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  1. I still thought Dynamite was pretty good with matches and angles. I'm not going to lie though, the thought did cross my mind that I want AEW's cable TV shows to be closer to when Dynamite first started airing where the booking seemed pretty fearless when it came to wins and losses. Maybe my memory is poor, but I seem to recall most matches having clean finishes without chicanery to protect heels and faces. Dudes, both men and women, just straight up lost and won. Opening segment...Perfectly fine because Best Friends vs Super Elite has been the post-PPV storyline for these guys. It is getting a little played out with the Best Friends coming away with one win in this whole feud. There's at least some movement here where it's starting to transition to Bucks vs reDRagon with Cole stuck in the middle. When Britt first came out I was a little concerned because I tend to hate real life couples being involved in wrestling, but I wound up liking Britt's involvement just fine. Plus, it's leading to Britt/Cole vs Kris/OC, which should hopefully give us a rematch between Kris and Britt at Revolution where Kris SHOULD win. Personally, I still think Kris is up there with Rosa for Kris' best match and opponent, but I haven't seen Britt vs Riho because Battle wasn't recorded. I really liked everything that happened with the Wardlow vs Punk match. I sat there thinking, holy shit, they're putting Wardlow over pretty big here. He's just a total force of nature. I had a feeling that the match would end with a small package. Despite Punk winning. I saw it more that he escaped and less that he won or even survived. Lots of moving parts with this feud that I like. Building up to Punk hopefully shutting MJF up, building up to Wardlow smashing Spears, building up to Wardlow smashing MJF. I mean, when Wardlow destroys MJF and turns on him, I hope it's in a packed arena because the roof is going to blow off of that place. Part of me also wants Punk to keep interfering in MJF's matches to cause him to lose by DQ and one of those opponents winds up being someone that goes after Punk because they're pissed they were used by Punk to get one over on MJF. Hobbs vs Martin was really good shit, but the finish annoyed me because it involved the chicanery I mentioned above. Others here have mentioned that needs to be more quality control with these matches and segments because there are too many repeating elements. Hell, Jericho openly complained about this and it led to some positive change with regards to avoiding repeating elements. It seems they've taken some steps back in this regard. It's also a good example of something I brought up last week where not every match needs to go through a commercial break. Hobbs vs Martin should last 6 or 7 minutes instead of putting Hobbs on the treadmill for however long and having Martin risk injuring himself by being in longer matches. You can even do the same finish they did, but again, in a 6 or 7 minute match. I had wondered if Page's next challenger would be some form of a monster or giant. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about Archer. He and Page should have a banger of a match to hold Page over until Cole probably challenges him at Revolution. Shida vs Deeb was awesome. It makes me think even more that Kris will beat Britt for the title and the Deeb will be her first challenger. WTF was that Hardy vs Penta match? Both guys looked blown up, Hardy looked like he was repeatedly sandbagging Penta, Penta looked sloppy, there were a couple moves where Matt clonked right on his fucking dome, including the Fear Factor at the end. Really weird match................. ............That led into a fucking awesome angle. Again, another example of how AEW is really good with feuds and angles that have lots of moving and intertwined parts. I did have to laugh at everyone kicking the shit out of Black like it was the ending from Death Proof until Julia stopped them. Add me to the "SHE'S CORRUPTED" choir. Brody King looks scary as fuck. Honestly, Jungle Express should have a short reign because Black and King should smoke them for those titles Demolition style. I have no idea what to think about Matt partnering up with Andrade, but can we please get a hotter mic for Andrade. His English is improving, but he's a little soft spoken and when you keep moving the mic around, it makes it almost impossible to hear him. I also have no idea where this shit with Eddie and Jericho is going, but Eddie needs to win a feud badly. Dude is O-fer in all of his feuds and the crowd still goes nuts for him because he's the realest motherfucker in pro wrestling. Main event kicked all kinds of ass until the finish with the aforementioned chicanery. Pro wrestling has desperately needed someone like Nick and Nate Diaz and Daniel Garcia fills that role perfectly. I wouldn't have minded Garcia winning here, even if it hot potatoes the title around too much. I love Garcia as this dude who will just fight a motherfucker. Sammy looked good as well. What sucked, but also didn't suck, was the involvement of 2point0. I love those guys, I love Eddie, I love Sammy, I love Garcia, and I like Jericho enough. Everyone involved scratches an itch for me, but it sucked that there was another fucked up finish when you could have had Sammy just go over clean. Here's the deal...If you're someone who is as threatening as Garcia and wrestles as good as him and can talk like him, then it doesn't hurt him if he loses clean in a tough match. There's no harm there. Case in point, look at Darby Allen and how many Ls he dropped clean on his way to being one of the top guys in the company. He may be in a holding pattern now, but he's at least still on TV with Sting and he's still kind of the face of this company. This was Garcia's 10th loss. If those previous 9 losses didn't hurt him, then losing clean for a 10th time wouldn't hurt him either.
