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  1. He's a vampire after all. Edit: too slow
  2. 5.1 million clicks now on the return entrance from CM Punk!
  3. CM Punk Shirts ordered. First wrestling Shirts since 2000.
  4. Oh, there will be plenty of people on Hook in the future.
  5. Yeah, hope some fans switched on after seeing who's there.
  6. No, it's just not the same without Cole screaming "Ooooooh my!" after 2 seconds.
  7. 4,4 million views after about 12 hours. I think this PUNK guy moves the needle after all.
  8. They played with the fire, so it's no wonder if that fire burns tonight.
  9. Yeah, Jericho put over MJF big time. Didn't really look like him. The tattoos were missing.
  10. He put over Britt Baker and Darby Allin all in ONE promo. So, two homegrown stars. That's how you use someone as big as Punk.
  11. His big Summer of Punk ended in a ladder match between HHH VS Kevin Nash. He has all the rights to be still pissed about that time.
  12. Damn, AEW never had THAT buzz. Now the sky is the limit!
  13. It's 4 in the morning here in Germany when Rampage starts, ja!
  14. He could use another phrase with Kiera and Jade...
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