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  1. Discus big boot & cravate suplex. Some Chris Hero fans fans there.
  2. I love it when he goes undercover and uses a "Jamaican" accent. Take bad acting and multiply it by 1000. I can't remember...was he always Jamaican when undercover as "Rico Cooper" or was that only: 1) On special occasions 2) In the first season before they realized it was shit
  3. I don't watch Total Divas...is that famous luchador Juan Cena on the left?
  4. "We don't give a fuck, we just want to get to Mania." Fast Lane? More like Cruise Control amirite
  5. Holly's fault. He came up short because he held the top rope on the way out.
  6. Brian Adams worked four Manias, each time with a different gimmick. Another record. Also everything he did, he did it for you.
  7. I think I was so traumatized by it that my mind blocked out the extent of the horror. Cool thing about Crush is he kept the same name across five pretty different gimmicks. That has to be a record. Demolition Crush Friendly Hawaiian Crush Evil Mr. Fuji disciple Crush with face paint and different gear Ex-Con N.O.D. Crush Biker Crush (D.O.A.)
  8. For bad Mania moments, how about the Savage/Crush "falls count anywhere" match at Mania X? It was WWE's first clumsy attempt at EXTREEEEME and it was god awful. Instead of a nice, simple FCA match, it was some convoluted Chutes and Ladders bullshit where you had to pin a guy (or just incapacitate him maybe?) and then return to the ring and wait. If they couldn't get back to the ring in 60 seconds, you won. Jesus Christ I'm getting confused just typing this. So instead of the drama of a pinfall, we get the drama of watching the winner stand in the ring for a minute. IIRC, Savage won by tying Crush to a scaffold so he couldn't get free in time to get back to the ring. Yep. The vicious blood feud essentially ended with one man lassoing the other and running away.
  9. Yeah, that's the one I was trying to find when I found this one
  10. So while they're being hush hush about what this means, exactly, it sounds like someone higher up was trying to text plays and play suggestions to Shanahan maybe. That's hilarious. I only saw two Browns games this season. That being said, aside from calling an illegal trick play he didn't know was illegal, I don't think Shanahan was that bad as the OC. They could have certainly done worse. They could have that Gary Kubiak, whom the Ravens often succeed in spite of, not because of.
  11. I'm working my way through Wrestlemania 4 right now. It's not new to me -- I saw it on CLOSED CIRCUIT as a youngster. It's a pretty bad show so far and I can't help but think about the alternate reality where HTM didn't hold up Vince that January/February, Savage got the IC title on the Main Event leading up to this and DiBiase won the world title. On a side note, it's funny how Meltzer, for example, bagged on Gorilla Monsoon for being a terrible announcer. Monsoon and Ventura could smoke the current WWE announce teams in their sleep. Man, I miss good commentary that actually discussed the match in the ring and treated it like a real athletic competition. Something so simple really adds to a match and its absence today is striking by comparison. If the clowns calling Raw can't be bothered to discuss the match like it means something, why should I care to watch it? I also watched a random Flair/Guerrero match recently. It was from one of the Hog/Road Wild shows and it was not good. They blew 3-4 spots early including one botched back suplex counter where I swear both guys got hurt. Dull Flair formula match where he's the heel so the babyface gets 80% of the match because Flair's going over. Flair gets the pin with the figure four as Woman gives him leverage. Bad.
  12. Holy shit. Cena loses the 3 way, gets in the Rumble as a surprise entrant, wins the match and gets the title match at Mania. Heads explode.
  13. Has anyone seen "Predestination" yet? It's a closed loop time travel story so, by its very nature, it's absurd. Still, I think it's worth a look. It's certainly different from anything else you'll see. I won't say much more about it yet; don't want to give anything away.
  14. I had no idea that El Rey had different rules after 9pm. I was pretty shocked to see bewbz during Fright Night. Re Miami Vice: A few years ago, I binge watched it on Netflix. It's an underrated, awesome show. The widely-accepted misconception about this show is that it was just pastel-colored 80's cheese, but that's just not the case. While it had a slick veneer, it was still Michael Mann through and through: a pretty dark, serious drama the frequently featured downbeat endings. The only knocks I have is that the last season or two had more bad episodes and that they maybe relied too much on the "Crockett or Tubbs falls for the wrong girl and has a tragic love story" plot during the run of the series. It's easy to milk pathos from that one and they went to the well too many times. Shit, even one of the female supporting character cops gets an episode where she falls for an IRA gun runner (Liam Neesons), so they definitely spread that plot point thin. Still, you should check it out. The problem with El Rey is that they're not airing the episodes in order.
  15. Snyder was quoted saying this is a tribute to Native Americans. "He likes his fire water just like they do!"
  16. Says the guy who works for the world's largest "not for profit." The NFL and its owners receive more money in corporate welfare and taxpayer handouts than all the regular poor people that those of his ilk like to demonize combined. Please do find that new land and start over. Please.
  17. So apparently Gambit, starring Channing Tatum, has been confirmed. I never liked Gambit; I always saw him as very much of his era, much like many people see Venom. To me, Gambit is The 90s: The Superhero. He's the Dazzler of the 90s and nobody is making a Dazzler movie.
  18. I'm enjoying the random Miami Vice marathons where I play "spot the random actor who will be famous later."
  19. I'm a Ravens fan but I can totally understand the hate. Their off field bullshit is pretty indefensible and I hate them sometimes myself.
  20. I think the issue is that he doesn't want to work for anyone he'd have to sign a contract with. I could be just talking out my ass here but I vaguely recall hearing that some time back.
  21. He doesn't connect because he's Swiss. Vince, man. Fucking Vince.
  22. Man, they should have used a stack of phonebooks or an apple crate for that Dempsey/Parker locker room vignette. Their supposed monster heel is the same height as their tiny hippie job boy. LOL. Vince Sr. would have never exposed the biz like that, bros.
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