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  1. Really dug Night 2 of Princess Cup 21. I think the Tenma/Kobashi was a nice fun match with an interesting result James
  2. Heard Lulu came out of it a little worse for wear (concussion?). I love a "Respect" angle and this is one of the best one of those I've seen in more than a decade James
  3. It took a few months but Natsuko grew into the role of OT leader and definitely changed the vibe of the group. It evolved from fun drunk pirates under Act, to fun troublemakers under Kagetsu and now they are just gull on malevolent heels under Natsuko. Its been a fun ride
  4. It isn't really a betrayal in thaditional heel turn sense though. Like, if Lawler and Dundee were feuding with Jimmy Hart's Family and Dunde turned on Lawler by saying "Jerry, mate I'm joining Hart because I don't feel I've grown staying with you" even Lance Russel be like "Is this guy for real". SLK being won back but then saying "Mayu, I've grown more in a month in OT than yeaar as your #2 so I'm staying put" is so unconventional for a wrestling angle BUT makes total sense in the storyline. James
  5. That was the most passive aggressive Heel turn I'v ever seen James
  6. Shining Wizard Moonsault! James
  7. I've just read the synopsis of Hakai-Oh (GaoGaiGar v. Betterman) and it sounds truly insane and over the rop! Goldion DOUBLE Hammer is the stuff made of 10 year old dreams! James
  8. OMG... GaoGaiGo!!! I know now they have been doing novelizations and manga for the Project X GaoGaiGar/Betterman Project but there was no anime. Seeing this gives me hope! (I'm also losing my mind over J-Decker!!) James
  9. Richie Aprile was such a scuzwad in cast of characters that are all scuzwads and the way Junior plays it smart by seeing how the other Capos reacted to just the idea of replacing Tony and makes his play from there. It finally shows Junior as being far more canny than he was in S1. James
  10. Is thisguy jumping the rail pro-wrestling's equvalent to Hinkley shooting Reagan? Holy crap! Is Cornette Jodie Foster in this scenario? James
  11. Then there was that time Liger beat the crap outa El Samurai for 20 minutes just because he could! This match is basically Liger saying "Why? Because I'm Jushin Fuckin Liger that's why! You're El Samuri, what you gonna do?" https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV19x411i7iB/ James
  12. "I Wanna Play Restaurant" is so short and so hysterical. My friend who played it for me on Spotify had to pull over while driving because my laughter was making her laugh! James
  13. I thoughtthere was a separate Netflix thread but oh well... Finally watched The Sack Lunch Bunchand was really enjoying it and then BAM! David Byrne shows up and now I think this is the most brilliant thing EVER~! James
  14. We all love Terry Gordy! We all have at least a respect for One Man Gang... James
  15. The question is, who will lead OT in her absence? James
  16. I'm late to the thread, but has the Big Hash/Tenryu G1 match made an appearance yet? James
  17. You and me both but right now I think Kyona won't show up until Nov/Dec James
  18. GIGA is known for making Super Sentai porn Paroday, which you figure Teoi isn't crazy about. So GIGA has decided to skip the porn and parody part and just make a brand new non Toei Sentai team! Say hello to... WAKUSAVER~! James
  19. If I remember right her plan was to retire 5 uears after she signed her first deal James
  20. and then there's that whole tricky "Under contract to WWE" thing James
  21. So the 5*GP blocks were announced and we are getting a rematch between Utami and Syuri in Blue Block. Until we know the extent of Tora's injury her A Block matches are up in the air. Best Buds Poi and Himeka will face off in Red Block. James
  22. Look I love Ghost of Tsushima, like the first game I've played all the way through and felt satisfied with in like 10 years. So I am looking forward to the Iki Island expansion. I have time to buy a new TV since honored Daughter destroyed not one, not two but all three of our TVs (how you ask? Simple, she is a 3 year old Champion of Chaos promising blood and souls for Arioch in exchange for power in her evil toddler quest). James
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