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  1. Part of me wondered, beyond TK wanting to sign Jeff, if Matt and Nick wanted to as well because of how much respect they have for the Hardys and maybe they thought they could do something to turn Jeff's life around and make up for losing Kanyon.
  2. Jesus H. Christ...Again, among many other reasons, this is why it was a mistake to sign Jeff Hardy. I don't think in 2022 anyone gave enough of a shit about the Hardys vs the Young Bucks to buy a PPV. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. And he's a fucking mess. How he hasn't gotten into an accident a hurt or killed someone is beyond me.
  3. Maybe I'm in the minority, maybe I'm short sighted, but if you have an Eddie Kingston on your roster, then who cares about what MJF does. I think some of us, myself included, get so wrapped up in the intrigue with what's going on with MJF that we forget Eddie is right there. Eddie is one of the best, if not the best, mic guy in all of wrestling, he's a fucking amazing worker, and fans are dying to see him get his run at the top. I know AEW booking can move slow as molasses when TK tries to plan out so much in advance, but sometimes you just have to pivot to the people that fans arguably love the most, and that's Eddie. Gregg said it beautifully in the Rampage thread, there really is no one like Kingston. I know we'll have to wait a little longer, but we can't wait forever. Give Eddie a fat contract and make him one of the big stars of your company.
  4. I love Abbi Jacobson, D'Arcy Carden, and Nick Offerman. I also really love A League of Their Own. I am all about this TV series.
  5. Since we all love Eddie, I shared this on the Discord, but forgot to post it here... I legit teared up watching this. Eddie is the absolute fucking best. I think at best in AEW he might get a title run like Mick Foley had where he winds up being more of a transitional champion than anything. But dude, that's way better than nothing.
  6. It was shortly after he turned heel, which was when he was leaving the light heavyweight division behind. So we're talking post-Ibushi/Ospreay match where no one knew if he legit knocked Ibushi out or not. My memory sucks, but it was about a year after that, so that's around the time NJPW came back during the early/mid COVID era. I just can't get into whatever the fuck Will is doing with United Empire or his heel gimmick. It sucks. United Empire is just the shittiest NJPW faction with a few really great dudes in it. Mainly Jeff Cobb.
  7. God, a triple post... Back to Starfield...I think the "this isn't going to be ready for another year+" talk is a little overblown. I don't see why it couldn't have a spring release next year or at the very latest, early fall. They're in the home stretch with it and it's not like we haven't seen Bethesda push a game out the door that's buggy as hell. As for God of War, man, I wish I could say I'm excited for it, but that series just isn't for me. I bought the cheap version of God of War on the PS5 and my experience with it was...fine...I guess. What it really made me want was a single player game with Thor. I just could never get into God of War and I don't know what the next one could do to change my mind on it.
  8. I bought an Xbox Series X because I never had an Xbox One, I really, really wanted to play Halo Infinite, and I wanted Game Pass. I mean, to say that the Xbox Series X hasn't delivered above and beyond it's initial offerings is kind of absurd. Game Pass has allowed me to play Halo Infinite, Tunic, Forza Horizon, the newest MLB The Show, the Ori games, Streets of Rage 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a bunch more. And now I'm going to get to also play Starfield and a bunch of other games on day 1 without having to pay an extra cent for it? If it weren't for the library of games I already owned on the PS5, including the new Horizon and Elden Ring, I honestly don't know how much my PS5 would get played.
  9. Hah, three patches...Aren't we an optimist. Also, as a day 1 No Man's Sky player here who has dipped in and out of that game multiple times. yeah, the comparison of it to Starfield is pretty apt. I mean, even down to the mining tool and then the thing you mined, in this case, Iron (Fe) shows up. I mean, some of that stuff looked straight up ripped out of NMS down to the font they chose. At the same time, it's also borrowing pretty heavily from Elite Dangerous, Outer Worlds, that FPS set in the EVE Online universe, etc. And you know what? I thought all of it looked pretty fucking rad. If Starfield is essentially a distilled NMS then I think that's a good thing. NMS is Minecraft on a universal scale and it can be extremely hard to get into. My daughter was playing it pretty heavily for awhile and got burned out on it for the same reasons I did. It all just becomes way too much, but I guess that's also part of its charm. If you could really focus in on a handful of things in NMS, give it a narrative and NPCs that don't look like they're from Starfox's universe then that's probably a good thing. My main concern is that they're using the same busted engine they've been using for years now. With every new system that thing gets beefed up, but it also becomes more and more broken. This looks like the biggest game they've ever made. I just wonder how that game engine is going to hold up to FPS combat, space combat, building shit, flying, traversal, different planets, different biomes, etc. There's a lot there to go wrong. If they stick the landing though, then it basically is the game I've been wanting for about forever now. NMS came close, but this could be the thing that blows my mind. I just want space combat to be good enough to bust out a HOTAS for.
