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  1. Hahahaha, what the fuck. I saw more realistic sequences at a shitty Indy in front of 10 people with wrestlers coming straight from training for only 3 weeks. What was that run up? That's the state of the division now? Holy.... That match and that really great 3 way on the same show...
  2. The promos of him being the snobby tennis player are so great too.
  3. What a great opener. No taunts = all the stars
  4. And she shouldn't run out with Jeans. What kind of alien is that?
  5. Look at the punches and kicks from Hayter, she is already better than 90% of the women's roster. Would be really bad to let her lose quickly. Build her up and get her against Baker.
  6. The recent match with Ospreay was really good.
  7. It's such awful timing to have a show like this after the hype. But maybe it gets the highest rating ever and people liked it. Let's see.
  8. So, Zolph Diggler brought in a chair to then not use it correctly. Malakai brought it in to then drop it. And it was not CODY to be the first to block Malakais finisher. That non reaction to the big safe was hilarious though. The music played, not even Malakai Black reacted to it.
  9. Imagine all the guys tuning in the first time and seeing multiple distraction finishes and a underwhelming ending. They sure think they watched modern WWE.
  10. If a Dynamite ever deserves 25 pages of "Jim Ross talking about women's physique", it's this one.
  11. If I ever see Penta El Zero Miedo doing his stupid taunt 8 times in a row again... I have never seen a AEW show with that many timing issues between opponents. I was worried for the safety more than once.
  12. After seeing that finish of the show, I wonder....
  13. Someone should do a WWE version of Punks Debut entrance.
  14. They tried that with a face Rollins. Everything is better.
  15. WWE Threads are empty, because NOTHING HAPPENS. It's fucking boring, for years now. Not AEW is the problem, your content is. Social media WWE does all these things right. There are so many awesome things there. It doesn't translate to TV sadly. UUDD shows those guys with their unique characters. I grew up with WWF, it's sad that I don't enjoy it anymore. And that's not because of the wrestlers. I enjoyed 1995 WWF...
  16. This coming from the guy that came to WWE instead of getting money from WCW for doing nothing at home and getting buried, because of reasons.
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