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  1. Buying a whole company just to get Muhammed Yone seems like a bit of an overspend, but what do I know?
  2. A glimpse of summer's heatwaves in your eyes... You did what you did to me.... We're deep on the road to Forbidden Door. So let's see where we are.... The main AEW champ is probably an underdog against his challenger... The main NJPW champ is probably an underdog against his challenger... The main AEW women's champ is probably an underdog against her challenger... Awesome. Now it's history I see, here's my comeback on the road again, things will happen while they can.... Well, I am being a bit cheeky... all those matches should be fun. Meanwhile, Jeff Cobb needs an opponent! But you know who doesn't? Zach Sabre Jr! I'll bet Orange makes him mad at some point by sticking his hands in his pockets! I will wait here for my man tonight, it's easy when you're big in Japan. Only 7 matches for Forbidden Door? Tsk tsk Tony. You need more than that! Let's see how this week goes. Enjoy! ---- (lol, like I'd use a good Tom Waits song on you guys )
  3. Terms undisclosed, but Miami has signed S Marcus Maye
  4. Found a great house. Offered and accepted. We hope to close on the 20th. Does anyone know of any indies that run the Catskills?
  5. Joey Chestnut has been banned from the 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. He was banned for taking an endorsement deal with Impossible Foods. He'd won 16 of the last 17 contest, including the last 8 straight, and has the competition's record at 75.
  6. This is what happens when you drink one (1) 5% IPA and your team loses by 3. That kid definitely has seen this behavior (behaviour?) before.
  7. Aaron Rodgers had an inexcused absence from minicamp yesterday. Robert Saleh said Rodgers "had a event that was very important to him." Oh the amount of lifting those two words are doing....
  8. Bron in the process of having a rocket strapped to his ass. He's a ridiculous combination of charisma, strength, and speed. He's extremely arrogant, but also extremely talented. Over the last couple of weeks, they're (to use a sports metaphor) having him see if he can hit major league pitching after his call up. Ilja gave him a much bigger test than he expected and he's pissed about it, because everything so far had come super easy. Also, it makes Bron look like a million bucks for having trouble with this guy and eventually figuring him out. Somewhere around halfway through the match, he realized he couldn't just impose his will, so he had to change tactics. When he eventually gets into a match with higher up guys like Sami, Jey, and Sheamus, they're gonna present entirely different challenges that he'll need more than just brute strength to defeat. So this was a very good lesson on that path up. If he's a babyface, he'd have shook Ilja's hand and moved on. He's not. So Ilja gets beat up. And when Ilja starts moving up on the card on his own, he's got a reason to hate this guy. Ilja also doesn't need to fight someone like Gunther right now. Frankly, he's still an unknown quantity to a lot of people. He'll get there (hopefully), right now though, it's about building Bron up.
  9. TIL The Florida Panthers employ Evan Rodrigues. 2 to go.
  10. Buster Olney's Twitter got hacked. Cause it's either that or he just announced a crypto coin along with half the league announcing trades in the last 30 minutes.
  11. He had his run with the ROH title, but arguably that's a demotion from where he was in WWE. (Where the equivalent would probably be the NXT title.) Has great matches, but doesn't seem to move up the card. Which, you know, sounds familiar. Maybe he needs to reach out and grab that brass ring!
  12. Twins are debuting their City Connect unis. Those hats are pretty f'ing sweet. (Plus apparently the brim has a topographic map of Lake Minnetonka, as a small tribute to Prince.)
  13. Should note, it came out late on Friday that loanDepot, the company that has the naming rights on the Marlins' park is basically broke. They may be filing for Chapter 11 as soon as this week, but they're trying to figure stuff out. Regardless, the Marlins may need a new sponsor for their park soon.
  14. Bettman sorta got forced into saying the Panthers were likely playing one of the outdoor games next year. And that there are negotiations going on with LoanDepot Park in Miami to get the game there. However, he conceded it would probably be up North with one of their new rivals (so, maybe Boston or New York?)
  15. Moved the CC stuff here, because it has to do directly with Paris. And Stef... the answer to your question based on the channels you'll find on in every doctor's/mechanic's/bar's television in the world is, of course, Britney Griner because... well, you know.
  16. Colombia beat the unholy shit out of the USMNT on Saturday, 5-1 For his part Berhalter said, "did not respect the game of soccer or the opponent", which is fun, considering that's you know, his responsibility and everything.
  17. Blame ESPN's stats department. I was more giggling because where I went to watch the hockey game, the manager told me there were more Yankees fans than hockey fans (there were), and I came home to see the result.
  18. Congrats to Kelani Jordan who's the first NXT North American Women's champ! But now that we've got our NXT show out of the way, we turn to Scotland! The Clash at the Castle is on Saturday! But before then... I'm guessing Liv Morgan has some diabolical shit planned. And so does Drew McIntyre! And maybe even AJ Styles? Let's see how this week goes! Glasgow is calling and I... live by the river!
  19. Teoscar Hernandez just became the first Dodger in franchise history to hit a Grand Slam against the Yankees.
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