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  1. My wishlist for whatever Eddie is playing - Battery by Metallica or Holy Diver by Dio
  2. I don’t think I have an arena bucket list like I do for baseball. I already consider the Allstate Arena the best arena. When I was younger I wanted to go to the ECW Arena. I guess now I’d like to go to a PWG show, but that’s not exactly an arena.
  3. Man…Bruce may be the only person not named Dixie Carter who would be worse than Johnny Ace at being head of talent relations. BTW, is Borash still at WWE?
  4. This thread again makes me wish there were a more affordable option to play FF14.
  5. I still don't know exactly how I got into wrestling. My dad took me to WM 3 when I was only 6 years old, but he didn't like wrestling or even watch it, so it was clearly something he did for me. I do remember having a bunch of the LJN figures so maybe I was in a Toys R Us, saw those figures, got one, and got into wrestling that way. Either way, I just remember always trying to stay up until 10 PM to watch Superstars and watching Prime Time every Monday. I also have a memory of going to my dad's friends house and I was friends with the kids there. They were like, you should watch this instead, and I think it was AWA or maybe it was NWA. Not sure. Hard to remember. But my friend there was saying it was way better than WWF. Or the other thing that may have gotten me into wrestling was WWF regularly ran the JACC on the Notre Dame campus. My aunt's friend worked the ticket office and so my cousin and I always got tickets to go. So maybe that was the impetus. Got offered to go to a house show at the JACC and from then on I was hooked. And I was also at the final house show they ran at the JACC where the New Age Outlaws and the Godfather were specifically told not to do all of the suck it or ho train stuff. They did it anyway and the relationship between WWF and Notre Dame ended after that.
  6. I've had that happen a few times. The most expensive one was a soundbar with surround speakers. It looked like an already opened box, but all of the stuff inside was still in its plastic bags. The two satellite speakers didn't work and their automated chat thing was like, we're sending you a new one and don't worry about returning the old one. It wasn't even a human I was talking to. It's so wild. On the other hand, I ordered CA glue (basically super glue with an activator spray that makes it instantly bond - it's good for woodworking) and the package leaked out during shipping. They wouldn't refund me without returning that. It makes no sense.
  7. TMNT Shredder's Revenge is so fucking dope. It's everything I wanted.
  8. That's the price for nosebleeds behind the stage. If I'm going, I'm going to sit in the 100s. People on TickPick have those priced at $500+. You can go to StubHub and get the same seats or better for $180.
  9. Ooh, you're so close to getting this right. I think it would go more like...
  10. LOL those prices are outrageous. Nobody is going to pay that much for those when you can go to StubHub and get them for $300 or more less than what TickPick wants.
  11. This is why I'm now holding off on buying tickets. Before the last Dynamite, I had hopes that Okada, Shingo, and Naito would be on the card with Okada being the biggest selling point. Now that none of those guys and not even Hiromu or even someone like Yoh will be there, I don't know if I care to buy someone's overpriced ticket. Dynamite on Wednesday will be pretty telling for what decision I wind up making. It's not like Chicago is a long drive for me and actually, driving to the United Center is a shorter trip than driving to Wrigley or River North or Oldtown, and I can always change my mind if ticket prices really drop, but I'd also like the added incentive of getting to see any of the top guys in NJPW that aren't Tanahashi. I don't even like Tanahashi that much.
  12. Tim White was my favorite ref from back then. Sucks that he passed away.
  13. The Portland team should be named the Battered Bastards. It won't happen, but I'd love it.
  14. You know he's not going to do that. It's going to be cold open, "CHANCES..." hits, he struts out, makes a joke about anyone see any funny stories in the news lately, pimp out WWE, and maybe book a title match. What you said is what should happen, but that's like hoping Trump stays on script and/or doesn't immediately go to Twitter and spew some fucking nonsense bullshit.
  15. That made me think of the opening to We Watch Wrestling. "Hey...do you watch wrestling?"
  16. Those two video clips also reminded me how much I liked all of the behind the scenes videos with Steph and HHH. The one from Wrestlemania where Steph is leading some interviewer around and HHH is just being dragged around was good stuff.
  17. I'm going to be honest with you guys, Steph looks like she'd be a blast to hang out with and HHH is a lucky dude. They remind me so much of my brother and sister-in-law.
  18. BTW, holy shit, they're going to let him speak in character about his leave of absence? Shit, maybe he already is piss mad. EDIT: All I know is this...The inner workings of WWE continue to be far more interesting than their in ring product. Say what you will about how batshit crazy TNA was, and the inner workings of AEW appear to be boring as fuck, but the inner workings of WWE is like a mirror universe where it's an even bleaker depiction of society.
  19. Yes. Yes you do. People who don't watch wrestling will say it's about the Murdoch family. People who watch wrestling see way more parallels to WWE and the McMahons than anything else. And like, I wouldn't be shocked if it were at least partially inspired by WWE. Adam McKay is/was a wrestling fan so it's within the realm of possibility.
  20. You know the family and the board of directors are all going "fuck fuck FUCK fuck fuck we can't let him on live air tonight, right? How do we stop this?" Oh man, I want to be a fly on the wall so very badly.
  21. If Frank and Karl are always potentially on the chopping block for their general incompetence or for just being in Logan's view at the wrong time, then so is Bruce.
  22. And while this scandal certainly isn't on the level of Succession's cruise rapes and throwing dead bodies overboard at sea, it does make me want to know when we get to the moment Vince becomes "piss mad*" *Disclaimer: UTI's in elderly people are seriously, seriously awful. After moving my mom to a nursing home we thought she had lost her mind. For THREE MONTHS she was delusional and hallucinations and instead of checking her for UTI, she was twice admitted to a psychiatric hospital/mental institution. UTIs are no fucking joke. If you ever see a sudden change in an elderly parent or relative's behavior, make sure they're checked for a UTI.
  23. Vince stepping aside and Steph taking over the role of CEO and chairman is the exact same shit as Logan Roy naming Shiv as temporary CEO. Fuck man. Every new bit of information plays the Succession music louder and louder in my head.
  24. Jesus Christ. You're smart enough to know last night's viewership was an aberration and not something normal.
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