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  1. Of all the writers to fire you fire the Otis and Mandy writer? Man, that was the best written thing on a SD show that has otherwise been absolute hot garbage.
  2. something like the origins and complete history of deathmatch wrestling would make for a really good episode. Non-hardcore fans are always fascinated / completely freaked out by it, and you could go into a bunch of stuff about Memphis, Puerto Rico, Japan.
  3. They just built an entire show around Andrade. Holy shit.
  4. Aww man saw Heath in there. That sucks. He's been the "what an awesome dude" MVP of a whole bunch of the docs and social media stuff lately.
  5. Interesting to see this strategy of cutting producers unfold. What will that mean for how they arrange the matches? Sorry to hear this news for those that lost their jobs. This whole thing sucks.
  6. I’m pretty staunchly a no shows right now guy but if we’re doing this Florida thing someone should run a show at an empty Club La Vela
  7. Daniels is hit or miss but him looking for the BTE 200 sign to point to got a legit lol from me
  8. All the flipping and no selling but the kid hooked the bear's inside leg. Exactly what's wrong with the business today.
  9. Loved the Zelina-themed episode stuff. I can’t believe they’ve turned Ricochet of all people into a JTTS. Drew is great in this role and is such a likable guy but Rollins is an obvious hard pass. I get that options are limited. Two weeks of Drew being booked like Big Dude Bret Hart in terms of how they present him as a champ. I can dig that. My favorite thing tonight was Garza calling the camera man up to the apron to talk shit. That’s adapting to the environment. Oh and Lorcan and Black beat the piss out of each other. No other match in the empty PC has sounded like that. Damn son.
  10. Cesaro Appreciation Day was great. Super entertaining, witty guy and your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler.
  11. Disgusting promotional tactic of 2020 looks locked up early. That's just awful to see/read. Contribution:
  12. I had to think about this one for a moment because my go-to worst regular spot for 15 years was Cena avoiding two haymakers that wrestlers never throw otherwise for his side slam spot. But nowadays...it’s gotta be the Panama Sunrise
  13. Sitting that close and seeing the Hulkster skipping leg day, the dream died brother
  14. Holy shit what a piece of business that was! Everyone needs to watch that match.
  15. I read the the tone of Dave’s update to be that Vince is concerned that Fox would use this as a means to get out from under their lemon of a contract. That said, unless Vince’s lawyers are totally incompetent I can’t imagine a contract having language around a required # of live events and not having a corresponding clause covering the event wherein running live events isn’t possible. So this kinda reads like Vince can’t imagine staying home for a month bullshit.
  16. Jarrett/Lethal was legit a very good "heel champ defends on TV against an upstart babyface" match.
  17. Yeah there's no Flair unless you turn Cody heel. MJF and Revival are obviously Tully and the Andersons.
  18. I'd have Tully drop Spears like a bad habit. Something like this: "You know why I can't find you a partner, Shawn? Because you suck! You know what I realized? I don't need a guy. I need TWO guys. Top guys." then boom. First Revival match/squash can be Spears+X.
  19. I’d think you can’t let anyone in who has had a professional MMA fight, so Lashley joins Brock and Riddle on the sidelines. Gotta have Otis in there.
  20. A couple of months of taped and talent-produced content while they reset creative isn’t the worst thing for WWE. What’s the last truly out of the box thing Vince has done - the Shield debut? And before that Nexus? Also, is New Blood Nitro the only overt hard continuity reset in a major promotion? I can’t think of another.
  21. All this Brawl For All fantasy booking has me imagining an alternate timeline where if Russo really wants to get his rocks off WWE signs Meng and puts him in the damn thing against Bradshaw in round 1. Hidden camera on Bradshaw when he reads the booking sheet and shits a brick.
  22. Nakazawa is auto-suck for me, too. The world needs jobbers and I get he's Kenny's boy. But for a show that consciously has of lot of WCW spiritual succession in its approach, surely we can find some Gamblers and Roadblocks out there. Nak is just terrible.
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