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  1. I can agree with this. They did a lot of unique things with the production of the show. The outdoor Disney lot, the two sets of commentators and having announcers with “specialties” such as women’s wrestling expert Stagger Lee Marshall. Not that it was always good. Nothing exemplifies that more than that one Nitro whose first hour was nothing but video packages. I think that was a Nash thing? I assume it still outdrew recent Raws.
  2. Why are the Uso's fun loving babyfaces anyway. The whole reason for their success was the yin to the New Day's wacky fun loving yang and ultimately earning each other's respect for their different approaches to success. They are dying out there.
  3. That icy hot bit was one of the worst they've ever done, right? I mean at least Katie Vick was an attempt at camp. This was legitimately supposed to be funny.
  4. Butch Reed as a Sheamus comp, maybe? Also struggling to think of a good one. I thought of Ron Simmons, but he’s better than Ron. Thought of Windham, but he’s not as good as Barry.
  5. Not sure about that. Assuming an efficient market, those future inflows are already priced into the current value of the stock, right?
  6. Samoa Joe isn’t a JTTS, IMO. He’s a gatekeeper to the main event. He’s Meng.
  7. MITB is shaping up to be a really solid show.
  8. Imperium sounds like the MacGuffin in a JRPG. NXT UK must collect the seven crystals and stop WALTER before he obtains the Imperium!
  9. Loved the La Vela Nitros (including the last ever!). My favorite Nitro setup was the Summer 96 ones outdoors at Disney. Now this may be because one of the hottest angles in history was just kicking off, but I loved the ambience. One of the best runs of a weekly wrestling show IMO.
  10. Men’s tags is an issue but otherwise SDL has a really nice roster to work with. Should make for a pretty good show.
  11. If over the next few weeks they just shorten it to TVE it’ll be fine
  12. Mark Curtis is the best, one and only “shooter”
  13. I definitely get that. To counter, I know they haven't overtly said as much, but it sort of feels right to me in the sense of "kid that grew up with 90's pro wrestling uses all the greatest hits from that era in his moveset". Kind of like Eugene or that one promo with Miz from WM28 where he's watching all the TV's. It'd be cool if they explored that a little, because I *think* that's what Dream's going for rather than just not having any creativity on offense.
  14. I do hope that we reached some kind of apex on this match style with tonight’s main event, and based on the divided online reaction maybe we have. I just don’t know if it’s a local or global maximum. Warrior could have given Gargano the WM7 finish tonight and gotten a 2.9.
  15. Also in the same camp on the first part. But not the second. The first two hours of this show were right up my alley and I can watch Walter chopping dudes and Dream squeal like a pig while Riddle beats the hell out of him all day, every day.
  16. First three matches were top notch. The opener wasn't the cleanest but was just straight up fun as hell, so the perfect match for that spot. Dream/Riddle was stiff as hell and then Walter and Dunne upped the ante even further. I'm good on Gargano Epics basically forever. Tonight was full blown Johnny God Mode.
  17. I can’t hate too much on 3, 6, Macho/Liz and I’m Sorry I Love You being on the front. But, uh, 15? And yes the style is good in theory but poor in execution. Better to not have “Wrestlemania” on there at all and those that get it, get it.
  18. That ending was amazing. Retconning all of the evil undead pro wrestling gimmicks to originate from a single source, with Kevin Sullivan at the helm no less, is some top notch shit. I presume Kevin got the promotion from Taskmaster when King Curtis died. Think of the possibilities! Now we know where Bray Wyatt has been this whole time.
  19. I will say again that IMO the right play was to send Harper down to Full Sail as the visiting ace (the Cesaro role), win the title and defend in a few classics until they had something for him, then drop it to Riddle, leaving after a few months as a reinvented and reinvigorated guy with a new wave of traveling/internet fan base hype.
  20. I do agree that the post-WM Raw being all sentimental and Revolution-y at the end only for clown face Asuka to show up and justifiably beat the living hell out of everyone is one way to right the ship after WM. Move her and Becky to Raw to feud there, Charlotte to SD and do an open challenge kind of deal to build up a new crew of contenders there and off you go.
  21. I do agree with what was said in the WM thread about this introducing some non-zero risk of the fans turning on the main event. They will be tired. They will be cranky. And they will remember that one of their favorites lost out in this who chain of events. Especially if they play the social media angles posted above, they are sowing a seed they didn’t need to plant.
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