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  1. Been watching the weekday reruns of Night Court on Encore Classics. And Markie is one of the few females that can rock a mullet and still look great.
  2. From Universal Independent Wrestling March 1st 2014 Stupid w/Tweety vs The Midnight Rider
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEKaWizR9wU Powerslam Productions Spring Bash March 1st 2014 Powerslam Productions Tag Team Champions The Future Foundation,Lukas Frost/Kool Jay Steele VS Reggie "Krimsyn" Matthews/Wild Card J Spade.
  4. Was it last month we got to talking about Lawler still working indy shows. This is tomorrow. But way to fucking far to drive too.
  5. Powerslam Productions Luke Hawx VS Matt Lancie for the Extreme Rising Heavyweight title March 9th 2014 Picyune Mississiippi. Stripmall Church Wrestling! Outlaw Matt Lancie w/Big Ramp vs Wildcard J Spade McComb Mississippi Powerslam Productions Winter Warfare Danny Flamingo vs Socorro Same show as the last match.
  6. Powerslam Productions Spring Bash 2014 March 1st https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXKD2xkPBLA Wildcard J Spade vs Danny Flamingo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op7VLj-n-N0 Wes Adams,Princess Kristen,Reggie Matthews,Wildcard J Spade vs Calvin Rose,Lukas Frost,Kool J Steele,Danny Flamingo
  7. Jericho has that Albino Farm film to his credit. Owned it for years but still haven't watched it. Plus was Roadhouse a big hit at the box office? If so Terry Funk has that to his credit.
  8. No, next week's Raw hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The crowd will hijack it to chant for Mr. Kennedy............ ............Kennedy Milwaukee! I was under the impression that Mo was in pretty bad shape these days. Mable is heavier than Oscar and Mo and has been fatter, longer, but he somehow looks healthier than either of his teamates. Dafuk?! Mabel can still go. Last May I saw him do a 6 man tag. And he was in the ring for close to 30 minutes. He has also lost weight.
  9. granted, he'd take even more indy bookings if they fire him for refusing to stop wrestling indies. Not sure who has the leverage here. I wonder how many of the people booking Jerry Lawler to wrestle are long-time buddies of his where Lawler is taking bookings to help his buddies make some extra money It seems all the shows Lawler has done in MS are feds that use Bill Dundee almost every show. Jerry did at least 3 shows at the Casino in Tunica.
  10. Yeah the Sir Mo matches are tags. I think last year he tagged with Bill Dundee against Brian Christopher and Anton Leveigh.
  11. I was under the impression that Mo was in pretty bad shape these days. they had a benefit show to help pay for Sir Mo's kidney transplant in November. I'm not sure if Mo is actually wrestling, but guess who is working soon? Je Jerry has worked a handful of matches for Northern Mississippi indies last year. Sir Mo has been doing a few matches the past year. One was for EPW that runs North MS and they also use Bill Dundee all the time.
  12. I found this place in 2000 I think. Thanks to RSPW. Never posted much. I remember the porn folder. Back when people would post audio rips of shoots and a badly failed RSPW invasion of here.
  13. Yeah he around at RSPW as well. Just one day stopped showing up. Wasn't banned or anything. I don't remember when I started reading here. I know I started because the most awful posters on RSPW complained about it. Figured it had to be good reading if it was annoying those fools. Had to be around late 2000, early 2001. No one has seen or heard from Beans since 2007.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uzn_fo57yI From Powerslam Productions Winter Warfare 2013 show Socorro vs Danny Flamingo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2FdQPZIiak From the same show Princess Kristen vs Mr Sakitumme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8s_fwNbcW4 And the Powerslam Productions Tag Team match Current champs The Alumni ,Reggie Matthews and Wes Adams vs The Future Foundation Lukas Frost and Kool Jay Steele.
  15. July 10th WRESTLING Billy Jack NON-Wrestling Fred Gwynne Jessica Simpson Nikola Tesla
  16. They are not that well known but Wildkat Sports out of New Orleans are fun. They got a youtube channel with 5 episodes of the sporadic Internet show.
  17. It was amazing. Was 3rd row right next to the ramp. Still the best show I have been too. Mr 450 Steve Anthony has been around at least 10 years now. But only works the Arkansas/Mississippi/Louisiana area.
  18. Watch the shows they have up on Youtube. Seems like they are having a show every 2 months. So I am guessing the next show will be in October.
