybe the blowoffs came before the SNME cage match? Historyofwwf.com is a viagra site now, so I can't check. Savage and Piper were notably missing from this show and I'd love to know what the lineup for the B town was on this night. I'd also love to know how pissed they were for not getting a piece of this gate. I started Mania 3 but didn't get far into the first match. It was wild watching Aretha sing America the Beautiful while 75% of the shots in the montage are inexplicably downtown Baltimore. Weird.
  15. Achewood callbacks are always appreciated! Just yesterday, I referenced "I am DEFINITELY not afraid of the fucking POLICE right now!" when discussing tequila.
  16. Plus 10 minutes of Dave discussing whether it was a standard tenpin pin or a duckpin type. And then 15 more on the history of bowling on TV.
  17. My daughter wanted to play some old GBA Sonic games yesterday so I fired up the ol' Emulation Station. Later, I played some RASSLIN games! Power Move Pro Wrestling: I played The Commandant (Mutoh) vs Da Judge (Fujinami). Won it with a moonsault. Toukon Retsuden 3: I played Hashimoto vs Inoki. I busted Inoki open with kicks, naturally, then finished him with a German suplex. All the TR games are awesome!
  18. “That girl who betrayed me and tirelessly plotted against me for probably 15 years? I’ll stab her once and leave her alive, no problem.” Fucking dumb
  19. No Holds Barred In those lonely hours, 2am, nobody is around, Vince just screams at the walls about how the Hollywood elite denied him a well deserved Oscar. The writing team of McMahon, Bollea, and Cocaine were robbed.
  20. Worse than dumbass Kane tweeting to blame Biden for gas prices? Dustin backing him up. God dammit.
  21. I keep forgetting to call out Austin Gunn always doing the old Ed Grimley dance during the Assclaimed’s entrance, which is tremendous.
  22. Catch and compromise to a permanent end culture
  23. Loool! The other day my wife said “hey…” really quietly and all I could think about was “…do you watch wrestling?” WEEEEEE WAAATCHH WREEEESTLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING
  24. What are you going on about? It seriously sounds like you're projecting some motivations on me that are honestly not there. What I wrote in response to Burgundy's "per usual" comment was pretty measured and respectful, unlike this dismissive bullshit you're writing. I guess some people have dog piled her but I personally never have. But if the lesson is "never disagree with Burgundy because some people in the past were shitty to her and that's what we'll assume of you if you do," then message received loud and clear.
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