  2. More podcasts need timestamps. I'm subscribed to around 200 podcasts. I don't listen to them all, but I bet I could look at all of them and see that only 5 or 6 have timestamps.
  3. I'm with you. There was a point when I was younger and believed there would be positive change from keeping them out. I'm older now and it doesn't fucking matter. Just let them in. The HoF is fucking dumb anyway. Who was it that let people choose who he voted for or something to that effect? Lebetard?
  4. I unsubscribed to WON a long while ago, but I still get WOR and the other shows via other means...I still listen, but it's mostly out of habit. Dave's word salad gets so hard to listen to and more than half the time he can't even make a coherent thought. Plus, EVERY show starting out with 30 minutes of talking about some random person that passed away sucks. Yeah, I can skip past it, but it still gets very repetitive. That, and WOR at least lacks any kind of format that Dave sticks to. Here's every WOR in a nutshell: Show starts, Bryan says there's a lot to cover, but let's start with the death of Jobbie McSixtieswrestler. Bryan goes quiet for the next 30 minutes probably because he decided to hop on the treadmill or something while Dave goes on and on about this person that few people know of. Bryan hops back on and goes, "...Ok...how about this big news story or Raw report or Dynamite report or whatever," but before he can finish, Dave cuts him off to ask Bryan if he knows what day it is and follows that up by saying that day is the day some trivial thing happen 22 years ago. If Dave doesn't cut him off with one of those, then it's about whatever else is on Dave's mind. Bryan peaces out again for 15 minutes, comes back, and goes, "...OK...lets get into this Raw report..." Dave starts out EVERY show report by going, "Yeeeeaaaah..." like he's Bill Lumbergh in Office Space. They eventually run out of time and have to cover anything interesting within 5 minutes because Dave spent 50 minutes talking about who knows what. Also, the fuck are they always running out of time for? It's an internet podcast they're doing at a time when neither guy is running off to their day job. They can allow the podcast to go on for 30 more minutes or whatever. I also wonder if Bryan is afraid of stepping on Dave's toes to reign him in more.
  5. I don't think I really have the words to describe what big game Jon brought to the Cubs. Without him, the Cubs don't win a World Series. He was probably my favorite Cubs pitcher since Greg Maddux. I still remember what I was doing when his signing was announced. Some friends and I have a Google Hangout where we're all hardcore and lifelong Cubs fans and 7 or 8 of us were probably up until way, way, way, way late in the morning following along with whatever would get leaked out on Twitter, refreshing ESPN and other Cubs blogs, etc. First it looked like he wasn't going to sign, then it was taking so long that we thought he for sure wasn't going to sign, and when it finally got announced we went nuts. At the time, it felt like the key to finally getting to a championship. Then we would have "fun" with his outings, like how he'd get himself into a hole in the 1st or 2nd inning and get out of that hole most of the time, not being able to throw to first, trying to throw to first and running to first instead, and really sucking at the plate. There was beast mode Jon who would record an out and suddenly it would look like a roaring bear was marching off the mound. There were the times Jon actually made a really bad throw to first, but he actually made the throw, and he'd give this wink as if to say, "see, I can do this!" Then you'd see the videos of Jon and other Cubs going out to concerts and getting up on stage with Eddie Vedder or whoever. He always looked like someone who always have a handle of Jack Daniels on him and was down to have fun even though during the game he'd be more Captain Serious than Jonathan Toews with the Blackhawks. It's also hard to think of Lester without thinking of David Ross. I really didn't like Ross at first, but he really grew on me over time. That 2016 season really felt like he would do everything to get that team to the World Series. I remember sitting with my wife during game 7 and saying to her, "here we go, there's no way Ross is going to let this team lose, he's going to hit a homer in his final at bat." Ross wasn't a power hitter in the least, but he did what I thought he would do. He cranked one to nearly the same spot that Fowler hit a lead off dong to. I have no bad memories of Lester with the Cubs. He was always a baller and I hope he enjoys retirement.
