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  1. Vince is blind, didn't you hear? Just tell him Sami is 6'4" and roided the fuck up. "Well god damn, now I can understand why that pop was so loud!"
  2. I hate to admit that I spent way too much time trying to find this online last week. This clipping is just insane. Small Gorilla and 7 Colored Boys. Because 8 colored boys would have been unsporting. Also, "Small Gorilla and 7 Colored Boys" goes on my shortlist of band names, up there with Nice Guy Todd and The Nazis.
  3. I hope they book an invasion angle in a few months where an evil faction shows up with their own database. Like a bunch of bad dudes roll a server rack to the ring with the name of their group spraypainted on it. That would be badass.
  4. "Yeah, I'm a man and shit...I tried to change the channels, shit didn't work, I got the fuck out."
  5. No idea whwere he's going with it, maybe just a random goofy thing, but I like Ciampa's mask It's certainly a cooler look than when he bleached his beard, which just made him look like Groege Carlin
  6. Hopefully Vince can do one more angle with Cena. Cena will do the "you can't see me" thing and Vince will get self conscious and pissed off and then fire Cena right there.
  7. There's a difference between people who stand up for what's right and people who engage in self-congratulatory indignation and bigotry witchhunts. Look at the people misconstruing odessastep's quote as if it was pro-domestic violence as an example of the latter. Well sure, but who gets to be the arbiter of which person is one and which is the other? It's such a strawman. You're assuming a lot about someone you don't know, saying, "I think you're a SJW because I doubt you really feel that way!" You're attributing disingenuous motivation to people because you disagree with them. It's unfair and demonizes someone for having an opinion contrary to yours. Let's look at the opposite. When I hear someone decry "PC," all I can think of is "this is a person who really just wants to be able to say "nigger" in conversation. But that would be assuming a lot. Same as when you call someone a "SJW."
  8. Probably more drinking, fucking and fighting. In what order, we can't be sure.
  9. Well, now you've just ruined your shocking heel turn. Thanks. I gave an employee a write-up, today. Now I wish I'd told him "Run" as I was bringing him into the office. I'm trying to figure out how to offer the guys who work for me a "unique opportunity" (with air quotes and Spanish accent) at review time.
  10. That video is gold. "There we have a table for massages. We never use it."
  11. The only time Vince ever saw Baywatch, or any other show, was when he caught maybe a minute of it here and there between sets of benches and curls while it was on the TV at the gym. The guy is a workaholic and I doubt he ever sits down to watch television. He has psychological issues to the point where he won't even let himself sneeze; I can't even fathom the self loathing that would stem from wasting an hour to watch TV.
  12. I wonder if he requested they make the script more Will Smithy for him. Over/under on the number of "aw hell naws" in this one?
  13. I know "Son of Havoc" is just a play on Sons of Anarchy but, since it's Lucha, I keep wondering about the legendary luchador named Havoc.
  14. Albert came so close to saving two lives that day. Watching that gif without a shred of sympathy.
  15. Speaking of looking dumb in a mask, I'm not a fan of Son of Havoc's look at all. Matt Cross is not a big enough star to the point where he had to wear a hood or else everybody would know him, especially since he didn't have the massive beard during his one time of major exposure, Tough Enough. Motherfucker looks like Charlie Brown from Outta Town in that hood. And that voice alteration thing is god awful. Actually, the whole gimmick is just bad. How many bikers have six pack abs, no tattoos and are gymnasts? They should have run with a Crossfitting lumbersexual hipster gimmick for him. EDIT: Holy shit. I just looked him up on image search and he's actually rocking the Hitler Youth hipster undercut. They really missed the boat on a very contemporary gimmick.
  16. You're thinking of Rich Swann. Shane Strickland (Killshot) is from Tacoma and looks like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert in that mask.
  17. Oh, did she have that horrible duck bill lipjob reversed during her time off between tapings?
  18. You know the funny story about how Shawn Michaels told Verne Gagne that they wanted to be called "The Midnight Rockers" and Verne balked at it because he thought everyone would hear it and think of rocking chairs? Vince is Verne now.
  19. Have you ever seen the movie High Tension? He does that Pentagon is really Vampiro even though it makes no sense?
  20. Somebody photoshopped Nash's head onto Techno Viking.
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