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  1. Austin would ask Rude about his relatively tiny legs and Rude would get very defensive and yell "GODDAMN IT IT'S AN UPPER BODY BUSINESS, STEVE!" Chyna's not in the HOF because her clitpenis is gross
  2. I'm pretty much late to the party on everything but I highly recommend Nightcrawler to anyone who hasn't seen it. Great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal that brought to mind Travis Bickle and other weird loner types who are just a little off on the human interaction front. A very good film and a fun little indictment of TV news' "if it bleeds it leads" culture.
  3. I honestly don't have a problem with this. The nature of the position itself is that the QB has more on an impact on the game than any one defensive player.
  4. Austin's Rude stories are the best. Austin: "Rick, you gonna help me gut these fish???" Rude: (takes long drag off a joint) "Nope"
  5. Cesaro is strong but Reigns has more muscle mass so he looks strong. That's more important to Vince. Cesaro is bald, Reigns has flowing lustrous locks not seen since the heyday of Kevin Nash. Cesaro has a funny accent that Republican Vince can't get on board with. Cesaro is kind of weird looking. Reigns looks like a Lorenzo Lamas and gives Vince a chub.
  6. Sometimes coaches get too fucking cute, don't they? "Oh, they're expecting that, so I'll do THIS! It's a masterstroke!" The reason they expect "that" is because "that" works.
  7. Another point in the "Vince is out of touch" column. And to be fair, HHH is out of touch in this regard as well. To them, the Internet is nothing but the next evolution of the dirtsheets of old -- inside information that only the hardest of the hardcore fans, 1% of their audience, care about. You can't book to them and make money, right? Truth is, more fans are educated than ever before and WWE is underestimating their audience in disastrous ways. Vince is pushing 70 and it's eye opening to think about how his mindset of what this business is has never evolved.
  8. Longer version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3cO43LpMt4 I guess Heisenberg pressuring her to take a prescription that wasn't hers didn't fly with standards & practices. Kids dying is still okay, though. The bad commercial from last night that hasn't gotten much mention, though, is the extremely defensive Bud spot where they characterize anyone who -- god forbid -- wants something more tasty than their bland rice swill as a mustachioed hipster or perhaps not a real man.
  9. I stopped listening to the Lance shows long ago. The dude is fucking insufferable.
  10. WWE: if you're foreign or a woman, you only get one name. You may debut with a first and last name, but don't get too comfortable with it.
  11. Good question. Off the top of my head: John Goodman plays more characters than just the goofy fat oaf. I'd say Gabourey Sidebe but that's disingenuous. She was cast in Precious exactly because she looked that way and hasn't done a whole lot since. And man was she was cast as a buffoon in Tower Heist. "HAW HAW she's so fat and dark skinned it's hilarious that she's attracted to Eddie isn't it!" It's funny how Howard Stern was lambasted for saying how she'd better lose weight because Hollywood is not kind to overweight actors and that there wouldn't be many roles for her. This was after the Oscars where Hollywood did the "let's pat ourselves on the back for pretending to be inclusive of minorities and non pretty people" thing so nobody wanted to hear that shit right then. Here we are, 5-6 years later, and he was exactly right.
  12. That's some Mortal Kombat shit right there. Down, High Kick.
  13. This can already be done just load it up on a browser and find continue watching under the account tab. Awesome. Thanks for posting this.
  14. Was it Umaga or Rosey that straight up murdered one of the HLA girls?
  15. The shit "Hollywood" puts her in. "Tammy" was her dream project. She wrote it and her husband directed it. But go ahead and blame "Hollywood."
  16. So they've been deflating balls for 8-9 years and the Colts just decided to officially bring it up. The league should change the rule back for next season or have a neutral party supply all balls. If aging QBs can't hang, so be it.
  17. I always assumed Andre was completely shot by then (he never tagged into the match) and it was just a way to turn him face on his way out. Checking Wikipedia, though (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9_the_Giant#Sporadic_appearances_.281990.E2.80.931992.29), it's really weird. Andre had some house show matches and was featured in a few angles after that, including one I don't remember at all (various managers trying to sign him). But there's no mention of how much he wrestled on those shows and he was never featured in the ring after that. It was this aimless "let's keep Andre around" thing but that was about it. Probably just wanted to keep giving the guy a paycheck. But no, to answer your question, there was no followup to the post-match angle.
  18. Eh, I don't know if Luger counts as a broomstick. He wasn't a bad worker at all, just lazy a lot of the time. I recently watched a perfectly above average Luger/Hayes match from, I think, Chi-Town Rumble and Hayes definitely did not carry Luger there. And, as someone else here already mentioned, Steamboat has said that Luger called their matches.
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