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  1. Why cut a promo when someone's already done all the work for you?
  2. You're straight though, we queer people have different rules for our homes:
  3. They're more work than granite/marble or stainless steel, but they are like infinity times better than anything particle wood/formica. Plus they they don't crack the way stone can or warp the way formica does. Plus they are v v pretty. The key to a nice kitchen btw is a good countertop with an *UNDERMOUNTED* sink. That's one lesson I've definitely learned in house shopping.
  4. Philip... you know they just traded for their QB of the future, right?
  5. After 25+ years of gentrification, I'd probably feel safer in Red Hook than some parts of Winnipeg.
  6. I'll just hazard a guess that someone over there finally realized they'd taken away Reggie's trophy for *whatever the fuck it was* and they literally tweeted their condolences to a guy who probably killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
  7. Congrats to the new champions from this weekend. Especially that up and coming Chris "The Learning Tree" Jericho. I'm assuming he'll come out dressed in various foliage for this particular personality. Oh right, Swerve's champ. Double or Nothing is in 4 weeks! LFG!
  8. I heard he once had to eat his camembert cold. (Spot that reference yo)
  9. And only 4 months late with the new thread! YAY!
  10. I thought Santino's neck was fucked six ways from Sunday? Also... can he actually use the Marella name? Unless the E let the copyright lapse?
  11. Eastern Colorado IS known for it's high content of quality MILF's
  12. I wonder what's gonna happen if the Panthers and Rangers get to the ECF and we get into a fight so big @Pete has to ban us both.
  13. DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Starring Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Brianna Hildebrand, Owen Wilson, and Jennifer Garner (!) Directed by Shawn Levy In theaters July 26th. -- This is probably going to be the #1 box office movie of the summer, so into it's own thread we go.
  14. I'll make D&W it's own thread here in a sec. Hold on.
  15. I really just wish there were some other way to do this than watching a guy who I like* act like he just got fucking paralyzed in the ring. * - WHOM, I am liking less and less the more he decides to cry wolf.
  16. Technically this is about Kung Fu Panda 4 approaching half a billion dollars in box office. https://x.com/zoinkgd/status/1782062245226184920
  17. Well, tonight is the final Raw under the current roster and this Friday is THE DRAFT~! But we ALSO have a big NXT title match... and with the news that Trick Williams is *not* being considered for drafting, this match up becomes a lot more... Enjoy your week!
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