  6. Regarding Tay, I don't know, I thought that cutter looked worse than that suplex.
  7. Holy shit, I forgot about the super rich guy. I too thought there would have been something more to him. As for Angela:
  8. I'm fine with Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa being in with Sosa being the long shot to make it.
  9. I really, really, really wish FF14 were free to play. For the brief time I played it, I really enjoyed it, but I can't justify having ANOTHER subscription to something and I probably need to cut back on at least 3 or 4 other subscription services I already have. And I think this is what disappoints me so much about New World. For starters, the prospect of having an MMO with real time battle and not the usual give a command, watch it happen, hotkey a spell, give a command, watch it happen, etc. was really exciting. As cool was only having to pay for the full game once and then paying for whatever expansions they released afterward. Sadly, that game turned out to be maybe one of the biggest dumpster fire MMOs ever. Watch this if you want a good laugh: It's just incredible at how busted this game is. I've never seen anything quite like the issues this game has, in particular, putting so much stuff on the client side instead of server side and not having a public test server until months after launch. It makes me wonder if there is a way for FF14 to pull off going free to play or maybe doing some kind of tiered subscription system or doing something similar to what Elder Scrolls does. I have a bunch of friends too that would want to play it, but they're all squeamish about getting back into an MMO with a subscription service.
  10. BTW, not to kiss any ass, but @Phil Schneiderpodcast is legit good and a breath of fresh air from the rest of the cookie cutter wrestling podcasts out there. I listen to a fuckton of podcasts. Pocket Casts says that since September 2015 I have listened to over 300 days worth of podcasts. A lot of the time it's background noise or I'll stop paying attention to it. The ones that I'll actually pay attention to and remember and tune out the other thing that I'm doing tend to be the better ones and Phil's is like that for me.
  11. God, CZW vs ROH feels like one of those things that you would need to do a multipart episode for with Naylor on one of them.
  12. Sarah Snook should not have won, but it's the Golden Globes so whatever.
  13. They're not. Go and watch a Meng match. Hell, go back and watch the AOP matches you keep referring to. Look at how much KOR and Fish get fucking destroyed by other wrestlers and when they're beating someone, it's through strikes that are above the game of their opponents, good double team offense, and submissions. I mean, this isn't a discussion worth continuing because you're very much stuck in your head on this issue. You've admitted in the past that you have a tendency to be like this for a couple of reasons and so I think it's best to just let you be with your own beliefs or ideas instead of trying to change your mind. I understand that some wrestlers go over the top with their selling, like acting like their back is totally broken, or they're in a state worse than Shibata was in after the Okada match, or they stop selling a limb, or whatever. What you're positing now and in the past, that some of these guys, the Bucks in particular, act like the Road Warriors isn't realistic at all.
  14. It doesn't make sense that anyone would start a fight with a collar and elbow tie up, or that hitting the ropes will propel you back towards your opponent, or that anyone would ever lay down for a 3 count, or anyone would be able to realistically hit a destroyer or yoshi tonic, or why anyone would just fucking lay on the mat and let the opponent go up to the top rope and then jump onto them, and yet... Like, I'm trying not to me mean here, but your arguments are bizarre at best. Maybe you'd be better off just watching old UWFi or Pancrase or something.
  15. It's been a long time since I've gone to A&W because it's practically on the other side of town, but the last thing I got from there was a hot dog and a root beer float. It was good. Hard to mess up either of those. Danhausen about to usurp Snoopy for A&W mascot. What a world.
  16. I think that's what I predicted when they initially did the whole NXT 2.0 thing that it would only be a matter of time before they really WWECW this thing and NXT talent are working their show before the live Raw or SD airing.
  17. I would gladly take a completely re-done final season of GoT that pretends what we originally got never happened.
  18. Boy, this feels a whole lot LSU/Alabama game from a few years ago.
  19. My mind is blown at this Svengoolie information.
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