  19. http://doubletsblogofreviews.blogspot.com/2013/08/wildkat-sports-hawx-vs-hardy-08242013.html Wildkat Sports Hawx vs Hardy 08/24/2013 After not getting much sleep we left my place around 11am. Made a few stops on the way down. Getting drinks and snacks. Then got into New Orleans around 1:30pm. Went to Juan's to eat. Then ended up hanging out at a bookstore with one of Collin's friends. Pulled into the Mel Ott center around 6:30pm and the place was packed. Thankfully Damien had saved us a parking spot. Went in and got our tickets. Entered the gym and a cop asked to see what was in my backpack. Then I spotted Phillip and Koby. They had saved us a spot on the bottom row of the bleachers. The gym was packed, I am betting there was at least 700 people in there. I headed over to the Powerslam Productions gimmick table to talk to Casey and Kristen. Bought the PSP Brewski Brawl DVD. Then saw that Matt Hardy and Reby Sky were at their table. Went over and asked how much for an autograph. It was only $5. So I got Matt to sign my copy of the OMEGA documentary DVD. Mentioned I knew John Henry and Matt talked to me for about 10 minutes about the OMEGA days. Then I headed back and took my seat. Big Ramp and Brett hit the ring and got the crowd all hyped up. Then Hardy's music came on the speakers and him and Reby came out. Saw a fan on the other side that had a great sign. "IF HARDY WINS WE DIET" Matt got a mixed reaction, about half the crowd cheered him and half booed him. Hardy cuts a promo about how the feud between him and Luke started. And of course when he mentions Luke the crowd went nuts. Match 1 Mr 450 Steve Anthony vs Byron Wilcott Steve came out first with his manager Hardbody Harper. Then Byron came out with a pink polka dotted Kabootel. The crowd was solidly behind Bryon. Well except for this one older guy that sat behind us. All night he was cheering the heels. I think he was mostly doing it to mess with the huge group of kids that were there with him. It was a fun fast paced match. And a great way to start the show. Anthony took the cover off the turnbuckle. And we noticed it was covered with ducttape. So there was many jokes about how deadly ducttape was. Most of the match was built around Anthony trying to slam Byron into the deadly ducttape. Byron put up a good fight. But Anthony won. Match 2 Rudy Russo/Ricky Starks VS Wes Adams/Purple Haze At the last Wildkat show Russo injured Adams' leg. So this was kind of a tag team grudge match. The highlights were Starks standing on the ring apron making all kinds of wacky faces and just generally being a great heel. Wes busted out some moves I have never seen him do before. And him and Haze made a great team. After a nice well done match Wes and Haze got the win. Match 3 For the Wildkat Revolution title Outlaw Matt Lancie with Hardbody Harper VS SGT Socorro in a Texas Bullrope match Brett did a quick disclaimer about how this match might get really brutal so if you had small kids might be time to take them to the bathroom/etc. I thought their locker room emptying brawl at the last show was intense. But this match was 10 times more intense. Lots of neat spots with the bullrope.Both guys got busted open and there was blood on the mat and the floor. But sadly Lancie got the win. He knocked Sgt out and Socorro couldn't answer the 10 count. Outlaw Matt Lancie is the new Wildkat Revolution title. Brett got on the mic and let everyone know it was time for intermission. So the crew could clean up the blood. I went and grabbed a smoothie. My throat was sore from all the yelling. Then Collin asked me to goto Matt Hardy's table with him. Collin had brought a bag of grapes with him. He wanted to get some pictures with Matt,him and the grapes. We waited in line and found out it was $10 for a picture. Collin walked over and told Matt he had a prop for the picture. When he pulled the grapes out Matt chuckled. But the look on Reby's face was priceless. After taking those three I showed them to Matt and Collin. Matt said he wanted another one that was a close up and asked for us to tweet the pictures to him. Intermission was wrapping up. I talked to Big Ramp for a few minutes. Then sat back down. Match 4 Curt the Stud Matthews vs Buku Dao This was the final match in what has been a year long feud. As with every match between these two guys it was amazing. Buku Dao actually managed to powerbomb Stud. And the match was very back and forth. With Stud doing lots of power moves and Buku using his speed to counter act the size and strength difference. They ended up on the mat and Buku locked Stud in a crossface. Stud tried to break it but couldn't so he ended up tapping out. After the match while Buku was celebrating Steve Anthony ran out and waylaid Buku. Match 5 Bestia 666 vs Bolt Brady This is a rematch from the Wildkat International Invasion show earlier this year. And this match was even better than their last one. Both guys were moving so fast I had trouble getting pictures. Bolt did a suicide dive to the outside. Plus there was lots of lucha libre style moves and spots. Bestia got the win. And I hope he comes back and they have a third match. Main Event Luke Hawx vs Matt Hardy Matt was out first with Reby by his side. So Luke Hawx came out with Trina Michaels. This was one of the best matches I have ever seen live. Both guys gave it their all. Luke went to the top rope. But Reby pushed him off and he fell to the outside. Luke got counted out. So Matt won by count out. Hardy grabbed the mic and talked about how he didn't want to win by countout. So General manager Al Lyons restarted the match and said it was a no count out match now. They ended up brawling outside the ring and right next to us on the bleachers. They got back in the ring. Brawled for a bit. Then Matt rolled under the ropes and pulled a ladder from under the ring. Matt brought the ladder into the ring and hit Luke with it. So the ref DQed Matt. Al Lyons got on the mic again and said the match was to be restarted and was now NO DQ. Matt superplexed Luke off the ladder . But didn't get the pin. Then Reby and Trina entered the ring and had a cat-fight. Matt climbed back up the ladder to leap onto Luke. But Perry,Luke's son, entered the ring and tried to protect his dad. Reby ran over and low blowed Perry. Will Perry and Luke were still on the mat, Trina tried to attack Matt. But got powerbombed for her efforts. Luke recovered and him and Matt brawled some more. Then the Wildkat locker room emptied out. And they all attacked Hardy. Then held him down while Luke jumped off the ladder. Luke got the pin and the entire Wildkat roster celebrated. They all left the ring and Matt was still laying there. Reby gave him CPR. Finally Matt got up grabbed the mic and cut a promo on the crowd. We hung out for a bit talking to people. But since both Collin and I had to be up early Sunday we left and missed out on the after party. Now I have been to many wrestling shows. And this one was the best indy show I have ever been too. Plus it is the 3rd best wrestling show I have ever been too. Right behind Beach Blast 92 and Wrestlemania 17. If you are in the area check out Wildkat Sports. Or look for Wildkat Sports on youtube. Thanks to all the Wildkat crew for such a great evening of entertainment.
  20. I would choose TCW if it was listed. It is the only one I bother to watch anymore.
  21. TCW has some great shows. And now is on the Pursuit channel. Which from what I was told everyone that has Dish or DirecTV gets.
  22. Also if you have DirecTV or Dish Network TCW airs every Friday night at 12am central time. This past show was from their Meridan MS taping last month.
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