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  1. I love horror movies, but ironically I hate 95% I've watched because they almost all end up being boring, predictable, not scary at all or just plain silly. The Taking was surprisingly good, and that first half hour makes up for the by-the-numbers stuff that the rest of the story entails -- apart from that one scene and that spoiler. I really enjoyed The Babadook and enjoyed it more the next day when it hit me that Such a good movie.
  2. Step 1: get 4 star wanted level Step 2: trigger mission cutscene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAcsmXT-rcI#t=107
  3. According to Nash, the brawl drew 30,000 at the Garden. Does the Garden even hold that many people? it does when they're hanging from the rafters, Brain.
  4. If holding your significant other's bag makes you feel less manly, you can always buy a gun or a truck. I hear those help with feelings of inadequacy.
  5. LOL @ this. Sometimes my wife asks me to hold her bag while she does something. I do it. Because I'm not an insecure asswipe. Somehow, when I hold her bag for her, my dick does not shrink, nor do I start gazing at other dudes, nor I do begin to like football and beer any less.
  6. Nash got into a fight and didn't tear a quad? He's clearly in shape for a comeback.
  7. What holds wrestling back from the mainstream is that it was a con for most of its existence. It was portrayed as "real" long past the point of absurdity and they still barely acknowledge that it's a work today. Because of that, the mainstream thinks, rightly so, that wrestling is fucking ridiculous. By extension, the people who enjoy wrestling simply must be a) stupid b ) retarded c) children or d) all three. Wrestling's history as a con and its current stewards' refusal to do anything innovative to change the way they do business because the main guy behind it as a 70 year old holdover from the carny days is the reason the mainstream doesn't accept wrestling. As far as who can change the mainstream's view of wrestling, WWE is all that's left, and they're doing things the same way they have forever.
  8. NFL: I agree so hard with making everything reviewable, especially penalties. It'll never happen, though, because they're against anything that might undermine the refs. Shit, you can't even criticize the refs without getting fined. So look at replay right now. Who has final say? Not some impartial party but the head ref on the field, and it's in his own best interest to make sure his team of refs looks good because your per-game evaluations contribute to whether your team of refs gets to earn some postseason coin. One rule change I'd LOVE to see, which wouldn't really fix anything but would make me enjoy the game more, would be the addition of unsportsmanlike penalties for players begging for flags. To me, nothing defines "unsportsmanlike" than crying to a ref after a play. And when the play is over and a guy comes up yelling at the ref and making a flag throwing motion? That's just sad. Be a fucking adult. I watched the Ravens play the Chargers this year. On one play, Rivers scrambled for a first down and slid. The Ravens player going in for the tackle had already engaged. He reached for him as he slid and ended up gently brushing Rivers' helmet with his hand. Rivers got up, screaming and indignant, yelling at the ref, demanding more yards on top of the first down he already got. There was no wrong done to Rivers, no injury or even a risk of injury. The guy barely touched him. He was just an asshole trying to some free yardage because of the letter of the law. Luckily the ref didn't fall for it that time. I'm sorry, but that shit should be 15 yards back.
  9. The old dude behind her is eyefucking reigns so hard, which is even creepier somehow.
  10. You'd think a company whose corporate HQ is in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley could tape in a decent high school/college gym or similar building up around that way where the odds of getting shot would be lower. Of course, Sinclair is known for being incredibly cheap and I guess filming in the armpit of Baltimore is easier on the wallet. Edit: I just looked it up and the area is actually called "Arundel Village," so going there would violate a rule I established for my own personal safety long ago: never go anywhere with "village" or "heights" in the name.
  11. That's amazing. Reason #9384 why the people in power should never also be talent. This company is so fucked it's not even funny. Their creative problems have a major list of very complex reasons and the answer is definitely not as simple as "more McMahons on TV." Count me in with the people who pay for WWE Network just for old stuff and NXT.
  12. Ever find yourself hoping your team doesn't make the playoffs because, fuck 'em, they don't deserve it and will just shit the bed anyway? That's me right now as a Ravens fan. I just had a guy offer me free tickets for Sunday's game and I turned him down.
  13. Watching it live it was crazy. We thought for sure one or both of them would be pretty fucked up from it. I remember asking Cedric afterwards about it and he said surprisingly they were fine. If you like no-DQ matches this is worth a look. Also have to laugh at Papadon. He put a lot of Greek elements in there I picked up on, but the whole thing seems out of place for ROH. He's technically not bad though. Still find it funny seeing him at a local show held by a Greek church. They trotted him out there expecting the crowd to care and nobody gave a damn. How's the new building compared to the Du Burns arena? I have to say it looks better on TV. Whenever they taped at Du Burns, they'd screw up the camera angles and make it obvious the place was 3/4 empty.
  14. I just watched ROH for the first time in a few weeks and noticed they're now shooting in HD instead of shooting standard def and stretching. So Jay Lethal no longer looks as wide as Hanson.
  15. Stuff I watched this weekend: V/H/S: Viral: Awful, though I got a kick out of skaters vs Mexican zombies. I think the second V/H/S movie was the best of the bunch. Cold in July: Started off really strong, then went in the most dull direction possible. I guess you could say it was the tale of a normal schlub's obsession with the dark underworld or something but I just didn't see the point. I really wanted to like it but I guess I'll say it was just average. Predestination: What the fuck did I just watch?
  16. I actually don't mind the electric chair one because he's behind the opponent so, conceivably, the opponent has to turn around to find Hero, giving him time to pull off an elbow. Or I'm just allowing it because I like Hero, even out of shape Hero who gets winded doing British chain wrestling against Drew Gulak. But suplex or GTS style is a little too much for me.
  17. Wait, how does that work? Is it like the finish Ricochet's been using where picks him up like a GTS, then he drops the guy completely to a standing position, then kicks him in the head? Finishes like that suck. "Hey, I'm going to pick you up and then put you down gently back on your feet. The fact that I did nothing to you should confuse you so much that you won't be ready for this big strike." Hero's been doing the same thing, letting guys down from suplexes and electric chairs to hit an elbow. Really dumb looking.
  18. It's an okay show, just don't think too hard about it (like where is their manufacturing infrastructure? How dd they invent tablets and video cards? There's no Foxconn in space!) and you might like it. I can't buy sleazy Ray Ray from The Bridge as the captain, though.
  19. That's awesome. Right up there with ROH Showdown in Motown, a cover so bad they changed it later. ROH Rock Out with your Cock Out
  20. Remember when ECW premiered on SyFy and three were stories of the network demanding WWE shoehorn some science fiction elements into the show? And WWE, as a fuck you, gave us The Zombie? Now we're getting an alien, voluntarily.
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