  10. I watched it from my phone in my hotel room and I’m looking forward to watching it all later. Everything looked awesome. Especially Kris. Come on Tony. Fuck this shit with immediately elevating NXTWWE women to title shots. Kris Statlander as unified World/TBS champion or get the fuck out.
  11. I'm fucking around on a keyboard and typing out wild shit in between doing real work because I'm bored or I need a break. You don't even know what getting hot is. Also, I have to laugh at the "pretty weak to get so annoyed" remark coming from the person who can't help themselves from saying the same tired shit about the same wrestlers every week, but you do you.
  12. It's a shame that for whatever reason, Chuck's real life personality hasn't transferred over to TV very well, if at all. Him and Trent are funny as hell, but when they get on camera, it's almost like they're really shy. It does make me think that Chuck would have really good future as a writer for people who need help with wrestling promos. Like he's better at writing things out than saying stuff on the fly.
  13. Man, Discovery season 2 is so weird. There's so much good Star Trek stuff, like, "woah, we ran into this weird space thing, we need to investigate it" and then bad new Trek stuff like Section 31, whatever the fuck they're doing with EVIL~! Philippa, anytime the Klingons are on screen it's still bad, using the spore drive to halfway transport into the spore world, etc. Even still, I love Anson Mount as Pike and I really love Tig as Reno. If I were putting together my dream crew, both of them would be on it.
  14. All Sack Drew Gulak, No Gimmicks Needed Steve the Samurai, Bareback Benny Figg
  15. I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing the more I think about this title. I wonder what feedback the company making the title had. The more I think about this, the more I just want a logical explanation.
  16. I'll just go back to what I said before that if you're only booking the women with one match on Dynamite and one match on Rampage each week then another title for that division, even if it's tag titles, is dumb as fuck.
  17. Look, I get that the naming of the All Atlantic title is as bothersome as looking at a crooked picture hanging on the wall in someone else's house. The other thing I wanted to add was that WWF had a European Championship that was rarely defended in Europe. I think this is probably as dumb as that and probably as annoying. We're stuck with it now though. I don't really know what else to do about it other than just deal with it until I'm not annoyed by it anymore.
  18. Tagging people is dumb and why tag you when you're vain enough to read it anyway. This shit isn't fucking reddit. If you want that, then go there. We're all in a discussion here. We all can read. Stop being weak.
  19. Man, some fucking BABIES up in here just crying about stupid shit. And god, I shouldn't have to explain this, but you guys aren't babies. Well, just drew is, but the rest of you aren't and I wanted to start this with something silly. Before I get to the show, I'll just say that I couldn't give a shit about whatever Osprey did or didn't do in the past. People focus on that so much more than some of the actual confirmed shit or him just being really dumb. Incredible athlete, but legit a really dumb as fuck person. But the thing I want to comment on the most about Will is that for his entire career, so really probably his entire life, he has had the shittiest hair I've ever seen. I made the joke awhile back that Jon Bernthal has the shittiest hair in Hollywood because unless his head is shaved, whenever he has hair it just looks bad. Will is like top 5 all time in human history for having the worst fucking hair styles I've ever seen. There are legions of cavepeople who never looked as bad as Will. Like, I can't explain it, but his hair styles make me actively angry. This whole 1998 shitty Justin Timberlake look he has now is the fucking worst. Dude needs to lose a hair vs hair match to save himself. OK, now that I got that off my chest, I thought Dynamite was pretty fun and solid. The last few Casino Battle Royals have been fun and this one was as well. I mean, I was pulling for Andrade just because while KOR or Yuta are guaranteed to have an amazing match with Mox, Andrade would at least be a challenge that I think could pull off an upset. I just don't buy KOR or Yuta beating Mox and main eventing a PPV. I could see LIJ Andrade main eventing a PPV against Tanahashi though. Pac vs Buddy fucking ruled. Two brick shithouse mini-men beating the fuck out of each other and going hold for hold. That was, ahem, PRO WRESTLING MOTHERFUCKERS. I'm fine with the title and the name for it. Who cares. Wrestling is littered with dumb ass title names. This company has two titles named after channels that will look pretty fucking dumb if they ever move to another network. They're barely even on TNT anymore. I'll also disagree that the TNT title has been devalued. The TNT title is right where it should be. People focus so much on the Cody/Darby/Miro runs with it where it was in