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  1. Someone needs to take away MJF’s ECW Bubba Ray Dudley and 2000 WCW tapes, burn them to the ground, and give him some 1987 Tully Blanchard. It’s like when there’s a five star can’t-miss sports talent that does miss because they go to the wrong organization that sucks at developing them. You just want to sit MJF down and just tell him that this isn’t the way, kid. This unbearable cheap heat shooty bullshit just isn’t the way. Don’t become pro wrestling’s David Carr.
  2. So Blood and Guts has to end with BCC and Kingston’s crew successful, doing the TV signoff celebration and start filing out of the cage….Kingston and Claudio are the last two in the cage, Kingston rushes to re-lock the door and beat his ass to a bloody pulp while both factions try hopelessly to get back into the cage to stop it…right?
  3. Hell yes, AEW running an Oceanic 6 angle “We have to go back!”
  4. Giving a good piledriver is all about using your core to maintain a 90 degree angle on impact. Falling back on a piledriver is some weak shit. Yeah, Orndorff might be the best. Sneaky good piledriver guy: Lex Luger
  5. What if they’ve got us all thinking it’ll be a Bryan-like technical wrestler but they got with a Blood and Guts Ringer, MDK All Day
  6. It’s going to be Gargano isn’t it
  7. Fantastic shit right here. Miro gives me strong 2003 Rock vibes of “honestly, this dude is too good at this to be wrestling”
  8. All of the Elias/Zeke/Owens stuff is just the best. Talented guys committing to the bit.
  9. Always nice to come across a fellow Witchcraft aficionado
  10. I could be way off base but I have been assuming Reigns beats Rock next year then loses to Steiner the following year, as kind of the most straightforward trajectory
  11. They are going to throw a boatload of cash at Sasha and Naomi so that Steph can bring them out on Monday in a shitty transparent show of good faith deal. I hope both decline.
  12. We’re tracking toward HHH turning on Steph at Summerslam?
  13. Hmm…Bruce has been in a while now. Jarrett just landed. We keep talking about Nick Khan, but what if the real man behind the curtain lives in Huntsville, Alabama
  14. I kind of feel like Paige/Emma was the kickoff to the womens revolution stuff that no one ever talks about
  15. Dax being 2020’s Bobby Eaton is just the best shit
  16. That’s the beauty of Eddie Kingston, because to me he IS a big star of the company, top 5 guy. He’s main evented a PPV, had a run in to close another one, had the big match with Miro, is always mentioned by their biggest star (Punk). He’s a tippy toppy dude. But he’s so good at playing the underdog that you want the character to break through this glass ceiling or whatever when in reality the real dude is already there. He’s like Foley in that way.
  17. The post Dominion likely card makes way more sense assuming the new champ fights Hangman straight up, Cole fights the other guy, Mox/Tanahashi and Danielson/ZSJ. Good shit.
  18. Paige has entered the transfer portal. Respect her decision, recruitment 100% open
  19. Miro wins the All Atlantic title Wardlow wins the TNT title They spend months busting up scrubs and talking shit then we get a big hoss daddy battle at Grand Slam or something This ain’t rocket science
  20. Conrad is decent enough with Bruce and Jarrett because you can tell they’re legit friends. I guess Tony too, but that’s more a podcast of two guys talking about stupid shit for two hours than it is a wrestling show. Jarrett is great. Fascinating dude really, like he’s carny as hell but he had absolutely no choice in that given his genetics and upbringing, so he’s this extremely nice yet extremely carny individual.
  21. Another name that hasn’t been mentioned that would be fucking awesome is Andrade
  22. That was absolutely nuts but feels like the sort of thing that’s incredibly reckless for a public company to do. Cody you madman.
  23. I’ll push Darby one more time as the pick. He doesn’t have a story going on so you aren’t interrupting anything, he’s an awesome champion, he and Mox have history, he has crossover appeal and is maybe their top home grown guy (he or MJF), and there’s a built in story if Punk comes back at All Out in Chicago.
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