this weird space that was parallel to the World title, which is dumb. Anything other than the World title is a secondary title. When you book each title as an equal to each other then it looks fucking weird. That's part of the problem with the women's division where there in the stage with the TBS title being at the same level as the World title. Ok, well, then which do you challenge for then? Do you just go after the title being held by an opponent you think you have a better shot at? That's kinda lame and shitty because why would anyone pick Jade over Rosa. If you look at both of them, you'd have a much better chance at beating Rosa. Anything other than the World title is a secondary title and should be booked as such. The TNT title in particular should be a midcard title. This All Atlantic title should be for upper midcarders. The bigger problem with titles is all of these fucking Ring of Honor titles floating around. I don't give a shit about Ring of Honor on AEW TV. I'll care about their titles if and when they have TV again. Same with NJPW titles. Don't bring them on AEW TV or don't have them defended anyway. Don't even get me started about the FTW title. Anyway, Trent without Chuck doesn't interest me. Trent on his own is just some angry punk ass. And United Empire sucks. Aussie Open is fine, Cobb rules, Will is a great wrestler with a shit character, the rest fucking suck. Great O Khan sucks as much as Will's hair. Fuck em. Broke ass Bullet Club wannabes. Hangman vs Finlay was some good shit. Hangman's promo highlighted a problem I have with the world title scene in that outside of Kenny and Mox's feud, when you lose the title you just don't get another title shot for what feels like ever. It's like you're not allowed to be a multi-time holder of the World title. But sign me up for Hangman vs Okada or Hangman vs Cole vs Okada. Just not Cole vs Okada, but that match would be pretty damn good too. This shit with Wardlow and Sterling sucks. Sterling is funny, but I don't give a shit about Wardlow blowing up jobbers. It's time for Wardlow to start mowing through the company. Now, what is good is Christian slowly, really slowly, turning on Jungle Boy and fucking them over. Each week I get a good laugh out of Christian fucking these guys. This week he not only buries Jungle Boy, but then he sets them up for a ladder match and Jungle Boy is like, "da fuq?" I love it. I love it so much. Christian being a piece of shit and subtly owning Jungle Boy each week is fantastic. But this is what you inevitably run into when you become friends with Christian. It's like being friends with Teddy KGB or something. Eventually, that fucking guy is going to feed you to his dogs. He survives and gets by by being a leech or a parasite. The only way this segment would have been better is if Jeff got hurt by getting excited to be in the ladder match. Rosa vs Shafir was bad. Rosa, outside of a few matches, hasn't looked that great and Shafir is bad. Toni Storm vs Rosa should be the shit though. Oh man, Ethan Page gets to die for his sins at the hands of Miro next week. What a total shit kicking that is going to be. The main event rocked. This was basically a Bloodsport match put on in AEW. I never had a doubt that Mox would win, but it was still really fucking good. Then again, I never had a doubt Mox would win against Filthy Tom or Biff Busick and those matches fucking ruled too.
  20. I think people's expectations for Barry are skewed. It started off as a comedy and then when that moment happens during season 1, it starts to descend into darkness and become more of a drama. There are still some dark comedy elements, but I've looked at it as more and more of a drama than anything else. I've been enthralled this season with Barry losing his mind, Gene getting back into the good graces of Hollywood, and now Sally finally showing her true colors. I had my friend who is an actor living in Hollywood watch Barry and he said Sally's character is the person he's seen the most in real life and they're all pieces of shit. The rest are folks like the guys Barry lives with. So, yeah, it's short on likeable people, but man is it ever engaging. For me anyway. Plus, from episode to episode I literally have no idea what is going to happen next.
  21. Oh my god. It's happening. Motherfuckers are going to be kicking the shit out of each other. Now watch, because we can't have anything nice and the injury bug is biting, one of these roided out monsters is going to have a quad or lat just explode on live tv.
  22. Nah, fuck that. I'm going to keep saying it - give me Homicide doing a cameo helping out Eddie and pouring Drano down Jericho's throat. And then give me Dragon bowing out of Blood and Guts only for Cide or Gage to make the save. With tons of light tubes.
  23. My wife noticed that the orderly was Vecna purely off of their mannerisms and the way each spoke. I think she caught it about episode 4 or 5. I was like, nah, it's probably a coincidence. Then when episode 7 came she spiked that football as hard as she fucking could.
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